Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – 17 May 2019

Greetings from Tyler,

            Of the many topics of national and international concern and interest this week, sanctions on Chinese goods, the consequences for farmers and American consumers has been the top story.  Much was made of the plummeting stock market early in the week. When the losses were recovered mid-week, it didn’t even rate notice by the big networks.  The most committed media naysayers are looking into their crystal balls, extrapolating how much extra the average family of four will pay for Chinese goods. 

            Honest observers know the imposition of sanctions against Chinese imports are not intended to last indefinitely, but are hoped to be a strategy to bring the parties to the table and agree to trade format that doesn’t cost the U. S. half a trillion dollars per year, not to mention the wholesale theft of American intellectual property.  President Trump is right, and most who’ve looked at the situation agree.  China has been ripping off American companies, consumers and engaging in espionage against U. S. technological and military concerns for decades.  They knock off every successful brand you can think of and sell all manner of bogus, counterfeit goods complete with the designer label.

            The pundits, as usual, are all over the mainstream print and network outlets claiming President Trump lacks understanding and is doing permanent damage to the relationship with China and the American consumer.  The move by the administration to banish nations continuing to buy Iran’s oil from American markets affects China directly, because that nation reportedly buys roughly half of all the oil Iran exports. 

            Much has been made of the U. S. carrier group steaming toward the Persian Gulf in the wake of evidence from Israeli intelligence that Iran is planning military action against American assets or allies in the region.  Thursday night brought a news break indicating that Iran is transporting missiles to locations that put them within reach of American bases and forces around the Persian Gulf.  Persistently anti-Trump talking heads accuse the President of a complete lack of understanding.  They suggest that former UN Ambassador and current National Security Advisor John Bolton is really running America’s foreign policy and will plunge the U. S. into war whether it is the President’s intent or not. 

            It’s a good time to realize that they’ve been wrong, probably intentionally wrongabout everything for as long as we can remember.  Trump was going to lose in a landslide, remember?  His candidacy was a bad joke.  He’s crazy, mean, racist and there’s no end to their blind hatred. They create news with their opinion polls, and then lecture us about “what the American people demand.”  It’s infuriating.  The good news is that they’re about to get their cabooses handed to them by an Attorney General who’s not part of their cabal.  But that’s another subject.  The good news is that what became obvious to all informed observers two years ago and more is being borne out as long awaited documents and testimonies are finally becoming public.  With any luck, America’s corrupted institutions will be restored to some semblance of honesty.  With any luck. 

            Maybe you saw some of the reports, Live from the border catastrophe this week.  Despite the recent news that asylum seekers could legally be returned to Mexico to await adjudication, they’re still flooding across our southern border at the rate of nearly 70,000 plus per month.  It was alarming to see border patrol boats fishing people out of the Rio Grand and ferrying them to processing centers in the U. S.  People apparently wait until they hear the boats coming to plunge into the river flailing around with makeshift flotation, knowing they’ll get a ride.  Today, big blaring headlines report that ICE is hiring contractors to transport illegals to destinations  all around the United States.  It’s hard to believe it’s happening under the Trump administration, and it’s a hard pill to swallow. 

            Let’s just put it this way.  If the Socialist left ever succeeds in their mission to wreck the leading proponent of freedom and prosperity on earth, tribulation of Biblical proportions will follow.  We’ll end up with a One World System, probably run by a coalition of the Vatican and Europe, headed by Germany.  That would satisfy Biblical prophecies, and seems to be exactly what the multi-national corporations and technology giants are working toward.  Dissenting voices are being silenced on a scale that is unbelievable. 

            Other than that, everything is hunky dory. Have a great Sabbath, 

Mark Armstrong