Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Commentary – 23 July 2021

Greetings from Tyler,

We all knew this would happen. Russia’s about to change the whole strategic equation by racing to the North Pole. It’s also a perfect time for the Chinese to make their move on Taiwan. Everything involving America’s interests is in reverse.

An announcement was made involving the U. S. exit from Afganistan. It looks like it is being handed over to the Taliban. They’ll surely be benevolent caretakers until a peaceful democracy can be established (cough, choke!).

The embarrassments are now nearly every day. Someone needs to take better care of the one they’re calling president. He keeps embarrassing everybody, but never seems to notice. Maybe it’s not true, but I get the idea that he’s playing Jimmy Stewart, but the stammer has gotten out of hand.

Dr. Fauci made huge news this week when he pointed both fingers at Senator Paul and barked, “You don’t know what you’re talking about!” It turns out “gain of function” has nothing to do with taking an animal virus and altering it so that humans can be infected. That’s not “gain of function” research, and nobody knows what they’re talking about except Fauci. And he often changes his mind, which he’s entitled to do. You wouldn’t understand.

Unfortunately for the most famous Dr. on earth, his critics have the goods. They have the urgent messages he was sending in the middle of the night, trying to get out in front of the revelations he knew were coming. For a while he was basking in the great fame of being the great Corona virus whisperer. He, and he alone could divine the right approach to staying healthy, whether you’re elderly or just a toddler. He’s still dishing out ruinous ideas, hoping governors will mandate them.

Did you see what happened in France last weekend? Macron thought it would be a good idea to block entry to restaurants and bars unless the potential patron can produce paperwork showing that they’re “safe.” Downtown Paris was choked with tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of people in protest. We’ve seen nothing of the sort in this country, or any of the other formerly free nations of the West.

The vain Dr. couldn’t have lost his cool at a more appropriate moment from our perspective. Check out the cover of the new 21st Century WATCH. Remember that Proverb about pride? It still applies, as the good Dr. is finding out. Governor Cuomo might be in for a tumble too.

The letter has just gone to print, and it’s impossible to cover much of what’s ailing earth’s societies. We didn’t even mention the new lock-down that’s been implemented in whole provinces of Australia, or the insanity that’s gripped the UK or Canada. They’re freaking out about the dreaded virus, again. If the virus dies out, the authors of mandates become irrelevant. So here they come. They’ve got variants you never heard of, at least until the letter arrives.

There’s enough health advice to ruin countless lives, which has already been done on the flimsiest of whims, but with towering authority. We hope those so fervently looking out for us are enjoying themselves. The aftermath may not be what they’re expecting.

Mark Armstrong