Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Commentary – 23 April 2021

Greetings from Tyler,

The Dreaded Third Wave!  (With several more coming)

Canadian Lockdown has teeth!

Australian Freedoms Withdrawn

America, well forget it ever happened


That hidden video of the CNN technical director told us part of what we need to know.  At present, the news is wall to wall with COVID reports.  They think we’re not overhearing about it all day every day.  What will they do when a sizable percentage of the population declines their “vaccine”?  Though it’s not mainstream news, a large segment of the public is having second thoughts about “taking their turn.”

Maybe the commercials will work.  We’ve got them all over the internet, radio and television.  “Do your part!”  “Plan to be ready when it’s your turn.”  The masters of the universe simply will not rest until everybody has submitted to their shots.  Not just one shot.  It will take two, maybe three before you’re “safe.”  Even after you’ve submitted to the shots, don’t think you can just go somewhere without a mask on your face.  You might need two.

If we’d not seen it with our own eyes, we’d never have believed that people would bow down to the likes of the tiny doctor.  Following his guidance would have you going in several directions at the same time.  But he’s very sure of himself, and doesn’t understand any criticism at all.  Not surprisingly, it goes right over his head, which isn’t saying a whole lot.

Anyway, the British are finding out that their nonsensical effort to “save the planet” is in conflict with many species that call the North Sea home.  The racket and vibrations emitted underwater interferes with whales’ navigation.  Migratory birds are knocked or blown out of the air by the very turbines designed to save the planet.  Underwater cables that carry power ashore interfere with critters that live down there.  Some of those critters are food for other critters, and the off-shore windfarms threaten the whole ecosystem.  How’s that for saving the planet?

British legislators know something about all this, having been briefed.  But they’re intent on
“saving the planet” anyway.  If it results in the deaths of whales, migratory birds and the creatures that make a living at the bottom of the sea, they presumably think that’s an acceptable price.  But you, dear reader, are not authorized to hear of any of this.  You think the mainstream news would report such a thing?  Not on your life.

But “renewable energy” in the form of wind turbines appears to be on its way out, in of all places, Germany.  The nation was way out front on saving the planet with wind turbines.  But there are, shall we say, problems.  The only way a wind turbine pays for itself is with government subsidies, no matter where on earth it is located.  It will never produce enough energy to pay for its manufacture, transport, installation and maintenance.  Its miserable life may be ended prematurely, in which case it must be removed and scrapped and another monstrosity put in its place.  Scrapping a wind turbine is no easy, or cheap, feat.  But it sure does feel good (to imbeciles) to drive by a wind farm and believe that the planet is being saved.  Like everything else these days, it makes no sense.  You know something is amiss when Germany is quietly exiting the wind-farm debacle.

Having just written the monthly letter, depression is starting to set in.  The “news” is simply intolerable.  Our national leaders seem to hate the United States at least as much as our enemies, maybe more.  The new UN Ambassador despises America and insists white supremacy is folded into our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  China, Russia, Iran and North Korea have gone back on offense, and the puppet’s advisors have even worse things to say about us.

We’re in a type of captivity right now.  Domestic captivity, and it is being carried out by the big corporate entities and applauded by the government.  Can we boycott them all?  Or can they afford to run us all off?  Surely none but the most radical can put up with much more authoritarianism from these corporations determined that we all take a knee, to BLM, to COVID-19, to the social media bosses or the government.  They think they’re god, but they’ll find out otherwise.  Sooner or later.

Mark Armstrong