Greetings from Tyler,

We can’t help wondering whether this is still the same country.  The big guy says they’re checking to see whether the government can FORCE everyone in the population to get vaccinated.  They’ve tried every other angle.  They’ve said the un-vaxed are a danger to themselves, their families and everybody with whom they have contact.  Governor Brylcreem of California has likened the unvaxed to drunk drivers.  (He’ll probably survive the recall effort, having sent government money to everyone like there was no end to it.)

Government has found a solution to its Constitutional limitations on mandates. The answer, as we’ve learned, is to get the big corporations with whom a large majority do business, to issue mandates as required in order that customers may continue using their services or buying their products.  Now PayPal has mandates?  What a bunch of hooey.

Facebook demands that nothing disputing the government’s narrative is allowed to see daylight on their platform.  Statements that would get you disciplined last year turned out to be TRUE, even the dizzy doctor (drunk on his ill-gotten fame) has had to make uncomfortable admissions that turned Twit and Face… upside down.  But they don’t mind looking stupid if it’s profitable.  Corporations “lobby” for legal, tax and financial benefits.  Controlling what people say and hear is the price.  Unconstitutional mandates have simply been farmed out to the biggest businesses in the nation to get around the courts.  After all, they’re PRIVATE enterprises.  But maybe they’re not so private after all if they’re carrying out the government’s wishes against their own customers.

According to Australian news, the new lock down orders are in place (stay in your homes, or else!)  Government officials have called in the military to make sure no one violates the rules. Nevertheless, thousands if not tens of thousands took to the streets to demand freedom.  They thought they had some autonomy, but found out that concerned authorities can make it up as they go along.  But we’re finding out that the vaccine doesn’t keep you from getting or spreading the dreaded virus, and our all-knowing doctors have decided they’ll make EVERYBODY get back in their fear gear.  Vaccinated or otherwise.

You mean the experimental shot doesn’t keep you from getting the virus?  And it’s being mandated anyway?  Good luck convincing everybody to get stuck.  Apparently not being approved by the FDA means it’s still an “experimental vaccine.”  As such it may fall under the Nuremburg code, which means they cannot mandate medical treatment without consent.  It’s been around since the 1947.   But then maybe they can get the corporations to do it.  They can demand it of the military and all others employed by the state, all three million of them. Let’s see how that goes!

People working in the health care industry report that a lot of people coming down with the Fauci flu have already taken the shot.  But Fauci is not concerned.  He has all the answers, even when changing his mind.  It looked like he might have lost it during that recent exchange with Rand Paul.  He’s furious at the prospect that he’ll catch blame for having promoted and funded “vital research” that has turned the “free world” upside down.

It was apparent some time ago that the self-righteous mental midgets were not about to give up the power they’d achieved through fear-mongering.  Fear is being stoked again, much as it was a year ago.  People who thought they’d sit down for the jab and then go about living their lives had another thing coming.  You don’t just submit once and done.  Everybody must remain in a constant state of submission, hence the new mask guidelines from agencies we never gave a second thought about.  Now we’re expected to jump every time they say so because, VARIANTS.  There’s no end to them.  There are about six variants ready to go, with several more in reserve.  Do you think these barkers of fear are about to give up their hold over us peasants?  Not a chance.

So the fully vaccinated have to wear masks indoors because the CDC has discovered that vaccinated people still get sick and are contagious.  They’re being reassured that this wouldn’t be the case if EVERYBODY had done what they were told.  Those rotten so and sos who refused the vaccine are to blame.  It’s another attempt to divide and conquer.

Meanwhile the Southern border is wide open to people, and diseases from all over the world are flooding in at historic numbers. They’re being shuttled to migrant centers and then transported to parts unknown within the United States.  Apparently the “immigrants” are immune from testing protocols, mandates and laws that apply to the citizenry.  You know, those of us that are paying for the upkeep of the intruders.  Word is that they’re being sent wherever they say WITHOUT a court date.  Not that it would matter.  We can hope that’s a false report, but few report for their hearings regardless.  The rest of us have mandates to contend with.

The question about to be answered is whether the population will acquiesce to another round of “recommendations.”  Some governors have already leaped at the opportunity to re-institute all kinds of emergency rules and regulations.  Apparently, kids are going to be told to wear masks at school in states that have enjoyed dictatorial powers.  They’ve started preaching again like this thing just started.  As if small businesses who’ve managed to survive a year of closure are about to start jumping through hoops again.  The government officials are working on it.  Maybe they’ll find a legal way to force compliance.

The NUMBERS are all important.  You get no details, just scary numbers. It’s a little curious.  If the numbers take a dive, then all the self-important experts issuing dire consequences and warnings are irrelevant.  They’re not about to let this thing die.  The “experts” are important like never before and having the time of their lives.  Have you ever seen Dr. Fauci so giddy?  When he’s not throwing a fit, that is.

So much for the “free world.”  Canada has draconian restrictions.  Just read the “guidelines” if you’re thinking about going there.  You’ll probably change your mind.  We had high hopes for Boris Johnson when he won as Prime Minister.  He’s turned out to be a lily-livered dunce.  In France, Prime Minster Macron has issued instructions for a digital passport showing proof of vaccination or a negative test within the last three days.  The people took to the streets.  Even the socialist French want some modicum of freedom.

Now the U. S. is recommending masks in public places, vaccinated or not.  Thought you’d be free if you submitted to the ever-changing “recommendations?”  Think again.  They’re calling the un-vaccinated “killers.”  Talk about a false accusation!  We’ll soon find out if the state has the power to take over medical decisions for the individual.  These dolts think they have unlimited power over the population.  They’ll pay sooner or later.  They’ve taken on the whole prospect of FREEDOM, which is the underlying precept of the United States.  It’s the LIBERTY given by our Creator.  But the scare-mongers don’t believe in God either.

Mark Armstrong