Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – 24 July 2020

Greetings from Tyler,

          It may not be news on the mainstream outlets, but we’re in the middle of an insurrection to overthrow everything to do with the United States.  Months after the fact, “protesters” are still battling police in the streets at all hours of the night and early morning.  They’ve spray-painted buildings, including federal offices and courthouses.  The coalition of antifa, black lives matter and Muslim brotherhood have banded together to battle police throwing every available projectile at them.  President Trump has sent officers from the Border Patrol and Homeland Security to protect federal property, and you undoubtedly know the response, not only from the protest groups, but from the “progressive” Mayors of Portland, Chicago and other big cities.   

          “Clean up the graffiti and go home!”  For at least a week most media outlets have come unglued, claiming that Trump has unleashed “federal troops” to “disappear peaceful protesters in unmarked vehicles.”  They’ve said, “This is what we’d expect of a foreign dictator.”  It looks as though we can expect this narrative to play on.  The President has just said he intends to send federal police to a list of cities, including Albuquerque? 

          Apparently, the carnage in Minneapolis and New York was so spectacular, the media failed to even inform us about what a hotbed Portland had become.  The insanity is ongoing in Portland to this day.  It’s the sixties all over again, with a whole generation having been brainwashed instead of educated. The radical bombers and rioters of the ’60’s are now esteemed professors, and they’ve turned the nation’s youth against their own parents and against the United States. 

          There’s no way I can’t tell you of the work Glenn Beck has done, exposing the connections between the radical professors, the “Arab Spring” protests that roiled the Middle East, the invasion of Europe by “poor refugees” and now the full-blown attempt to destroy the American culture and economy.  He’s got the goods. 

          Some of us have been highly suspicious of the media reporting about the Chinese virus.  Yes, we do know of a handful of people who are said to have tested positive.  But none of them died, and for some it was a matter of something like the common cold.  For others we know it was like a bad flu, but they survived it and are doing fine.  Nevertheless, every news report claims a new spike in cases, and proceeds to lecture that you must be afraid.

          News anchors across the board read the “wire,” claiming that cases are “exploding” in state after state, county after county, city after city.  You must proceed with fear, assuming you proceed at all.   They express total exasperation at President Trump for not having issued a national mask order.  Meanwhile lawsuits are flying over mask “mandates.”  All the mandates we care about are the ones God ordained.  Isn’t that the whole idea behind the American philosophy?  Laws are to maintain a peaceful, orderly society according to God’s Laws for mankind.  Beyond that, we don’t think too much of little officials who’ve had a taste of power.

          Here in Texas, our governor saw fit to order a mask mandate.  He says we can all go back to living if we’ll just wear our masks, wash our hands, stay at least six feet apart and stop touching our faces.  You’d be amazed at how few pay the least bit of attention.  But businesses don’t have that luxury.  If they’re a restaurant or bar, they can have their business license or liquor license revoked if they don’t follow protocol, regardless of the soundness of whatever logic the “authorities” are pushing this week.  Credit goes to Victor Davis Hansen for coming up with this gem.  “They’re trying to save our lives by preventing us from living.”

          Meanwhile, the media’s beloved protesters obviously don’t care a whit about “keeping everyone safe.”  Portland, Oregon has nightly battles between protesters and police.  These poor cops are standing around dodging rocks, bricks and frozen water bottles.  Meanwhile the President sent in some Border Patrol, U. S. Marshals, and DHS officers to protect the federal courthouse and office buildings.  And the media goes nuts.

          Who knew there was trouble in Albuquerque, of all places?  It’s going to get a compliment of federal police too.  Turns out they’ve had violent confrontations in the streets resulting in shootings.  All this is over a statue of a conquistador who founded the settlement but is accused having massacred Indians.  All that happened some 400 years ago, long before the founding of the United States.  Do you ever get the idea that radicals are just looking for an excuse to create anarchy?   

          It’s “marshal law” say all the networks.  They’re “stormtroopers.”  It’s the gestapo!  Anchors and “experts” on all the cable channels claim that this is merely a dry run for when Trump refuses to leave the White House after losing the upcoming election.  They wedge that in between calling the President a racist, xenophobe, narcissist, dictator, claiming he values his political fortunes more than he cares about the people of the United States.  Just guessing, but it’s doubtful many would have given up the luxury and freedom of his billionaire lifestyle to become the target of lowlife communists, the darlings of network anchors.   

