Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – 10 January 2020

 Greetings from Tyler, 

            The media goes out of its way to keep us on edge most of the time, but this week has been unusual.  Last week President Trump made the decision to take out the murderous Iranian general, Suliemani with a drone strike.  You might think that killing a guy with that much blood on his hands would be viewed by most Americans and by our domestic media as a positive development.  But you’d be wrong.  The mainstream media hates Trump (and all who support him as President) so fervently that they reported it as possibly the worst mistake ever.  Iran was going to punish us in ways we never thought of.  Why, Trump may have just struck the match that would result in WW III, the networks fretted. 

            It looks like they were wrong, again.  It also looks like Iran went out of its way to make sure they didn’t inflict death or injury on any Americans or anyone else for that matter.  Word is that they sloppily allowed their strike plans to be transmitted to third-party nations that would have tipped us off. But then some big names, including the Vice President are publicly insisting that Iran did intend to inflict death on Americans, but luckily missed.   

            For a period of months, preparations have been underway. A recent cover of 21st Century WATCH showed a convoy of U. S. warships steaming toward the Persian Gulf.  American fighter-bomber aircraft have been prepositioned in the event that the situation escalates, and the mullahs had little doubt that Trump meant business.  So they’ve apparently invented a way to save face.  They fired missiles at bases in Iraq from Iran, but telegraphed the action in advance, including the time of the strikes.  As you’ve probably seen, many believe that Iran was careful not to kill any Americans, but at the same time gave their hardliners something to make them feel better after their revered (terrorist mastermind) general was terminated.  Then again, some insist otherwise.  It’s starting to look like Iran took out a Ukrainian passenger plane soon after takeoff from Tehran, probably by mistake.  It’s been reported that there were 176 people lost, with some Canadian citizens among them.  It’s a good thing there were no Americans. 

            Meanwhile, we’ve been assured by President Trump that Iran will never be allowed to produce nuclear weapons, at least not while he’s President.  That has been the greatest concern for more than a decade.  It was particularly relevant during the time that an agreement was signed by the previous president and his allies that gave Iran a clear path to do just that after a period of time.  The mainstream media rarely misses an opportunity to mourn Trump’s revocation of the “Iran deal.”  For all they knew, it might spell the end of the world.   

            The German, French and EU officials have been exasperated about it too.  They’re still carrying on about it.  They too are scandalized that an American President seems to be doing the bidding of the United States rather than worrying about getting their diplomatic approval for his actions.  How dare he act so impulsively on behalf of the U. S. without running it by all the international bodies? 

            Here’s a bulletin:  It looks like Trump just may know what he’s doing, and considers all the legal ramifications before speaking or acting.  One false move in this environment would not be good.

Whatever happened to impeachment?  It was urgent, urgent, urgent that President Trump be removed from office before any more damage was done, they said.  The House of Representatives, with its liberal majority, voted to impeach him and claimed it was imperative to move with all haste.  But that was weeks ago, and so far they’ve not sent the paperwork to the Senate for trial.  Why not?  That’s a question that’s raging when Iran’s not on the front burner.  The answer is, maybe digging into how all this happened in the first place might not turn out so good for those pounding the impeachment drum.  Mrs. Pelosi surely will have to submit the House’s impeachment documents to the Senate.  We don’t know if there’s going to be a real trial in the Senate, or whether the case will be summarily dismissed.  Neither will work out well for the architects of impeachment.  Truth is, they better hope it gets dismissed.  Otherwise the shenanigans they’ve pulled in the process may play out on national television, much to their embarrassment. 

             Over the years, it’s been a habit to be aware of what the mainstream networks were saying.  That’s not been easy of late.  Listening to self-important “news-people” describe how, “This President has no idea how things work…”  Even the ABC network radio breaks have been insufferable.  They routinely read Trump’s mind and tell you of his evil intentions, after misinterpreting his words and actions.  Does nobody use a figure of speech?  Is our language not geared for humor, or the occasional exaggeration to be taken in jest?  No, the media insists that we lose our sense of humor and dissect everything literally.  How much fun would that be?  Here in Tyler we got an announcement this week that the only local news and talk-radio station was dropping its ABC network affiliation.  Apparently the local station got so many angry complaints, they felt it necessary to pull the plug. 

            It’s very likely that the reports around impeachment, that Trump withheld Congressionally approved military aid in exchange for assurances that his political opponent would be investigated, was what drove people to call.  I too heard the newsbreaks, and couldn’t believe that ABC was making such an accusation based on the word of people who’ve been making the most ridiculous claims since Donald J. Trump arrived on the scene.   But there it was, on every news break.

            Meanwhile, fires are sweeping over large segments of Australia.  I f you see a map, it looks like fire is sweeping the continent.  Up to 85% of them are thought to have been instigated by human beings.  We’ll probably never know the extent of it.  The news organizations never got to the bottom of many of the devastating California fires either, likely by design.  But there is the suspicion that it may be a form of terrorism, and Australia has had its share of immigration problems from the Middle East, Northern Africa, Indonesia.   

            It’s worldwide news now and you can read of the heartbreaking devastation of people losing their homes and property and in some cases, lucky to be escaping with their lives.  Speculation about the loss of wildlife is off the chart. At some point you would think that a disastrous circumstance like this would supersede the destructive ideologies of “global warming” and socialism.  But that doesn’t seem to be the case, either here or down under.  We’ve heard that the U. S. is sending help to fight the fires, but it seems untold damage has already been done.  They need rain, and there is none in the forecast.  A girl known to American viewers did a report on how they’re nursing rescued Koalas and other indigenous species, and she could barely contain her tears when talking of the breadth of the damage.  Her emotion seemed to be for more than just the animals. Let’s pray they get some rain. 

            Western civilization is under sustained attack nearly everywhere, and there’s no line of illogic they won’t trot out to manipulate public opinion.  The mainstream media, the major corporations all seem to want to deceive us on a regular basis in order to pry the last of us loose from our belief in God and get us to realize that we live in a modern era, devoid of God’s Laws and ignorant of His Will.  They’ll keep trying, but some of us know where we came from and will not comply.  This has been the case since long before any hint of a Trump Presidency. 

Mark Armstrong