Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – 13 November 2020

Greetings from Tyler,

The media tells us it’s over. The election, that is. Covid 19 is running amok, or so all the newsbreaks say. Just as we thought, the Covid scare is still picking up steam 10 months later.
It is setting records every day, maybe every minute. “Hospitals are being overrun with Covid cases,” they tell us. Get ready for more lockdowns, assuming you don’t live in a state that’s not still in lock-down. Maybe just another month to six weeks would do it. Never mind that we’ve spent nearly an entire year under un-Constitutional orders passed down by power-drunk “officials.” They’ve decided that you can’t go to work, or school, or church or out to eat. Nope. It’s just too dangerous at a time when Covid cases are exploding. Have they ever thought that if masks and lockdowns worked this thing might be a distant memory? Of course not.

Governors here and there are flexing their mighty powers, demanding that you follow their guidelines for Thanksgiving. It’s truly bizarre that they think they can exert their personal clout upon a free people, IN THEIR HOMES, no less. If the media is right, and now it’s every single mainstream network including Fox, we’re going to be punished. American citizens are going to be punished in every way they can devise. The speaker of gibberish is beholden to Antifa, BLM, the Deep State, nearly all big corporations and Big Pharma, and will have to satisfy their demands. After all, they’re all taking credit for his “win,” should it hold.

The flood gates will open, and the third world will flood in again. That’s a good thing, we’re told. It’s the source of our strength. What a crock! Obama had to pretend like he was on America’s side, while making apology and proclaiming America a racist nation. That’s no longer the case. Those who plan to continue the “transformation” of the Obama years have exposed their anti-American leanings and will go full tilt to fulfill their socialist dreams. If they get their way, we’re on our way to Venezuela, without ever leaving home. Should you need reminding, Venezuela was one of the most prosperous nations in South America until they embraced Marxism. Now they’re sifting through trash for something to eat and trying to evade the government’s goon squads.

The media demands that you give up hope NOW, or else. Prime time Fredo says, ominously, that those who fight on may lose a lot more than the election. Oooh, scary! Fauci says he realizes that Americans are free spirited people, but now it’s time to “DO WHAT YOU’RE TOLD.” Get used to it. Mandates and bans are going to be handed down like candy, and mind you, they’re compiling lists of those who dared support Donald Trump, and any who might think they can get away with defiance of their mighty orders. The squad will teach us a lesson!

If the media call stands, and we’re not getting much hope from anybody save Donald Trump himself and “America’s mayor” Rudy Giuliani, we’ll be banking on Supreme Court decisions and narrow margins in the nation’s legislature to strike down their plans to destroy America. We’re supposed to believe that the goons looting departments stores and burning up American cities WON a great victory over average American citizens, who will soon pay a heavy price for having loved the country. How dare we!

Maybe it was too far gone to be salvaged. After all, the mainstream has rolled over for every bizarre sin. You know the one that brought down fire out of heaven? Yeah, that’s an American value. Because we’re told, “We have to choose our battles wisely, and this one is not worth fighting.” How often have we heard it? Many have gone along in agreement. Maybe that WAS an argument worth having.

It’s not getting very wide coverage, but have you seen the crowds protesting the lock-downs in Germany? You’d think crowds that size would merit some attention. But then, we’re drowning in fake news. We’ve got monopolistic overlords determining what’s important or not. Forget what’s important, they’re now the arbiters of TRUTH with the power to determine what people can read.

We’ll see Who the arbiter of truth is, and I’ll guarantee you it’s not any of the misfits who dominate social media.

Mark Armstrong