Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – 24 January 2020

Greetings from Tyler,

When the monthly letter was due to be written a few days ago, we were hearing the first rumblings of the Chinese corona-virus.  Apparently it has no cure and is responsible for killing some people who come down with it.  The Chinese have reportedly quarantined three cities, meaning nobody comes or goes.  There’s no way such a thing could happen in the United States, but with dictatorial rule in China that is what they’ve done.

We’ve learned some things we’d rather not have known about things that are sold for food, particularly in the market in the city of Wuhan where the outbreak is thought to have started.  Ever heard of bat soup?  And that’s not a Louisville Slugger either.  That kind of bat might be preferable, but some in China think the flying rodent variety is fit for food.  And that’s not all.  They reportedly sell wolf pups, foxes and other wild animals at the city market and they’re not intended to be pets either.  We’d probably all have been happier not knowing the details of the Chinese diet, but this is apparently a disease that has mutated to something that can be passed between humans.  News of the spread of this incurable disease is growing daily since we first heard of it just a matter of days ago.

Now they say we’ve got a case in Texas in addition to the one in Washington State. The fear is that that this disease will spread to epidemic proportions.  The number of dead and infected goes up every time you check, and it’s been recommended that the President consider a travel ban to and from China.  Then again, the way things are going that might be an impeachable offense!

We can’t help wondering how many have been able to pay attention to the impeachment opening arguments.  Apparently the House managers felt they needed to use every minute of the 24 hours they were allotted for opening arguments.  The result has been endless repetition and alleged crimes and abuses that go far beyond the original articles.  We have the ability to turn off the redundant delivery of accusations which we already suffered through.  Several of the “insights” were delivered by members of the National Security Council, which consists now of hundreds of people since the body was loaded up by the previous president.

Some of them came forward earlier to accuse and condemn President Trump, and they’ve all gone back to their posts as if nothing had happened.  In most situations, employees who make a slew of accusations against their boss would be looking for a new job.  But they’ve gone back to their posts where they remain to this day.  The President’s representatives have yet to put on a defense, that’s supposed to commence this weekend.  We’ll hope they don’t need to repeat everything over and over again and suspect that won’t be necessary.

You’re used to religious outfits or global warming alarmists predicting the end of the world.  And as you know, the President has just returned from Davos, Switzerland where the world’s richest and most influential gather to compare notes and give speeches.  From all we could tell, President Trump was treated to all manner of congratulations and well-wishes.  Meanwhile, George Soros held his annual sideline dinner, and pronounced that the “fate of the world” is hanging in the balance as President Xi of China “exploits Trump’s weaknesses.”  Somebody should have asked him which would be responsible for bringing about the planet’s demise.  Global warming or Donald Trump?

Speaking of the grand global warming hoax, the UN this week declared that it will be a violation of international law to send any “climate refugees” home.  Presumably, now, all “refugees” will claim they’re fleeing due to climatic troubles at home, and the UN demands that they be taken in and added to the rolls of social programs.  To do otherwise would be an outrage! Inhumane and likely racist!

Maybe you’ve seen that another large group is trying to cross Mexico to get to the U. S.  It looks as though the Mexican military is prepared to stop them, but we’ll see.  Bet they’re all “climate refugees,” and Mexican officials will be in big trouble for turning them back.  We’ve yet to see a White House response to the UN’s new proclamation.

It’s a known fact that the human condition cannot sustain the intensity of constant outrage or panic.  Yet the mainstream media, who tries to tell everybody what things truly mean, what people are thinking and their inner motives, demand the impossible.  We’re not outraged about anything so much as we are about the fact that you cannot believe anything you hear, especially if the news comes from some studious smirker on a mainstream network.

As is stated in the upcoming letter, we’ll try to worry about things that matter.  And we’ll be mighty cautious about believing anything we hear from the media until it’s been independently verified.  It’s too bad that we’ve become so overtly cynical, and it’s too bad that it’s become necessary.


  1. We received the sad news that Mrs. Coleen Vance died last night, having recently turned 94. It was wonderful to hear that she went peacefully with her family around her.  She was one of our board members, and always a bright spot in our congregation.  She nearly always had a smile if not a laugh.  She will be sorely missed. Visitation is Sunday 3 – 6 pm at Rader Funeral Home in Longview, Tx,  She’ll be buried near her husband, Mr. E.B. Vance in Madill, Oklahoma