Mark Armstrong’s News Commentary – 10 September 2021

Greetings from Tyler,

They’ve finally done it.  It had to be done to derail the pending lawsuits.  The definition of “vaccine” and “vaccinated” have been altered by the CDC to suit the narrative all mainstream parties have agreed upon.  We always assumed a “vaccine” was a tiny sample of the disease in question, maybe a “dead” sample, to alert the body’s immune system and develop defensive mechanisms.  Since the vaccine purports to tackle COVID-19 by other means, instead of explaining how the mysterious concoction works they’ve just changed the definition to avoid the conversation.  And they get to keep calling it a vaccine.

It seemed a little strange that as soon as they rolled out the “vaccine,” there was an immediate surge in infections, hospitalizations and dire sickness.  Israel has one of the highest vaccination rate of any nation. They’re also reportedly suffering an outbreak of COVID that is one of the worst on earth.  Maybe they should behave like Australia and just lock everybody down.  Not everybody everywhere, just the big cities on the east Coast.  Places like Sydney and Brisbane.  Call the police if you see somebody too far from their house, or marauding maskless.

It’s mindboggling to see police in the free world wrestling people to the ground for no reason other than a peaceful protest.  Aren’t protests allowed?  Yes, but those people were in violation of COVID restrictions!  If you see what’s transpired already you’ll be shocked.  Apparently, we’re going to get in line for everything the experts say, or they’ll try to deny everything they can.  If you took the shot for whatever reason, we hope it does no harm.  But there are cases where harm has been almost immediate and irreversible.  Maybe it’s a low percentage statistically, but since when do Americans relinquish God-given freedoms because some bureaucrat has decreed it using “official” statistics to hammer the uncooperative?

If the shot is such a miracle, why won’t everybody at the agencies that demand we take it, take it themselves?  That just might be a problem.  What about star athletes who are saying they’re not about to sit still for demands or mandates that might affect them physically.  Are sports franchises going to fire their biggest drawing athletes over a urination contest (metaphorically speaking)?  We’ll see won’t we, assuming we can overcome both COVID and the impossible demands from “experts”?

What about the millions of people who’ve already contracted and overcome the evil virus?  Apparently, they don’t count.  They too have to get shots and papers to prove it.  Are the number who react badly too statistically small to be factored in?  Or are these, uh, dictatorial so and sos, so drunk on power that they think they can order us around?  Who works for whom?

How about the 900 pages that have been released, showing that the foremost intellect on earth (Dr. Fauci) was in on the creation of this mutated crud?  He argued for “increase of function” research, sent American taxpayers’ money to fund the “research.”  Apparently, mice with “humanized” cells were provided from the United States, and you know the rest.  Maybe it makes some sense that the mastermind should be the foremost expert on avoidance, but we’re not buying it.

We never expected that our own health and safety would be used as the excuse to introduce the United States to an authoritative police state.  But the decrees have been handed down by Executive Order to millions of Americans who will be directly affected.  Roll up your sleeve or else…

This assumes that those who opted to get the vaccine are in favour of everybody else being forced by Executive Order to do likewise. That’s a miscalculation.  The lawsuits are flying.  Even the association representing the officers of every Washington agency are threatening to sue, and they would likely be the enforcers of the edicts handed down yesterday.

The vaccine mandate is going to end up at the Supreme Court, as the losing party in any number of pending cases will take it up the ladder.  Maybe you’ve noticed that the Supreme Court has been less than reliable about upholding Constitutional rights.  There’s a chance that freedom will be upheld, but the big guy says this has nothing to do with liberty or personal freedom.  The courts will have to decide, and no telling how long it may take.

It is interesting that fresh off the globe-girdling disaster created in Afghanistan, that the big guy would come out with a Constitution-crushing order to get everybody excited about something other than those left behind, or the heinous acts the goat ropers commit without a second thought.  Let’s all worry about the vaccine orders, how about that.  Something indicates that the big guy didn’t even write the speech.  Maybe he doesn’t realize the firestorm that he’s ignited.  The words sounded like somebody else, who couldn’t get away with anything as obvious as this.

Tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of that horrendous day, September 11, 2001.  We’re seeing the reminders all over the place, Never Forget.  But that’s only partially true.  There is a major aspect of this thing that we must not remember.  That is those who perpetrated the slaughter.  In that case, never remember.  Have you seen anything about the hijackers in the heartfelt memorials?  Their names?  Their images?  No?  Probably that’s because the United States just surrendered to Islamic zealots dedicated to the same outcome as the terrorists who hijacked the airliners.  Never Remember who was responsible for all that death and extended suffering.  The current regime just put people just like them in the driver’s seat and gave them untold amounts of firepower and money.

Suddenly it looks like an alliance is forming,  China, Pakistan and Afghanistan.  We’ve already been terrorized with the China virus.  The Taliban has been staging in Pakistan all these years.  That’s why the outfit still exists.  We’ve got treaties with Pakistan that prevented the eradication of the Taliban.  What a great time to go on offense against Americans.  You know, we bitter clingers.

Mark Armstrong