Mark Armstrong’s September 2018 Monthly Letter

 Dear Members and Coworkers, October 3, 2018 

Due to everyone having just returned home from the Feast of Tabernacles, this letter is about a week late. We had a few health scares, in Panama City Beach and in Kings Beach, but it looks like everyone will be okay. Other than that, our people had a joyous time that only comes around once a year, according to God’s instruction. 

We’ve all been suffering through the myriad of wild accusations that surfaced after the confirmation hearings for the nomination to the Supreme Court had concluded, and it’s no wonder. The cherished “VALUES” of political correctness are seen to be at stake, sooner or later. Shall we review the sacraments of the far-left? Abortion, same-sex marriage, unlimited immigration making deportation all but impossible, global warming and more. 

The left has gone radical, and they’d made such irreversible progress! They’d had such fun cramming their sacred values down the throats of Americans with the clout, not only of the Supreme Court, but also the mainstream media, big corporations, the European Union and social media. It explains, but doesn’t justify, the foam-flecked fervor with which they’ve gone to battle. And the tactics have become all but routine. 

False accusations have become the currency of the media. For two years and more we’ve suffered through the accusations leveled at President Trump. They’re too nasty for detail, but you’ve undoubtedly been exposed to them. Oh yeah, they were written in the infamous dossier, distributed throughout every government agency before being leaked to the “news” media. It seemed that we were finally about to get the documentation that exposed and proved the plot to destroy President Donald Trump, and then came hurricane Florence. No sooner had the rivers crested, and here came the onslaught of wretched, filthy stories about Judge Kavanaugh from his high school days in the early eighties. 

The Bible has something to say about “bearing false witness,” and what a perfect example of the misery wrought by this cardinal sin. The Proverbs have numerous passages about “the lying tongue” and what a raging fire is kindled by that little member, how it cuts to the innermost being and so on. All politics you say? Hardly. 

The would-be socialists thought they’d already defeated America. Soon, it would be a crime to deny man-made global warming. It would be an illegal offense to condemn homosexuality, or for that matter to offend a queer person (had to amend that). You wouldn’t dare oppose a woman’s “reproductive rights” without being drummed out of polite society, perhaps charged with a hate crime. You’d have to wear the mark of “RACIST” if you dared suggest that tens of millions could not invade America’s heartland without damage. The Bible had become contraband, not only on college campuses but in the culture of the U. S. military. If you doubt anything in this paragraph, search your gizmo. 

That’s what this is all about. They blared, “It’s the LAW of the Land!” on gay marriage because of a flawed, political decision by the Supreme Court. The Court was front and center, using the Separation of Church and State to outlaw prayer, any mention of God or reference to the Bible in schools, courthouses and practically every public place. They’d tried to make it illegal to refuse participation in queer marriage if you 

owned and operated any kind of service business. But the ultimate sacrament of the would-be communists is abortion. They want it available and legal right up to partial birth, and now there’s a chance that could change some day, sooner or later. 

So in their eyes it’s only right that they should attack their perceived foes, at least verbally, in restaurants, airports, the Senate office building, wherever they can get at them. And they have no shame! Except they like to show up as a group, chanting vile slogans or just screaming “SHAME” over and over again. Who are these goofballs, and why do they try to conceal their identities? In a lot of cases they’re government employees. In others they’re paid members of one of George Soros’ foundations. And it’s getting uglier by the minute. There have been several instances of white powder envelopes sent to certain Senators and even one addressed to the President himself. What won’t they do? 

One of these socialist activists already shot up a baseball diamond, trying to kill off the whole Republican caucus, very nearly killing the honorable Steve Scalise who’s had his life permanently blighted by near fatal injuries. We can expect more actions by Antifa, damaging property, terrorizing people and blocking traffic. They’re trying to get someone to retaliate physically so they can claim victim-hood! They love to be the victims. Just look at Christine Ford. Surely she’s the victim of something, but not Judge Kavanaugh. This thing gets messy, and that’s just how the media wants it. Don’t they love to repeat the unfounded accusations over and over and over again? The mainstream media absolutely revels in it. They can’t get enough. They spew unfounded, uncorroborated, false accusations as if the fact that someone says something makes it “news.” The concept of innocence until proof of guilt, which they are quick to give every murderer, is completely out the window. It is a basic premise of western civilization, spelled out in the Magna Carta as well as our Constitution. But it means nothing when socialist sacraments are at stake. 

One thing’s for sure. The lives of the Judge, his wife and little girls, perhaps the lives of all who’ve been subjected to this spectacle of “bearing false witness” will carry the scars to the grave, just as those of us alive at the time will never, ever forget the “high tech lynching” visited upon Justice Thomas back in the eighties. How dare he be a black conservative? They smeared his name, got it written in the public records and attached a wretched lie to his name for all time. It’s what they do. And the media and craven politicians love to shovel this manure under the guise of towering righteousness. 

It kind of reminds one of the progressive, thoroughly modern and oh so politically correct pope, does it not? He and his scarlet adorned cardinals traipse around with their hands held in steeples while involved in the most heinous of crimes against trusting children. It’s not speculation or false accusation, these freaks are the real deal, proven time and time again by witnesses, REAL victims in courts of law. But the pope acts like he and his corrupt organization are the real victims. He had the audacity to call upon his flock to pray against the Devil, who roams the world looking to accuse holy men. He, the pope, is involved in nearly every great deception of this modern era. He, like the devil himself, would like to bring down Western civilization and everything good that has come of it. He wants us drowning in third-world blight, and has had his part in the gradual destruction of European culture. He’s made apology for insults to the LGBTQrstuvwxyz community. He’s made global warming a doctrine of Christianity. In short, he’s turned good and evil upside down just as the prophets predicted for the times in which we live. 

We live in a world ruled by deception. The truth is a rare commodity, banned by governments, ignored by mainstream media outlets and criminalized by political correctness. Standing for truth is dangerous and not many are up to the task. Thank God Almighty for this fleeting opportunity to cry aloud and spare not under what may be only a temporary revival of Divine protection. We won’t waste it.


Mark Armstrong