          The Church of God has a history of preaching that the end of the age is at hand.  It made the mistake of predicting that the church would flee to a place of safety, even naming that place, as the tribulation of Matthew 24 and the book of Revelation began destroying western culture.  That was fifty and more years ago.  Since then, some of these guys who led away splinter groups have called themselves prophets and apostles and claim they are administering the “government of God” among their flocks and will lead them to a place of safety.  That is, after their people have given everything they have to the “church.”

          If somebody knows what they’re saying or doing now, please keep it to yourself.  We don’t even want to know.  It’s a huge embarrassment that they took some of the most bizarre claims of Herbert W. Armstrong very late in his life, when he was suffering severe health problems and under the smothering influence of his “advisor,” and applied those claims to themselves.  Suddenly they are apostles and prophets with God’s infallibility, and people just wait for their instructions.  If you’ve ever been under such dictatorial authority, our hearts go out to you.   

          Ours is a work of watching and warning, not issuing and enforcing “orders.”  Things are getting mighty dicey of late.  We’ve got a communist insurrection underway that is wealthy and has the tacit approval of most mainstream corporations and media.  Sports used to be a way of escaping the nonsense.  Not anymore.  The franchises are all going to rub our faces in their racist nonsense.  Professional baseball, basketball and football have gone out of their way to let us know they side with the mob.  Most TV networks are not only on board, but airing ads about how they stand for diversity, inclusion, equality and justice.  In fact, they’re hoping they don’t get burned to the ground.   

          When you look at the bravery and the dignity with which our founders conducted themselves in the business of winning our freedom, this stuff looks like tiddlywinks.  But only in terms of its actual importance.  Some of us believe the racists are the people trying to rile everybody up about racism.  The rest of us are hoping the anarchists and the violent masked masses find something productive to do with their lives. 

          The United States has been a great blessing to all mankind.  We’ve got real concerns, and no time to be drawn aside by a bunch of thugs yearning to loot expensive retailers.  We want the police to do their jobs and return peace and order to cities and public places.  We’re not about to take a knee or join some movement of appeasement.  If they’re bent out of shape about some historical injustice, they can write a letter.  But attacking police has got to stop.  Rioting, burning, looting is not protest.  The protests are NOT peaceful.  They are cover for a movement that seeks to destroy Western culture. 

          In my neighborhood, two houses have lawn signs that say God is in control.  Certainly, God has intervened at critical times in history, and you’d have to be blind to ignore the miracles He wrought, several in the war that won our independence.  But the idea that He’s “controlling” the lies, the deceptions and the violence we see playing out around us seems a stretch.  My Dad believed that God allowed humanity to do what it would, intervening only when He saw fit.  Will He see fit to intervene and save the Western world?  Does the Western world deserve His intervention and continued blessings? 

          God is in control whenever He wants to be.  Otherwise, he’s allowing events to unfold here on Earth.  He hears the prayers of the righteous, but how many are there?  It seems that there are many upright people trying to do what’s right but have been deceived by their own families and churches about God’s Sabbaths and commanded observances that commemorate historical events of all our forefathers.  There are things they don’t understand and cannot accept, but they are living otherwise honorable lives.   

          Evil has descended upon the United States, Canada, Britain, Australia, and Europe.  All have been consumed by the deception we call fake news.  Every one of those nations has already fallen victim to an ideology of evil, contrary to the Bible and contrary to the founding principles that allowed for the peace and prosperity foretold and promised to Abraham by God.  He made good on His promises, but our societies have long since abandoned our responsibilities that were part of the covenant.  In essence, we’ve nationally reneged on respecting His Word and obeying His Laws.   

         Society has demanded that we acquiesce to some of the most heinous sins ever invented.  They are celebrated with parades and debauchery and you must applaud lest “society” destroy your life.  Our nation needs the prayers of people God respects.  We’re in the middle of a big deal, and it’s starting to look as if there’s no going back.  Not only with the communists that want to destroy freedom and capitalism, but with communist China. If we want God to intervene and save Western civilization one more time, it will take repentance for having broken His Laws.  No, there is not yet a ten-nation beast power.  Jerusalem is not surrounded with armies.  We can still buy and sell, sort of.  The abomination of desolation has not been set up, and there is yet no temple.  But Western civilization is in grave trouble.  We suspect that the author of evil is directing the deception and the destruction, and we know where the only hope lies.

Mark Armstrong


P. S.  It looks as though we’ll still be able to keep all our Feast sites running.  Of particular concern was the one at Land Between the Lakes.  But that was a false alarm and we are secure in that location.  Any questions can be directed to our Coordinator Mike Partridge (812) 867-9835.