Mark Armstrong’s Weekly Commentary – 16 April 2021

Greetings from Tyler,

The pope is once again proving that he embraces communism as “perfect Christianity.”  He says the disciples shared all things in common, and there you go.  That is his justification for communist leanings.  He should have sung harmony on John Lennon’s Imagine record.  But it’s doubtful he can sing.  Even Lennon reportedly outgrew his fanciful lyrics.  But not the pope.

Russia is amassing troops and tanks on Ukraine’s border, while conducting military exercises in the Black Sea.  There are reports that the fraudulent president has called back two Navy ships that were on their way.  Putin has closed the straits that would have had to be navigated if American ships were to have entered the Black Sea.  Get used to it.  America’s military is going to be backing down from any hint of conflict as long as we have to endure the current regime.

If Russia decides to annex Ukraine it looks as though nothing will be done.  Germany is not going to get involved.  It went forward with plans for the Nordstream 2 gas pipeline for energy against the advice of President Trump, so Russia has undisputed leverage over Germany.  As an aside, Angela Merkel failed to live up to her promise of increased funding for Germany’s part in NATO, which remained a major bone of contention for the Trump administration.  With Germany compromised by its energy needs, NATO can’t be expected to intervene.

Vladimir Putin is apparently aware that no one will stop him from taking Ukraine if that is indeed what he intends to do.  Half of Ukraine’s citizens are said to support Russian annexation anyway.  So, don’t be surprised when Ukraine becomes part of Russia.

You might remember any number of insider videos released by Project Veritas.  They nailed a lady from Planned Parenthood admitting over lunch that they sold aborted baby parts.  She said she was going to buy a Ferrari or Lamborghini or something.

Most recently they showed a CNN technical director saying he joined the network to help get Trump out of office.  He says they created the story claiming Trump’s hands were shaking out of whole cloth, and then brought in a batch of doctors and “experts” to speculate about what might be wrong with him.  That’s not all they did, and are still doing.  Anyone who watched the network over recent years knows that their homosexual anchors pushed the idea that Trump was crazy, racist and likely suffering some sort of dementia.  They called Trump supporters racist and uneducated all day and night.

One of their most aggressive “pundits” is gone without a trace.  What ever happened to Jeffrey Toobin after all?  We wish we didn’t know.  Without the constant determined effort, the guy on hidden video suspects Trump would still be president.  He said the next big push, once they’ve completely exhausted the last of their audience with Covid fear, will be “global warming,” or climate change as they’ve come to call it.  He actually said, “Fear sells.”  Maybe that should be their new tag-line, since we all know they’re not, “The Most Trusted Name in News.”  Not for a long time now.

If you’re brave enough to risk seeing what they’re doing on CNN, the technical director says that pictures of video of morose Polar bears and collapsing ice will be common on the “news” network.  They’ll try again to bamboozle us with this nonsense, and ridicule all who don’t buy in.  It seems CNN hates America, hates President Trump and reserves a special hatred for Trump supporters, all the while accusing us as being dangerous “haters.”  Antifa and BLM are justified in all that they do, whether attacking Police precincts, burning businesses or looting department stores.  If you don’t support what they’re doing, you might be a racist!

There are too many signs of the times in which we’re living to even scratch the surface.  But one of the most telling is the fact that corporations are falling all over each other to implement “mandates” of one kind or another.  There is all kinds of noise about the “vaccination passport,” and a movement to insist that an individual be able to prove they’ve had their shots before being able to fly or enter into an establishment where people are shopping.  That push actually predates the news that some people don’t respond well to being vaccinated.  It’s hard to know what to believe in this vortex of conflicting information, but some vaccines have been banned in Europe and one (J & J) has been “paused” in the United States due to the onset of blood clots.   We’re also told that they may be dangerous to some who have already been exposed to the virus and developed anti-bodies, possibly all without their knowledge.  Whatever the truth may be, don’t expect Dr. Fauci to tell it.  Especially if there’s any hint of returning to FREEDOM.  It would be the end of the fame and power he so enjoys.

What’s important from our point of view is that multinational corporate conglomerates are doing the government’s dirty work.  There’s no need for the government to implement un-Constitutional mandates if every big name in food, sports, transportation etc. requires proof that you’ve relinquished freedom for the privilege of being a consumer.  Will we ever taste freedom again?  If the Supreme Court is packed and the Electoral College eliminated, both of which are goals of our fraudulent masters, probably not.  Try to have a great Sabbath.  There is a much Higher Power!

Mark Armstrong