Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – 25 June 2021

Greetings from Tyler,

The nation is convulsing over the collapse of the condo building near Miami Beach, and we don’t know the half of it.  All we know is that there are still a hundred or more people missing, presumably trapped in the wreckage.  If they’ve survived, what physical and mental trauma must they be experiencing? This kind of thing only happens in the third world, and there’s usually an earthquake involved.  But the half of the building still standing looks to be of modern design, and a place you wouldn’t mind staying.

It’s a disaster that will go on indefinitely.  No doubt the lawyers are already in a frenzy, and the damages to families will result in untold sums, but won’t replace the souls that were lost.  This is a fluid situation and we’ve got a lot more questions than answers.  The concern now is for those who are undoubtedly caught in the wreckage.  If they’re alive, they need our prayers.  If they’re not, what about close kin? For family members who suspect their loved ones are buried in the rubble, we can’t even imagine.

It’s getting to the point that it is criminal to “spread false information.” Unfortunately, that means ANY information that fails to parrot the mainstream dogma.  You don’t disagree once they’ve determined what everyone should know and believe.  If you do, there will be consequences.  It seems that the “fact-checkers” are on board, as are the social media giants, and it goes without saying, the mainstream media.  Look what they’ve done to Rudy Giuliani.  New York has revoked his license to practice law because he purportedly passed along “false information.”  If lawyers were routinely disbarred for saying something that’s not true, there wouldn’t be many still practicing.

The main thing is that you don’t contradict the mainstream narrative and think you’re just going to walk off.  Not only that, he, apparently said whatever it was about the 2020 election.  Now that’s really dangerous business.  You don’t think it was a fair and honest election?  Stand by for consequences!  In Rudy’s case, disbarment.  It didn’t help that he did whatever they’re so excited about in defence of Donald Trump.  That’s what this is all about.

It no longer matters that he was instrumental in the dismantling of the Mafia.  He turned Manhattan from a crime-infested cesspool into a family-friendly mecca.  But don’t worry, it’s on its way back to the bad old days and Rudy is being castigated as a crazy man on the mainstream networks.  They’ve been doing it forever.  Luckily, there’s barely anyone watching.  Nevertheless, they think they’ve ruined Rudy for good.  We’ll see.

They’ve decided what we’ll believe or claim to believe or else you’re not welcome to participate in the games everybody’s playing.  If the stories are true, the mainstream media is playing to itself.  Audiences have declined dramatically.  Too bad this didn’t happen when they were pumping out a daily diet of what a monster our duly elected President was.  The anchors and the editorial writers sneered at how simple and uneducated some folks were to love the guy.  He was so bad, and by the way so were his supporters.

They’re still at it.  The events at the Capitol on Jan. 6 have been portrayed as an attempted overthrow of government.  It’s been ridiculously compared to the Oklahoma City Bombing.  That’s how bad it was!  We’ve never seen a government coup, and hopefully never will.  But do “insurrectionists” ordinarily walk between the velvet ropes?  We know there were rabble-rousers and some regular folks were probably mistakenly caught up in the moment.  Not to diminish the crime of breaking windows or stealing something from inside the Capitol.  But, who were those guys?  There are some concerns that there may actually have been some planning on the part of agencies we’d rather not suspect.  But after what we’ve witnessed in recent years, who knows?

So, they’ve succeeded in passing their “infrastructure” bill.  It’s only a third of what they started out insisting was necessary.  Wouldn’t you know it, there are tens and hundreds of billions for battery stuff.  It’s not their money or this never would have happened.  We’re going to be astounded when we find out what they’re calling infrastructure.  I bet our grandkids will doubt our sanity when they’re adults.  But the lofty in government know what the grandkids need to pay for, and luckily won’t be around to answer to them.  It’s almost like there’s an intentional rush to wreak as much destruction as possible and no time to waste.  That might be right.  We may find out that every bit of the damage and embarrassment is the result of foul play.  Then what?

We’ll be keeping the Sabbath and the Holy Days, corona bologna or come what may.   Please say a prayer for the people affected by the building collapse.

Mark Armstrong