Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Commentary – 27 August 2021

Greetings from Tyler,

This might have been our worst week since the terrorists knocked down the World Trade Center. The extent of this humiliation will reverberate around the world.  The vaunted United States has lost stature with enemies and allies alike

One image you’ll never get out of your head is a former President bowing before Muslim bigwigs.  Would it be wrong to suspect it’s just happened again, more meaningfully this time?

Now we, through our projected intelligence and military powers, have awarded a hated terrorist enemy modern military capability.  How is it possible that this reality is on parade for all to see?  It apparently pays in spades to be an enemy of the United States.  These guys, too ugly for the cabbage patch collection though there is a certain resemblance, have every American artifact of war.  We left it for them.  The explanation will be that it was left for the “Afghan army” and was supposed to prevent everything we’ve seen.  As it is, the Afghan army was a mirage.  Contrary to every pronouncement of our generals over the years, they weren’t about to stand up to their Muslim brothers.  Somebody should have known that, and surely did.  Now they’ve got everything from Black hawk helicopters, rifles with night scopes, grenade launchers, every description of vehicle by the thousands and light attack airplanes.  They reportedly also have a database identifying all those who worked with the United States.  Maybe that explains some of the desperation outside Kabul airport.

You can forget the old adage about not negotiating with terrorists.  Even the official spokesmen admit that their plans rely on the cooperation of the beauties now in charge.  But they’ve let thousands of criminals, terrorist types, out of jail.  ISIS was a thing of the past, but not anymore.  Somebody left the gate open and the worst human beings on earth are on the loose.   Imagine the reaction of American soldiers who sacrificed themselves for some bygone goal.  Nothing of what is now transpiring was on the radar of the media.  It’s a train wreck that’s too gruesome to dwell on.  Too shocking to the American sensibility, it is simply incomprehensible.

Current leadership has managed to offend all parties.  The Afghan people have certainly lost respect and there’s no word in the Taliban dialect, but let’s just say they’re not our friends.  America is taking it on the chin in the foreign press.  What’s going on is painfully obvious to everyone in the world save our mainstream press, and they’ve started to waver.  We Americans are dumbstruck, but let’s not get carried away.  A spokesperson will appear shortly to blow your mind.

Those in charge and their spokespeople are putting a brave face on this worldwide catastrophe.  It won’t be the last time.  We’re in for a long ride of perfectly explainable disasters.  Any sign of love of country will be ridiculous.  The shame of the Afghan exercise has already spread across the globe and the consequences are inevitable.   Watching the world’s superpower cower in fear before this bunch of goat ropers is a humiliation we didn’t deserve.  We’re not used to seeing our military on the run, responding to threats and demands from guys like these, or anybody else.  But then, when was the last time you saw an American president bury his face in his hands and maintain the pose?

We’re supposed to be breathing a huge sigh of relief that a shipment of Afghans has arrived in Texas.  It’s good that they got out if marked for death by the inbred automatons.  There was apparently no place in all the Middle East they could have gone.  Someplace they spoke the language, shared a culture and fit right in.  We’re glad they weren’t subjected to the legendary brutality of the Taliban.  But things will be strange in Houston.

While the Pentagon was worrying over their worldwide gay pride celebrations, the Taliban was taking over.  Is this how things are going to go?  Allies weren’t kept in the loop and couldn’t get the principals on the phone as everything fell apart.  Our leadership is being savaged by overseas outlets.  There are calls for resignation, but then you have to consider the line of succession.

For a minute it looked like the United States might be pulled out of the nosedive we were in.  Americans were scared to death of a nuclear exchange with North Korea if you’ll remember.  We were acutely concerned with Iran, not to mention China.  It appeared as if we had qualified individuals in place who were able to manage these threats on the nation’s behalf.  That all changed with the suspect presidential election of 2020.

The mainstream media helped bring all this about.  While they’re lamenting the situation in Afghanistan, trying to find some coherent explanation and deflect blame… do they think we were born yesterday?  Did we not sit through their false accusations, their breathless reporting on the bogus investigations and two impeachment attempts?  The media is ultimately responsible for the disaster we’re watching, while they pretend to be innocent “reporters.”

They collectively snuffed out that glimmer of hope.  It was death by a thousand cuts, and they made it up as they went along.  Maybe America didn’t deserve to be saved.  This is what happens when a nation turns its back on God, denies His existence and flaunts the breaking of His Laws.  God is not mocked, and a heavy price will be required.


Mark Armstrong