Greetings from Tyler,

Maybe the approaching hurricane will supplant the excited Covid 19 reporting for a couple of days.  That would be a welcome respite.  Every news report begins with “spikes,” “hot-spots” and concerns that some are not doing all they can to “keep everyone safe.”  Talk about a divided country!  You can get yourself hurt depending on the “message” you send when leaving home.

It was shocking to see the treatment that the Attorney General received from the Judiciary Committee this week.  It was beyond rude.  Many “representatives” called him names and leveled utterly unjustified accusations at him, then refused to let him respond.  They shouted him down and claimed they controlled the “time.”  At one point of complete exasperation, Mr. Barr allowed as how he thought it was a “hearing,” and he was the one to be heard.  WRONG!  He was supposed to sit quietly while they accused him continuously without ever responding.  The chair’s hammer nearly got broken over some members not wearing their masks properly.  It was as embarrassing as nearly anything we’ve seen.  Well, almost.

It seems that we’re watching helplessly as many “authorities” all around the United States stand with the “mostly peaceful protesters.”  You know, the ones with black helmets and backpacks loaded with various incendiary devices and projectiles. Maybe those gut-wrenching images beamed from our big cities are just a “myth.” Never mind what you think you’ve seen, repeat the catchphrases and take a knee.  It’s beginning to look like the “authorities” actually want the destruction to take place.  Nobody better obstruct the “protests,” lest they be called “stormtroopers.”  Not that the “stormtroopers” were doing much other than playing defense anyway.

Some national agency type police had been sent to Portland, where they were accused of every evil intent imaginable.  They’ve been called off as of late, and “state police” will now be responsible for the security of public buildings including the Federal Courthouse.  Maybe the arsonists will give it a rest now that the “stormtroopers” are gone.  Sure they will.

We’ve all heard of the “1619 Project.”  It’s a work of journalistic fiction promoted by the N. Y. Times, awarded by the Pulitzer Prize Board, and expected to be taught as part of a “history” curriculum across America.  It endeavors to say that all U. S. founding documents are invalid, and credits slavery for the national wealth.  Even the authors have said that it’s NOT HISTORY, but a work of “journalism.”  That’s perfect for the age in which we live.

With very few exceptions the corporations represented by our household products, familiar retail chains, food franchises, entertainment conglomerates, newsprint outlets and TV networks side with those who are working to destroy the American way of life.  Anybody who steps out of line in any form of communication is banned, fired and held up to public ridicule.  That’s where we are with free speech. It’s been outlawed by the public sector.  These self-righteous entities are out to purge everything the mob calls “racist,”  which is pretty much everything you can think of.

Who will stand up?  Nobody in harm’s way of any national conglomerate, that’s who.  Disagree with the communist narrative, and they’ll see that your life is ruined.  The examples are many.  It doesn’t even matter what someone may or may not have meant, social media will decide if you’re allowed to participate, and often destroys the ability of some unlucky American to earn a living.  You can’t afford to participate in the public square unless you symbolically take a knee, and agree with people who believe in “micro-aggressions” and omnipresent American racism.

The NBA took a knee at a game last night.  All the players, the coaches and even the referees!  The NFL will do likewise.  What do they care?  Their futures exist in China.  My suggestion is that they move the whole operation over there, and just once imply something negative about the communist leadership.  If ball players are going to run interference for communism, they ought to have to live under it.  We have no such intention, especially not here.

This isn’t the United States of yesteryear.  Everything has been turned on its head.  Who knew that freedom was the “myth”?  Governors, mayors and county commissioners will decide whether you come outside or not, go to work or not, take the kids to play or not, and you will wear a mask and abide by all quarantine mandates or be accosted or arrested.  American freedom is under attack from all directions.  The mob, the “authorities” and the media have all officially determined what we will and won’t do or they’ll cancel somebody’s future.  We’ll see how they feel about it when THEY GET CANCELED.  And they will.  Maybe they think they’ve got not only the mob, but the majority of people and the media on their side.  It’s doubtful that’s true but even if it were, it won’t matter.  May they enjoy their time siding with what they perceive to be the “majority” while it lasts.  This thing is not unlike the French Revolution, in that new offenses against the narrative keep getting raised, and every time they do everyone has to go a little further with their appeasement efforts.

Meanwhile, some 12,000 American troops are to be transferred out of Germany.  Mind you, there’s been an American presence in Germany since the end of World War II.  But Germany has apparently not lived up to promises made on funding its own defense.  President Trump says Germany is “delinquent,” and the U. S. will no longer be responsible for funding its defense.  News outlets are predictably alarmed that NATO is being undercut, and that this is a “gift to the Russians.”  They’re grieved about the expense and the time squandered in the move.  But Trump plays hardball.  He expects promises to be kept, otherwise he’ll take matters into his own hands to every extent possible.

Iran is playing offense again.  You can find reports of them test-firing missiles at a mock-up of a U. S. aircraft carrier.  But Iran hardly rates a mention in the midst of the Covid 19 excitement.  After all, this is the one thing that just might bring down the United States.  And that’s what the mainstream is demanding.

Who’s going to draw the line?  It looks like the whole American experiment is on defense.  It was months ago when this update said things might get ugly.  Have things ever gotten ugly! It appears that major segments of the economy will remain shuttered until everyone takes a knee, buys into the 1619 narrative and sides with the anarchists.  Whether some remaining hope of law and order prevails over the nearly universal corruption is anybody’s guess.  Not only have the national agencies been corrupted beyond all recognition, the courts (in many cases) are no longer dependable.  All bets are off.  Well, almost all.  We didn’t want to have to wait for Jesus Christ to have to come down here and straighten everybody out.  But that may be our last hope.  If all else fails, it’s a sure thing.

Mark Armstrong