June 18, 2018

Dear Members and Coworkers,

Europe has been nearly invisible as far as American media has been concerned.  The economic crises (and there are several), rampant crime, anti-immigrant demonstrations, none of it fits into the diet of information they’ve chosen for us.  But that may be about to change.  It looks like the clash between the government of Angela Merkel and the state of Bavaria may result in the dissolution of her coalition.  The problem is, according to reports, no one is backing down.  Bavaria is Germany’s southern most district, and the one through which “immigrants” from the Middle East and Africa enter.  The interior minister, Horst Seehofer insists on limitations or at least the ability to refuse entry to some at the border.  Merkel says no.

The whole EU is in crisis, and has been for some years now.  You’ll remember the Greek economic meltdown, Italy, Spain and Portugal requiring emergency re-financing.  That was followed by the great migration of refugees out of the Middle East and northern Africa, and Mrs. Merkel seemed to encourage it.  But there have been elections in Italy, and now they’re turning away boatloads of refugees.  The claim is that the numbers coming to Europe have dropped sharply.  So much so that Bavaria only admitted 64,000 during the month of April 2018.  Only 64,000, but it may be the last straw.

Undergoing the effects of “austerity,” a condition of bailout loans, and seeing the effects of mass migration on their countries has brought about an electoral backlash most recently in Austria, Italy, and even in Germany.  It took months, and no doubt lots of concessions for Mrs. Merkel to cobble together enough support to finally form her majority government in Germany.  Now she’s got a rebellion on her hands that may lead to its collapse.  Many politicians across Europe, not for the first time, are worried that a collapse of the EU won’t be far behind that of the German government, if that’s how it plays out.  Maybe she should have thought of this before she swung Europe’s borders open to millions who could never assimilate.

We’ve heard it as long as any of us can remember.  “But the children!”  It’s a common ploy to condemn the current administration for not leaving the borders wide open, and something else too.  It seems there’s a last gasp effort by a bunch of lawmakers to get amnesty for millions (probably tens of millions if the truth was told) before they get out of town, many of them for good.  You may well know the outcome before you read this letter, as it is being written early this month due to logistical considerations.

They keep calling the child-care centers on the border “concentration camps.”  That’s perfectly in line with the accusation that President Trump is Hitler, and the most evil, racist to come on the scene in Washington.  But unless the scenes shown on the news in the last couple of days are hastily erected sets for propaganda purposes, the child-care centers on the border are probably the most modern, comfortable accommodations they’ve ever known.  Clean, air-conditioned sleeping areas, cafeteria style meals, and recreation rooms with lots of games in addition to outdoor activities.  You might have seen the “prison bus for babies,” outfitted with children’s car seats in every chair.  The mainstream news only got away with that ruse for a day or so before we found out that it was for day trips to the zoo.  Not only that, but the photo was taken during the Obama years, just like the one that purported to show “kids in cages.”  The latest contrived outrage is the baby pulled from his mother’s arms while she was breastfeeding.  But it turns out that wasn’t true either.  It’s more than a little curious that all this media outrage is perfectly timed to yank at our heartstrings when, from their point of view, the subject needs to be changed at all costs.

Suddenly, there’s a humanitarian crisis on the border and children are being callously separated from parents for indefinite periods of time.  Never mind the details, or whether the same thing happens every time an American parent is held on suspicion of a crime.  The success of the North Korean summit must be ignored, after having been wholly discounted as Trump having lavished U. S. credibility on a murderous regime and the dictator he secretly intends to become.

The joint agreement, described by a mainstream flagship as “a flimsy piece of paper” included a promise to “work toward complete de-nuclearization of the Korean peninsula.”  But never mind that.  Kim won, that’s how they see it.  He got notoriety and legitimacy, while Trump left the “human rights” issue out of the equation.  He didn’t just overlook the issue, he lavished praise on Kim.  He called him smart, worthy, and honorable, in spite of the brutal treatment Kim’s regime visits upon his own people.  Then he saluted a Korean military officer.  “What was he thinking?”  He made remarks about the love and fervor North Koreans have for their leader, and mainstream analysts wonder aloud whether he may want to employ dictatorial measures here, if for no reason other than to get the kind of adulation Kim enjoys.  That’s the mainstream take.  We’d hate to think what’s next if Kim’s playing games.

Those who would make our nation a gun-free, homosexual, trans-gender, open-border utopia, hate the Trump presidency, and all who support it (even grudgingly) with unquenchable passion.  What the country is beginning (finally) to find out is that the top federal law enforcement agencies do too.  We spelled out a rough draft of the situation in the December letter, sure that the information and proof of it in documentary form would be made available almost immediately.  But it wasn’t.  Not until last week did the IG report get released.  It will be a while before the nuances contained in 500 pages are sorted out.  But here’s the crux of it.  The investigators loved Hillary and hate Trump.  Their many internal communications prove that fact beyond all doubt.  The lead investigator in both the e-mail case and the Russia collusion fiasco promised Trump would never be president saying, “We’ll stop it.”  Maybe you’ve heard, the word retard as a noun is one of hundreds that the politically correct elite have declared banned from utterance.  Yet these fine professionals at the world’s premier law enforcement agency called all Trump supporters exactly that, retards.  But that’s not all.  They’re also lower middle-class, undereducated morons, and Trump himself is an idiot.  It was going to be President Hillary, and that was all there was to it.

As you read what they said, it’s clear that their hatred of Trump and any who would support him was all consuming.  There are plenty of passages that would lead the casual observer to conclude that indeed they were ready, able and willing to use any and all official powers at their disposal.  The report also proves that top law enforcement officials (at least a dozen) were accepting gifts of tickets to sporting events, golf outings and invites to private gatherings from reporters.  Who would have guessed the mainstream media must have had a cozy relationship with law enforcement people in the business of bringing down the President?  Funny how they had “breaking news” of the most sinister sort just before air time, night after night for over a year.  Nobody is named.  Not the reporters, media organizations or law enforcement agents.  But it might be interesting to know, someday, just exactly how all these coincidences managed to create over a year’s worth of fake news.  They must have been giddy at the time, creating the news night after night and watching the “experts” go ballistic

We hope you’ll get the CD we’re offering this month by Garner Ted Armstrong entitled A Christian Identity.  It’s not a popular concept in this environment.  And isn’t that just too bad.

Mark Armstrong