Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – 13 September 2019

Greetings from Tyler,

Somebody wake us when the fight over Brexit has concluded. It turns out that the British Parliament is going to fight the will of the population with every procedural stunt at its disposal. The twists and turns are too convoluted to follow, let alone explain. The new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has his hands full, and Parliament is going to do everything within its power to force his resignation. The EU has done its utmost to make a British exit financially painful, so emotions are at their peak.

Whatever happened about the seized tankers? You will remember that Iran seized a British tanker near the Straits of Hormuz after the British detained an Iranian tanker taking a load to Syria via a very long clandestine route. For some unknown reason, the Iranian tanker was let go and their load of crude presumably did actually make its way to Syria, in contravention of international sanctions. But the Iranians still have the British tanker they took, and are thumbing their hooked noses at the Western world. Iran is also accusing the Europeans of having violated the “Iran nuclear deal” while boasting that their nuclear enrichment centrifuges are back to work. The belligerent boasters better hope they don’t become a priority of President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu. It’s ticklish.

Britain is suffering its own case of deranged “protesters.” The enviro-whackos glued themselves to the entry doors at London’s Fashion Week events. Luckily there was another main entry people could use. Protesters lay in pools of mock blood and generally acted the fool while accusing the fashion industry of insensitivity toward the environment. Lunatics. Why don’t they pull these stunts in one of their favorite socialist/communist or Islamic cities? You know, someplace where people really care. Because there are no designer fashion shows, that’s why. If they had their way, there wouldn’t be any in the fashionable cities of the West either.

Trying to keep up with world events, and the plight of the blessed nations of God’s promises to Abraham has become a stomach-churning exercise. What happened to the Amazon fires? We don’t know, but everyone stopped talking about that “clear evidence” of planet destruction, which just a week or two ago was “wrecking the lungs of the planet.” My suggestion was for Sting to hold another free concert to, once again, save the rain forests. It could have been so simple a solution! But all the histrionics were, as usual, a deceitful scam meant to play on our emotions. The raging blazes were mostly the annual phenomenon of farmers burning their fields (as they do here in Texas and many other places) to remove stubble and enrich the soil for the next crop. Some of the fires got out of control, but good luck trying to burn the rain forest!

This ridiculous scam of man-made global warming, or “climate change” as they’ve gone to calling it, is still being promulgated throughout media and preached by those smarter than the average Joe. It is the number one priority of several of those who would throw out all legal and Constitutional rights in a panic they hope to instill in us all. Boiled down, it goes something like this: Give up your freedoms, your money, and your guns and we (socialists/communists) will save the planet and protect you from whatever harm you might otherwise inflict upon yourselves and everybody else.

That’s not logic. It’s an attempt to instill fear and hatred, two things the socialist/communist geniuses claim they’re going to stamp out. Those, however, are emotions, and the attempts to play on ours have risen to ridiculous heights. If patriotic Americans are such bigoted, racist evildoers, why are so many foreigners sneaking in, overstaying their visas and hiding out? You may remember the raid on a packing plant where dozens of illegals were arrested recently. The media shed crocodile tears over these fine members of the community who were just trying to support their families. It turns out that nearly all of them were working under stolen identities, filing false tax returns and committing financial crimes costly to everyone. But the presidential candidates say everyone here illegally should be on the path to citizenship and if you disagree, you might be a racist.

We’re seeing more signs that the attempted coup, which has taken up over two years of constant media attention may someday be exposed. If and when it is, we hope that the actual perpetrators of all the false accusations, high officials running national law enforcement and intelligence agencies along with co-conspirators in media, are exposed to the point that even the fake news can’t deceive the gullible public any longer. But we won’t hold our breath. What we will do is try to direct our attention elsewhere, thank the Almighty God for our freedom and many blessings while we observe the weekly Sabbath and enjoy His glorious creation.

Many thanks to all of you,

Mark Armstrong