Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – 16 August 2019

Greetings from Tyler,

        The Hong Kong airport is back open after being shut down completely this week, with over a thousand flights canceled.  Riot police showed up in force, and Chinese officials are issuing one stern warning after another as they accumulate troops at the ready.  Even though the protesters have backed away from the airport, they continue to snarl major boulevards and intersections.

        These folks have lived under the British system of law all their lives.  They’ve enjoyed the concept of “innocent until proven guilty,” one that we take for granted.  But that is not the case in mainland China.  The Hong Kongers thought they had at least until 2047 before the full weight of Chinese communism would ruin life in Hong Kong.  But the proposed “extradition law,” where someone could be shipped off to the mainland when accused of a crime propelled the general population, including professionals, into the streets.  If the communist Chinese get a hold of someone accused of a crime, particularly against the regime, there’s no telling what might happen to them or if anyone will ever hear from them again.

        President Trump has been asked for a response to the Hong Kong standoff and his answer was, “What are we supposed to do, invade Hong Kong?”  But he has indicated that any trade arrangement between China and the United States will depend on the situation being resolved humanely, and not like Tiananmen Square where people were murdered and run over with tanks.

        The lack of a trade arrangement with China has contributed to some wild gyrations in the stock market.  The media got really excited this week when the market fell by 800 points in a single day.  When news broke of the “bond market inversion,” they could barely contain themselves.  This, they told us is a harbinger of a coming recession.  It was repeated endlessly on network radio breaks, in the flagship papers, and on the cable TV panel discussions.

        Main street, however, isn’t Wall Street.  It’s the investments in multi-national and Chinese based concerns that are taking the bath.  Recession?  Not likely in the U. S. unless the mainstream media can create some kind of unnecessary panic.  Still not likely.  A more complete discussion of this will appear in the upcoming issue of 21st Century WATCH.  An economic downturn could be the one thing that might deny President Trump a second term, and that is music to the ears of a very angry and sullen media brigade.

        The Trump rally in New Hampshire last night was a joyride.  People are happy, smiling and optimistic, twelve thousand of them.  It must really frost the news-people who’ve tripped all over each other to see who can do the best job of calling the president and all Americans who support his policies racist, planet-destroying bigots.  It must be mighty depressing for the disgusted accusers in media to see these massive, enthusiastic crowds, people who aren’t buying what the mainstream is selling.  And that’s another reason to smile.

        And before we go, here’s one more.  Members of the ‘squad’ thought they were going to breeze into Israel, rabble rouse, call Israel racist and make a big scene.  That is until they were informed that they wouldn’t be admitted, announced by the Prime Minister himself.  It seems Israel has a law on the books that says people calling for boycotts and the nation’s destruction aren’t to be admitted. But Rashida Tlaib, (possibly the most hideous of the creatures, it’s close ) has a 90-year-old grandmother living in the West Bank.  Oh, all right.  Israel said she could come to visit her aged grandmother, but there would be no speeches condemning Israel, calling everybody racist or promoting a boycott of Israeli goods.  Well, that was the most insulting, racist thing Talib had ever heard and now she’s refusing to go.  Maybe visiting grandma wasn’t the reason for her trip in the first place!  If only the real troubles in the Middle East were so trite.

P.S.  We are promoting material on evolution, and my Dad’s television on the delusion of the “Trinity.”

Thousands are being exposed, and hundreds have already availed themselves of the details.  Thank you all for helping make these basic truths available to the general public.  Have a great Sabbath,

Mark Armstrong