Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – 3 July 2020

Greetings from Tyler,

We’ve seen some pretty sad 4th’s of July come and go, and we remember the irony of fireworks celebrations when they weren’t warranted. But this one is the worst yet. Particularly in Texas where we thought, after having won elections for the highest of state offices, we’d be represented by people who valued our ideals and would preserve our freedoms despite the best efforts of the mainstream media. Forget it. It’s like the governor has gone over to the dark side. He must be taking the exasperation of the mainstream seriously, believing every outrageous lie they lay on the public. You wouldn’t want to anger the mob, would you? Apparently the governor or his staff aren’t willing to take that chance.

Has it occurred to anyone that the same people lecturing us about how racist our country is, how racist we are, and how the mob has a righteous cause, are the same ones hyperventilating because there’s no mask mandate? Well, our Texas governor has fixed that in what was once presumed to be one of the freest states of all. Now you will be warned, and after that fined up to $250.00 for each infraction of entering a public space without your “face-covering.” It’s about “keeping everyone safe,” of course.

Every news break claims a “spike” in cases. Isn’t that just what they predicted and determined would happen in advance? It comes as no surprise. Some of us knew that any attempt to revitalize public life and the freedoms we thought were sacrosanct would be met with another round of panic. It’s been explained this way. Everyone was afraid to go to the hospital for about two months. The “news” told them it was a hotbed of corona-virus, showing hospital footage of people in hazmat gear while reporting a looming shortage of life-saving equipment. Once restrictions on elective procedures were lifted, people that were ill started visiting their doctors and going to the hospital, much sicker than they were a month or two ago when they should have sought help. And wouldn’t you know it. They’ve all tested positive for something that has nothing to do with the reason they went.

There’s your spike. People are going to the hospital or clinic, and they’re reported as corona-virus cases even though that has nothing to do with their doctor visit. It’s all a little too convenient for those who want America destroyed. Don’t expect the “news” people to ever let this virus go. It’s made these big demonstrations possible. After all, nobody’s in school, and in most of the major population centers work has been canceled.

For whatever reason, everyone seems to want to appease the mob. Nobody, save the president and a tiny handful of voices, has dared stand firm against the mob and its demands. Instead, appeasement is all trusted conservative officials are doing. The communist insurrection is the virus that is bringing down the formerly greatest nation, and it wouldn’t be happening without the virus. For years they claimed NO FEAR. They have no fear of breaking God’s Commandments. But you? You better fear to go in public, and obey all MANDATES, or the state will get its pound of flesh.

Have you seen what’s going on in Hong Kong? What used to be perhaps the world’s shopping capitol, a bastion of freedom and prosperity on China’s doorstep, is now a police state. People can’t leave fast enough, because it’s now under communist authority. It looks as though America is on the same path.

Fourth of July celebrations? It’s more like time for mourning the loss of the very idea of freedom. A time for sackcloth and ashes. Prayer and fasting. But we’re not issuing any mandates.

Mark Armstrong