Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Commentary – 29 January 2021

Greetings from Tyler,

This was a week of records, and news outlets are very impressed with them. Not high temperatures to bolster the climate crisis theology, but that’s coming. Not only does every report begin with important Covid claptrap, but all records for executive orders have been smashed by a factor of ten. You don’t want to know the details, and neither do I.

It wasn’t long ago that executive orders were relatively few. Even the fake messiah claimed un-Constitutional executive orders were useless. That is, until he enacted some of them in complete contradiction to his own earlier statements. First it was impossible, then it was urgent. You want logic? Sorry.

The new orders, designed to erase evidence of the last four years immediately if not sooner, have come in a flurry “we’ve never seen before from any president.” That’s a phrase the mainstream anchors used to express their abhorrence and outrage at the very existence of Donald Trump and his supporters. Guesswork would conclude the anchors are no longer miffed at “unprecedented” presidential actions, now that they’re aimed in the “right” direction.

Sometimes you’ve got to wonder whether the “mainstream,” to include most conservative outlets, has scanned the Bible to find out what really infuriates the Creator God, and then intentionally institutes policies designed to do just that. Conservatives have decided to go along with what they believe to be inconsequential issues, figuring there are bigger fish to fry and that it’s not worth getting bogged down in arguments over something the media has already determined to be virtuous.

Included in the blizzard of orders coming out of the American seat of power is the policy that people who have declared themselves (however temporarily) other than the gender they were born have complete access to the competitive sports of their choice. Nobody can say, “But you’re a male, and this is girl’s soccer or swimming or track.” Nope, that would be “unfair discrimination” against the pretender’s Constitutional protections of equal treatment.

They really need to produce a television show (it would have to be a sit-com) to play out how this military decision will work. We have no idea how many camera-ready trans-gender types there are to play in some new adaptation of Gomer Pyle, but it would be anything but funny. Maybe you’ve seen photographs of Dr. Rachel whoever it is. Not what you’d consider attractive, whether male or female. That’s a problem. None of these bent genders are the least bit attractive, by any standards anywhere. In fact, most are downright revolting. No disrespect intended.

But that won’t matter going forward. Women’s sports is about to become a freak show. There’s not too much to worry about on the men’s side of sports, whether it be High School, college or professional. Biological women, with few exceptions, cannot measure up to the male musculature. That may be unfortunate, but it is true. Nevertheless, women’s sporting competitions are about to be overrun by ugly dudes who identify as girls with big muscles. It’s just one more thing to lament in this new world of utter nonsense.

To the extent we look the other way, and sacrifice the futures of biological females, dare we say girls, who dedicated their young lives to being the best they could at some discipline or other, we all may be liable for the spectacle playing out. God’s Word says plainly, over and over, Old Testament and New, how He reacts to such folly. He’s not amused in the least. America, stand by. You’re being turned into Trannysilvania. Better not laugh when these beauties are trotted out to lecture you in kindergarten-speak. Your acceptance must be complete! There will be no snickering!

Mark Armstrong

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