Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – 22 November 2019

Greetings from Tyler,

Did the world stop turning?  Is the impeachment sham the only thing on earth we need to know about?  If you caught the network radio breaks, the TV network panels, or the flagship headlines you might well come to such a conclusion.  Not that the outcome is unimportant.  Obviously it’s the most important thing going to those running the charade.  Not only is this the most important thing, the witnesses apparently think they are the best informed, most educated, experienced and thoughtful individuals ever to grace us with their brilliance.  The little twerp in his dress uniform with all the ribbons and medallions came off as an idiot, in addition to his expressions and mannerisms.  He was apparently the source who contacted the “whistle-blower,” and lit this five-alarm dumpster fire.  He, Sondland, Fiona Hill, Taylor, and Kent were all dismantled and destroyed on cross-examination, and that’s the only entertainment or enlightenment yielded by the entire affair.

But the mainstream networks and their expert panels of eight apparently missed that part.  They actually ran banners on the screen that were being refuted by Sondland’s under-oath testimony, in real-time!  But they didn’t notice that either.  The media continues pretending (paraphrasing) Trump demanded an investigation of his 2020 opponent in exchange for the release of military aid to Ukraine.  They trotted out all these “experienced diplomats,” only to find that it was all based on assumption and second-hand scuttlebutt.   Trump is “jubilant,” and says he can’t wait until this thing goes to trial in the Senate.  Last night on CNN, Manderson Snooper asked his panel of eight for their expert views on what such a trial would look like.  One after another, they talked and talked, but no one answered that question.  They want to attach the word “impeachment” to President Trump’s name so badly, they don’t care whose ox gets gored in a Senate trial.  That’s strictly one guy’s opinion, but it stands to reason.

Meanwhile, the world has not stopped turning.  Iran saw the biggest riots since the Obama era.  People flowed into the streets in 75 cities simultaneously.  Demonstrators set fires to buildings and police vans and should have known that retribution would be brutal. Reports have helicopter gunships firing live rounds into the crowds.  Some 1000 are reported to have been arrested, and based on known recent history, are probably being tortured and abused in the most squalid of circumstances. Approximately 100 people are reported to have been killed in the streets by the Iranian government.  Apparently gas prices went up about 50% all at once, nationwide.  The riots have died down.

Every time we hear more about the Hong Kong protests, they’re getting worse.  Protesters have become more violent and police have responded, in some cases with live fire.  China has as many as one million troops on standby, but so far have allowed the situation to continue.  The United States has no leverage except for the fact that President Trump has yet to complete a trade agreement with China, and that may be the reason this thing hasn’t turned into another Tiananmen Square.

It appears that Benjamin Netanyahu is in a similar situation to President Trump.  Israel has its liberal media that hates Netanyahu and wants him deposed permanently.  Election results have been inconclusive, with neither Netanyahu nor his rival Benny Gantz able to form the required coalition.  So the thing remains in limbo, with Netanyahu apparently still carrying out the duties of Prime Minister.  Meanwhile, he’s under criminal indictment.  Something about cigars and champagne from a visiting potentate, years ago.  They’ve accused PM Netanyahu of “bribery, fraud, and breach of trust.”  That sounds mighty familiar, doesn’t it?  May he do to his accusers what Trump does to his.  They are close friends by all accounts, and it seems that they have much in common.  Either way, Israel looks to be facing another national election in three months. And you thought we have troubles!

Brexit remains undone.  Britain’s Parliament hasn’t allowed the exit to become law, and another general election will determine whether Boris Johnson remains Prime Minister or whether the left-wing ninny Jeremy Corbin takes the helm.

This won’t be anywhere near mainstream media reporting, but Italy is experiencing another onslaught of “boat people” from northern Africa and the Middle East. They’ve landed in such swarms as to overwhelm nearly every aspect of society.  We’ve got an article for the next issue of 21st Century WATCH telling of Muslims pulling their kids out of school because there are so many languages, dialects, and cultures involved that nobody can learn anything.  There is also word that the indigenous population is beginning to flee certain areas because the national culture has been subsumed.

This is the last Update prior to the Thanksgiving holiday.  A couple of paragraphs are dedicated to the subject in the letter you’ll be receiving shortly.  As we’ve noted before, this (along with one or two others) is one of the few national holidays that does have a wonderful history.  If any of these anti-God socialists ever get a position of rulership, they’ll probably outlaw it, or change it to some sort of “save the planet” ceremony.  But we’ll still give thanks to the Creator God, knowing that He is the author of our lives, our blessings, and every good thing.

Mark Armstrong