Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – 7 August 2020

Greetings from Tyler,

It was one of the biggest bangs this side of Nagasaki.  The explosion at the Beirut port was so powerful that it killed at least 135 instantly, wounded thousands and rendered some 300,000 suddenly homeless.  We heard conflicting reports, whether fireworks factory, storage for missiles imported by Hezbollah from Iran, or a warehouse full of ammonium nitrate.  Whichever is the culprit, the result has been the complete destruction of the Beirut port facility, along with the thousands of injuries and a mounting death toll.  All three may have gone up in the mushroom cloud, but ammonium nitrate looks to be the culprit for the massively destructive explosion.  Apparently, officials knew of the danger, and now there is a frantic search for someone responsible for letting this happen.

You could logically be forgiven for limiting your intake of “official information.”  Nearly every newscast begins with a triumphant recitation of the latest Covid cases and deaths.  Isn’t it glorious?  The oft renewed panic is gnawing away at any chance of economic recovery, and it’s all the fault of you know who.  But who knows what’s going on with these 99.9% accurate tests?  We don’t give medical advice, but possibly the worst thing one could do, from the standpoint of retaining any modicum of personal freedom, is to go get tested.

We know from numerous anecdotal stories and reports that a lot of people test “positive” who aren’t sick, haven’t been sick and don’t plan on being sick.  Once somebody tests positive, they’re liable to lose whatever freedoms they thought they still had.  You’ll likely be told (not asked) that you must take yourself out of circulation for ten days to two weeks.  Official state agencies may try to contact you, demanding to know every place you’ve been and everyone with whom you’ve had contact.    They’re called “contact tracers,” by media.  We have other terms.  Surely the information being gathered isn’t going into some politically-oriented database?

Mainstream outlets speculate endlessly about the President’s impulse to behave as a dictator, while angrily blaming him for having not instituted “national mandates” to “flatten the curve,” or whatever.  Questioning the vain babbling of Dr. Fauci is tantamount to heresy.  The social media giants will silence anyone who offers any logic that differs from the pint-size oracle of all things Covid.

Trouble is, Fauci has been all over the map with his arrogance showing.  He gave interviews prior to his rise to international fame that largely dispute most of what he’s saying now.  The diametrically opposed public statements were all delivered with the same cocksure attitude, along with the nervous chuckle the little doctor always displays.  It’s not just about his contradictory statements about masks either.  In January, before we commoners knew his name, he plainly said there couldn’t possibly be the kind of dictated “shutdowns” in America that he now calls for routinely.  It just couldn’t happen here.  But now it must.  The “people” have nothing to say about any of it.  “Doctor’s orders” claptrap.

Experts appear on all the news outlets to say that we simply “cannot consider” opening schools, businesses or entertainment venues while still logging the infection and death toll rates that are being reported.  Every time there is some encouraging news as to job growth or upward economic movement, more spikes, hot-spots and hideous illness and death reports are soon to follow, accompanied by more stringent lock-down orders from any of several local dictators, rather governors, mayors, or “medical experts.”

Why do hospitals benefit financially when they label patients “Covid positive?”  If you look, you’ll see a raft of articles from various publications and government agencies, most of which try to complicate the equation until you don’t know what to think.  But a common thread is that there is an admission of increased Federal payments to hospitals for Covid cases, particularly those over the age of 65 through Medicare.  Then there is usually an expression of outrage that anyone would dare suspect that “medical professionals” would tinker with the diagnoses for financial gain.  How dare such a possibility even be raised!

It is a little interesting that nearly every other cause of death has fallen off the statistical chart.  Cancer, diabetes, heart-attack, stroke or the annual flu;  None of those seem to rate much concern in the age of Covid.  Everybody that expires dies of Covid now.  And none of those qualify for additional government money.  Go figure.  Did I mention that the country is going broke to the tune of 3 or 4 trillion in deficit spending so far this year?  There were tears of anger over Obama running a $2 trillion deficit in a single year.  We’re on track to see three times that amount before this year is over.

It took Rudy Giuliani years to clean up New York City to be a relatively clean and safe place.  It took the woke mob a matter of hours to return it to the filthy cesspool we knew in the ’70’s.  Graffiti mars every view.  Murders, as in other metropolises around the nation, are up dramatically without the manpower to solve them.  A few “peaceful” riots, and it’s back worse than before.

Things are anything but black and white.  Mainstream outlets are stoking fear and loathing around the clock.  The most successful early treatment has been all but outlawed because President Trump made the mistake of mentioning it out loud.  Therefore, it must be dangerous!  It’ll cause heart palpitations, maybe brain damage! You must agree with the destructive Covid fear; you must hate President Trump with the anger of the mob or you’re probably a white supremacist, even if you’re not white!

It came as a shock that we even survived the Obama years.  Despite a couple of years of faint hope that something might be salvaged by people who love freedom and a president who respects them, it may be too late.  We understand the propensity for optimism; and believe in it.  But this great nation may have passed the point of no return.

We used to wonder, how on earth could a whole population be so hopelessly deceived as to act upon false propaganda.  We don’t have to wonder anymore.  It looks like we may be living in the early stages of the book of Revelation.  Our cities are ruined.  Graffiti is everywhere.  Police have been vilified to an astonishing degree, and are being attacked, abolished and defunded.  They’re quitting in droves, and who wouldn’t?  Stick your head up on social media and that will be the end of your voice.  Should have known better than to buck the conventional wisdom.

Get used to it.  Your beliefs are not acceptable.  We have two choices.  Hide, or help inform as many as possible as to the brainwashing in progress. Actually, we have no choice.  But you do.  We need the Sabbath now as never before.

Mark Arnstrong