Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Commentary – 22 January 2021

Greetings from Tyler,

For those of us who have avoided the unfolding spectacle, it’s been quite a peaceful week.  We’ve found ways of keeping up without having to go through the emotional upset of watching the insanity play out.  We asked for it, they tell us. They’ll probably never report that the impossible outcome means that some 15 million like gibberish more than the fake One.  But the media hasn’t noticed, or seen fit to inform, whatever audience is left to note that embarrassing tidbit.

We said we’re not giving up, and we’re not.  Nobody has any idea what will unfold in the weeks and months ahead.  Let the would-be overlords celebrate.  Chances are they’ll reap the whirlwind, one way or the other.  God hates vain haughtiness, and the media is drowning in it.  Maybe they think it will all be their way from here on out.  It won’t.

For now, they control all the levers of power.  Enemies of Americans are now in control of the government, social media, the big corporations, you name it.  How bad will it get before some return to sanity?  Remember, patience is a virtue.  If you look at what it took to secure this nation, or what it has taken to preserve it, you know that things often look very dark before the dawn.  We’re hoping it doesn’t get too much darker.

But it might.  When it does, don’t lose hope.  Maybe our faith is being tested.  We know where our faith lies and it’s not in human leaders, no matter how entertaining.  It is entirely possible that not enough credit was given where it was due.  As much as we may have enjoyed the brash braggadocio, maybe it didn’t play well upstairs.  We’ll find out someday.

In the meantime, let us worship God, the Author of everything good, and let Him work this out as He sees fit.  Let us not descend into the insanity of this world and its vain liars.  But let’s not lose our heads either.  Throw a fit now and again, but be careful about it.  God’s got this.  For further commentary, see this month’s letter.  It’s written and will be mailed early next week.

Mark Armstrong


P.S.  We’ve embarked on a television ad campaign for 21st Century WATCH, having bought a package on One America News.  It started this week, and so far, we have approximately 100 new subscribers to the publication.  We won’t send them the monthly letter, unless they go on to order material offered within the pages.  People won’t necessarily know about our belief in the weekly Sabbath or the annual Holy Days from having seen the spot.  But reading any issue of ours should remedy that.  We will include the commercial on this week’s Sabbath DVD, so you can see it there.  Just because it looks like everything is circling the drain doesn’t mean we’re about to give up free speech or the commission God gave to His church.  We might need a lawyer, and if so, so be it.  We’ll continue using whatever means are available to communicate.  And they said print was dead!  That was before we realized the power that they’ve taken to themselves, assuming everything is digital.