Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Commentary – 6 August 2021

Greetings from Tyler,

We’re all on our own.  The mainstream is brimming with stories of people who decided to wait and see what the side effects of the “vaccines” were and are now suffering in some ICU unit.  One study indicates that the hospitalized cases are roughly split between people who are “fully vaccinated” and those who aren’t.  What are we to believe, especially when those giving advice don’t have a very good record for being truthful?  So, the vaccinated are worrying that they’ll be infected with some variant carried by the un-vaccinated, and they’re none too pleased.

They’ve just applied the word “breakthrough” to the cases of the “vaccinated.”  Still, they tell us as if in unison, the shot will lessen the chance you’ll be sick unto death.  That’s reassuring.  Word is that the “vaccines” are about to be approved by the FDA.  That will take away the arguments all over the Internet that claim mandating an unapproved shot is a violation of the Nuremberg treaty that dates back to 1947.  Can you imagine the legal repercussions if the shots being pushed by every government entity and most of the private sector were not approved?  So, the FDA has no choice but to approve the vaccines, then the mandates from on high will be legitimate from a legal standpoint.

Panic has spread like wildfire (again) as reports of new infections come from every quarter.  We all have it ringing in our ears, “Get the shot!”  People are wearing masks again, and this time it’s genuine fear, and not just virtue signaling.  No doubt, the sickness has spread and “health authorities” are telling everybody what to do.  Maybe the government can’t mandate vaccination, yet, and if the shots touted don’t fit the definition of the word, the definition can simply be changed.  The ‘powers that be’ have the authority to change the definitions of words, and they’ve been doing it for some time.

It was last December when Governor Cuomo told Dr. Fauci that they were just like the movie stars Di Niro and Pacino.  They had a good laugh as they reveled in how famous they’d become.  Cuomo told Fauci he could pick which movie star he wanted to be.  They might have sealed their fates.   Pride cometh before a fall, says the Proverb, obviously still in effect after all these centuries.  Some truths are everlasting.  It looks like both of them tempted fate when they decided to flaunt their fame and supposed importance.  Lately they’ve probably both, lost sleep deservedly so.

Fauci, worries that he’ll eventually be blamed for the “gain of function” research that he insisted was so important, even if it did cost lives. Lots of them.  The very suggestion causes him to act out in ways unbecoming the amiable saintly demeanor with which we’re so familiar.  Cuomo’s not laughing anymore as he’s busy trying to defend against all manner of “me too” accusations, and maybe even facing criminal charges.  It seems a little incongruous that Cuomo’s name now opens many a news segment for getting a little frisky with the help.  Never mind that he ordered sick and elderly corona virus patients into nursing homes, with many dead to show for it.  Officials can’t be bothered about that.  Nobody died as a result of his inappropriate behavior, and he’s reminding us, he’s Italian.  We wouldn’t understand, hard as we might try.

Meanwhile the Taliban is taking over Afghanistan and the summer fires are raging in California, but then…  Freedom is banned in the Western world with newfound authority from “health officials.”  There’s trouble in the Gulf of Oman, with Iran suspected of tampering electronically with passing vessels.  Israel has a new Prime Minister, Naftali Bennet, who wants to cooperate with the White House, but worries that Iran is closer to a nuclear warhead than ever before.  It could get scary.

In sports, they’re celebrating so-called transsexuals, even at the Olympics.  These dudes could never pass for women, never.  But we’ve got bearded men kissing on the mouth in commercials, as if the news wasn’t bad enough.  We’re assailed with conflicting information and many don’t know who or what to believe, having been lied to so routinely.

Our trust has been squandered on a host of subjects, ranging from the global-warming scam to the Fauci flu.  We’re being lied to on a host of subjects, and we know it.  Our trust lies outside the cacophony of nonsense spilling from every device.  The mainstream has bought into too much clap trap, and cried wolf too often.  They’ve lost all credibility and can’t believe that we can’t just be herded around with their bogus “facts.”  Sorry.

Mark Armstrong