Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – 23 October 2020

Greetings from Tyler,

The mainstream media has determined that most of us are utterly uninformed and completely dependent on their daily lectures to get through our lives. They’ll report what the “experts” have to say on any number of subjects affecting us directly, and we better be sure to fall into line. Why, we might be responsible for the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives if we don’t comply immediately. When people expire, for whatever reason, it’ll be YOUR FAULT.

Now we’re being told that much of what we know to be incontrovertible fact is more Russian disinformation! Those Russians must be absolute geniuses to be able to pull off a hoax of such intricacy and magnitude! The mainstream wouldn’t risk polluting your mind with such poison because you couldn’t handle it. The charges are so bizarre as to be absurd, and therefore all the social media companies, major newspapers and TV outlets must denounce corroborated facts and at the same time make sure the public never gets a whiff.

Experts, former CIA and FBI people all recognize this as part of a Russian plot to interfere with “our democracy.” They’re the “experts” we’re told we must believe. Forget thinking for yourself, it’s been all but outlawed. You WILL listen to the EXPERTS, or the media and their dumbed-down minions in society will “make sure” you are locked out of the discussion, lest others be exposed to your conspiracy theories.

We’ve been set up. Day and night we’re being lectured like a bunch of little kids who don’t know what to think or do next. We have to be TOLD, forcibly, how we must react and what we must believe or else. Everything will be fine as long as we’re careful not to step out of line. Express a contrary fact or opinion, and the masses will descend to shut you up. How dare you traffic in these insane “conspiracy theories!” It simply won’t be tolerated. The mob will make sure you’re silenced, if not punished.

It’s already happened, and gained universal acceptance in the realm of religion. Never mind the clear, unmistakable Word of God. Parishioners depend on their “experts” to tell them what they must believe. These backward collar types have studied at the seminary! They’ve been schooled on how to defend their doctrines, and you’re simply not qualified to question what the experts have decided, even when it disputes the clear and repetitive Word of God.

When a friend and neighbour recently succumbed, supposedly to the dreaded virus his wife told me, “He just couldn’t do it anymore.” No one knows what he suffered at the hospital. He couldn’t have any visitors, including his wife and close family during the weeks he spent, probably mostly unconscious, while the “experts” made all their decisions unsupervised. From experience with both of my parents, it’s obvious that anybody in that situation needs an advocate, somebody who loves them, to ask questions and sometimes refuse the medical community’s recommendations or protocols. Once within the walls of a medical community, you realize that it’s no longer about what’s best for you, it’s about the “job” of those who work there. It’s their “job,” and you best not interfere with their work! Surely most of them are caring and can empathize with the details of your suffering. But they are the EXPERTS, and you’d be a fool to make of fuss.

Sorry to get carried away with anecdotal personal experience. But sometimes the EXPERTS don’t have the right answers. Unfortunately, most have no idea what their loved ones went through while being “treated.” They weren’t allowed to be involved because THEY too might get sick. As we all know, the only RIGHT thing to do is cower indoors and marvel in fear at the scary statistics while listening to grade-school grade lectures about what a dunce the President has been during the “pandemic.” It’s worse than ever! Record infections! Record deaths! Hotspots! Clusters! You better live in constant FEAR if you know what’s good for you, and make sure everybody you come into contact with is doing likewise. We’re told that we can prevent two or three-hundred-thousand deaths by year’s end if we’d just mask up! If not, you bear responsibility for people dying. It’s like the disease is in the ether, and you better put on your mask before you look in the mirror or you might infect yourself.

We’re told to expect “strong delusion” and mass deception as part of the end-time scenario. It’s hard to imagine that the ‘masters of communication’ and information could be any more corrupt than they’ve proven to be. The concern is that nearly half or more of the population doesn’t have time to get to the bottom of anything. They rely on the EXPERTS! You know, the “fact-checkers” for every mainstream outlet. They’ll decide what’s TRUE, just like the religious experts, the health EXPERTS, the environmental experts. There are EXPERTS for every facet of life, and they take everything into consideration.

But the EXPERTS in nearly every field think they are way smarter than God. Many of them deny His existence and look with pity on believers. Too bad. When the EXPERTS fly in the face of things we know, we’ll dismiss them. When they push politically correct dogma that disputes the Word of God, we’ll reject them. The big-tech companies are not a “Ministry of Truth,” they’re a ministry of propaganda, taking advantage of those who listen to EXPERTS to determine their next move. The “experts” don’t carry much weight with the people who believe and obey the Word of God, but they do influence a large contingent of the population. That’s what we see as mass deception, and the media giants are no longer ashamed to openly engage in it. It’s a crying shame, but we’re wise to it.

Mark Armstrong