Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – 20 December 2019

Greetings from Tyler,

Whoever heard of THIRTY feet of snow?  That’s what they’re dealing with in Iceland, where they’ve never seen the like.  Snow was supposed to have been a thing of the past, something the youthful generation would only hear about in stories and photos.  But like all man-made global warming predictions, it’s failed spectacularly.  Iceland isn’t the only country dealing with bitter cold and record snowfall.  Finland is suffering extreme conditions with tens of thousands suffering power outages in the midst of conditions that are so extreme, the power cannot be restored.  And Winter hasn’t yet arrived!  Man-made global warming is a hoax, designed to shame us all into relinquishing our God-given blessings and freedom in the interests of “saving the planet.”

The crying shame is, that not many jobs are available to people with science degrees unless they’re evangelists for the cause.  Whether governments think tanks, universities or corporate concerns, there simply is no room for anyone who isn’t in panic mode over global warming.  They used their standard ploy, trotting out a poor little down-syndrome girl to carry their message.  Maybe you’ve heard her quote, “How dare you…”  destroy her childhood and rob her of her future by not buying into the global warming hoax?  Well, somebody really has destroyed her childhood, and it wasn’t us.  In truth, she’ll probably become temporarily rich from winning awards and various grants.  But none of that will replace the sleep she’s losing due to the panic instilled by her parents and guardians.  They’re using her, and she’s in no position to recognize the reality.

We’d love to update the situation in Iran but can’t find any current reporting.  That may have something to do with the fact that the mullah’s unplugged the internet.  News has also gone virtually dark on the Hong Kong uprising.  We hear that a trade deal with China is also about half done.  But that could be revised if the Chinese should act precipitously against those that want to continue living a life of relative freedom.  The lack of updated reporting may have something to do with the fact that all the news organizations have obsessed over the fake impeachment of President Trump, to the exclusion of much else.  You’d think that there would be all kinds of consternation, but it’s almost as if it never happened.  The cable networks and newspaper columnists have had their celebration, giddy that their dream has finally come true.  But there’s some dispute.

If impeachment articles are not transmitted to the Senate for adjudication, is it even real?  A characterization that may have some merit is that the Speaker has pulled the pin on the grenade, but now is afraid to toss it.  She’s holding an explosive in her hand and has no idea what to do next.  The mainstream boasts that Trump has been impeached for all time and that the Speaker is now using leverage to manage concessions on how a Senate trial will be conducted.  But there is no such “leverage” available to her under the Constitution, and the Senate is waiting.  President Trump says he wants a full trial to start immediately, and why wouldn’t he?  There is tremendous corruption in the non-stop attempt to eject him from office, and he would like to see it on the record.

As for the impeachment hearings that dominated the week past, the hate-Trump crowd embarrassed themselves with some of the worst acting, the worst delivery of prepared speeches you’d ever have the misfortune of hearing.  Time after time they got nailed, and their assertions brilliantly destroyed by the opposition but weren’t fazed.  They continued to read their prepared speeches, full of accusations and assertions against the President as if they didn’t recognize the thrashing they’d just received.

So where are we now?  No one seems sure.  Did impeachment actually happen?  Legal scholars disagree.  What’s next?  We’re in uncharted territory with no precedent in U. S. history.

We’ve been waiting long years for the resolution of top-level criminality used to oust President Trump, and we’re still waiting.  IG Horowitz confirmed some of it, but was “unable” to conclude the obvious.  So now we’re told that justice may finally begin to unfold in late Spring or early Summer, and you know what that means.  The fake news will continue to deceive many, perhaps even the majority for months to come, if not longer.

The news is now so full of false assertions, it’s hard to take.  They’ve lied on so many subjects, attempting to shame us all into accepting the conventional, mainstream positions on everything.  They just can’t imagine that anyone would deny global warming, reject homosexuality, reject open borders, reject sanctuary cities or perish the thought, support President Trump.  It looks like the worst version of the future has arrived.  Lies are truth.  The truth is racist and destroying the planet.  God doesn’t exist (according to the scientific community and politically correct dogma) only government authority calls the tune.

We beg to differ.  But their formula looks a lot like the most fearsome of Bible prophecies.  Is it really possible that the majority of humanity is impossibly deceived?  It sure looks like it.  Our mission, should we decide to accept it, is to reach people that are deceived by their own churches, in effect cowed into accepting positions that diametrically oppose God’s Word, all the while believing they are good Christians.  What a mess!

Mark Armstrong