Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – 21 June 2019

Greetings from Tyler,

What was Iran thinking, attacking tankers in the Straits and shooting down an unarmed American drone that was keeping an eye on the shipping lanes and anything that might signal additional provocation.  There’s no figuring out the “logic” of the Iranian mullahs. They’re operating on a wavelength we can’t, and would rather not access.

The media was all breathless last night, bracing for a counterattack against Iran’s missile installations.  But, as everyone knows by now, Trump called off counter strikes after aircraft were en-route, ten minutes prior to the strikes that would have taken place.  Early reports have been confirmed by the President himself.  He asked how many the generals estimated would be killed as collateral damage, even though the strikes were going to be instigated pre-dawn when few if any would be present.  They said as many as 150 might well be killed. Trump decided that would be a disproportionate response to what Iran had done, and called the whole thing off.  So much for the media claiming he is a lunatic madman.

So it looks like a military exchange with Iran, that might spiral out of control, is not in the immediate offing.  May God guide and direct our President in this most ticklish of situations.  Iran is boasting that it can produce weapons grade uranium on short notice, making possible its threat to wipe Israel off the map and threaten Europe or the United States.  If it gets to that point, no doubt President Trump will take action, and 150 lives lost to collateral damage would be the least of worries.  In this case, the red-line that must not be crossed is Iran’s capacity to wage nuclear war.  If that becomes the threat, there’s no sign the President will balk.

Domestically, we are witnessing a phenomenon never before seen.  The mainstream media has for the first time gone all in on its promotion of a radical, anti-American agenda.  No one is accepted in this environment that doesn’t hate the United States. Whoever loves or defends this country is beneath their contempt.  They want the nation over-run by the third world because they think the U. S. deserves punishment for our history, claiming Americans are guilty of white supremacy, discrimination against minorities and prosperity at the rest of the world’s expense.  Decades of brain-washing in government-funded schools, now backed up by mainstream news, social media and most every big corporation has apparently worked.  There is a full-court press to demand compliance with their hate-America ideology.  Stick your head up on social media or anywhere else and those who run the ideological monolith will try to ruin you.  It’s a risk we’re more than willing to run.

A great many Americans have figured out what is going on, and are determined to defend traditional values and support a President that has been the target of the Deep State within the government and throughout the mainstream media.  If you’re one of those, the mainstream news hates you and wants you gone.  Trump is the target, and they’ve done all within their power to destroy him.  But the real disgust and anger is aimed at those who support him, and support a sovereign, prosperous United States  that refuses to be rolled into a global system.

They sneer at God’s Word, calling it hateful.  They can’t believe that anyone would be so ignorant as to believe and practice the tenets set forth in His Laws.  They’ve gone to attacking those who believe in Him as hateful, xenophobic bigots, and they’re not the least bit shy.  It’s as simple as this.  The blessings promised by God to Abraham must be stamped out, and they express their own anger and hatred in their demands. Everything the socialists hold dear hinges on “we the people” turning over freedom in favor of intrusive government control over everything.

No offense intended, but the commonwealth nations have already complied with most of the demands of the radical socialists. They’ve given up their guns; they agree to every “green” initiative, promising they’ll virtually abandon the use of “fossil” fuels ten or twenty years hence. They’ve allowed their nations to be invaded by the most primitive of cultures and ideologies, and they mostly feel mighty righteous for having done so.  Diversity being strength, and other nonsense.

We’re not there yet, and we can only hope we never get there.  But we have to stand for something, and neither the media nor mainstream education or the major corporations will sit still for it.  It is as if they desperately want to wield the kind of power foretold in the book of Revelation, and just can’t believe anyone would dare get in their way.  But some of us aren’t willing to give up our blessings, and are growing very weary of being lectured by emotional lunatics who know nothing of reality or history, let alone prophecy or God’s Word.

Mark Armstrong

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