Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – 22 May 2020

Greetings from Tyler,

“You’re way more likely to drown.”  The LA Times just published an article about summer and the dreaded virus.  They interviewed a series of experts in molecular microbiology, immunology, and quote from the all-knowing, all-seeing, ever sensing CDC.  Their own projections show there is a much greater chance you’ll drown than contract the disease in water.  They estimated 10 drownings per day, and it’s a wonder swimming hasn’t been outlawed all together to “keep everyone safe.”  The CDC says there is “no evidence” that you can pick up the sickness from pools, hot tubs, spas or water play areas.  But as we all know and believe, “more research is needed.”  Isn’t it always?

A USC professor of all things contagious says, “I can’t say it’s absolutely 100% zero risk, but I can tell you it would never cross my mind to get COVID 19 from a swimming pool or the ocean.”  The head of UCLA’s Department of Epidemiology says, “There is no data that somebody got infected this way.”  The point is made that the virus can’t live for long outside the body.  “You’d probably have to drink the entire lake…”

Maybe this nonsense has been a blessing in disguise.  At least we know now that we live in a land where local officials are taking their behavioural tips from some famous historical dictators.  New York Mayor de Blasio says he’ll drag you out of the ocean if you so much as dip a toe!  Now that is something we can’t wait to see!

What we’re experiencing is an exercise in authoritarianism.  Hopefully people are taking note.  You might have seen the incident at the New Jersey gym where troopers showed up, determined that sensible protocols were being followed, came outside and told the assembled crowd to have a nice day amid chants of USA!  USA!  After the cameras were gone and the crowd dispersed, the troopers returned and started putting people in hand-cuffs, just to keep everyone safe.  Apparently, their superiors weren’t amused.

Who would have thought for one minute that real criminals would take advantage of a situation where lots of people are wearing masks?  They are considerate, protecting themselves and everyone else!  Just good citizens doing their part to slow the spread, until a gun is produced and they demand all the money!

No one noticed when they fled.  Security cameras couldn’t see anything to recognize and the witnesses were all wearing the same disguise!  Another benefit is that if the enterprising criminal signals extra virtue by wearing latex gloves, that means NO FINGERPRINTS!  They let thousands of robbers, car-jackers and dope-peddlers out of prison, so they wouldn’t get sick.  It would be better if you got robbed or killed than for the convicts to get sick, just so you know.  It’s Utopia now.

Santa Ana, California is reporting a marked increase (only 50% so far) in hold ups.  “It’s the norm,” one official said.  “We’re seeing more and more suspects wearing the mask and using that to their benefit.”  The gall of criminals using the kung-flu to their benefit!  First it got them out jail, and then provided them with a disguise mandated by law!  How do you beat that?  Santa Ana police said some of the increase in crime since the lock-down started may be attributed to the release of inmates.  Isn’t it great when criminals can just blend in with gloves and face-coverings? Let freedom ring!

This place is looking more like an authoritarian socialist dictatorship, run by a legion of local officials who have special privileges.  No, they don’t have to follow the rules they keep making up and changing.  The law (state constitutions) apparently allow them to issue orders that relieve us all of the national Constitutional protections we thought we had.

Just put on your mask, or maybe a hazmat suit and traipse carefully to the mailbox to pick up your government check.  Isn’t authoritarian socialism great?  Or is freedom of speech illegal too?  It is on nearly all the social media outlets.  Better not spread “disinformation,” and that would be anything that disagrees with doctors or scientists, despite their incredible record of failure and fraud.  Yes, the attitude is still not good.  We’re praying to a Higher Authority than the little dictators in masks, while they wreck everything the United States stands for.  We’re going to observe the Sabbath tomorrow, and Pentecost next week, hopefully without disturbance.

Mark Armstrong