Mark Armstrong’s Monthly Letter October 2015

October 26, 2015

Dear Members and Coworkers,

This is our first monthly letter following this year’s very wonderful Feast of Tabernacles. We observe this Feast every year according to God’s command “throughout your generations, forever” as a reminder of ancient Israel’s years in “temporary dwelling places” in the wilderness, a reminder that our human bodies are temporary dwelling places, and as a foretaste of the peace and prosperity to come upon earth when God establishes His Kingdom after the return of Christ.

Occasionally, you’ll hear some religious leader, or even the pope, talking as if they are somehow “perfecting” God’s kingdom on this earth now. The truth is, we are living in times where evildoers run amok. Evil deeds are regularly perpetrated against innocent civilians, often in the name of religion! The one that leaps to mind most readily is the religion of Islam. But we’re seeing violence and the threat of much more, against police and against orderly society being committed according to the philosophy of “Black Lives Matter,” which is little more than the fruition of the “teachings” of Jeremiah Wright (Obama’s minister in Chicago for 20 years). “Not God bless the USA, God d— the USA!!” Yeah, that guy.

These groups harass and physically threaten even leaders and politicians who are trying to carry some of their water. Check the scene from just a couple of weeks ago where they menaced the Mayor of Los Angeles at a meeting he’d convened to discuss their concerns. He was “lucky” to have had barely enough security to allow him to be rushed back to his car where his safety was clearly in jeopardy from threatening thugs as he narrowly escaped the mob.

We have a president who defends the “Black Lives Matter” movement. “Given our history, they have legitimate concerns about police behavior in the black community,” or words to that effect. It’s gotten so ridiculous, that a riot nearly breaks out when somebody dares say, “All lives matter.” The left immediately freaks out when they hear that, not only because it seems to dilute their argument but also because they’re afraid it will be used as an argument for the protection of the unborn. And that’s a wholly heretic notion to “progressives” who have progressed far beyond any Laws God ordained. This bunch, the president included, say not a word when police officers are assassinated sitting in a cruiser or pumping fuel at a gas station. They don’t say a word about the dozens of gang related shootings and killings in their own precincts every week in big cities across the United States.

Here’s news for the pope, the racial protesters and the politicians. All lives DON’T matter. The lives of murderers, rapists and terrorists should be ended in the most efficient, cost effective way possible. For the pope to come over here and campaign against the death penalty just shows that he perceives his own philosophy to be more righteous than God. And that goes for a whole range of subjects, from homosexuality to the treatment of Muslim invaders as righteous refugees, to his communist leanings over God’s assertion that one should have to work in order to eat.

While we were preparing to observe the Feast of Tabernacles, Muslims were trampling each other to death in Mecca. Did you miss that little incident? The pope didn’t. He tipped his miter in introduction to the speech at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York when he expressed grief toward the “tragedy” that had just occurred at the haj in Mecca. That’s where the superiority of Muslim culture was on full display. Some 700 were actually stomped to death, religious Muslims trampling religious Muslims, and nearly two thousand were seriously injured. They worship “allah the merciful,” who has condemned all non-Muslims and all “wrong brand Muslims” to death, with sensual rewards for the killers.

Interesting that we Christians call upon God for protection against Muslims who would murder us all to glorify their god, and the pope says they worship the same God we do! It can only be a cynical ploy to soften up the Muslim world to accept the direction from the False Prophet in the future. How else could the One World religious leader described as the False Prophet in the book of Revelation gain sway over the vast populations of Muslims? If you’re paying any attention whatsoever to world events, you should know that the prophetic warnings of your Bible and of the Church of God are coming about. Look where we are! Our leaders appear to be intent on destroying the blessings of God by flooding our society with demanding hordes of heathens who have no concept of our laws, God’s Laws, or any respect for human life.

Europe is besieged with hundreds of thousands of ungrateful, demanding Muslims, and our president and his agencies want them brought here to the United States! First they said we’d take 10,000 “Syrian” refugees “at least”. Now speculation puts the number much higher. But most of them aren’t Syrian refugees at all! They’re angry young Muslim men from all over the Middle East, wreaking havoc everywhere they go.

American leadership has just legitimized the terrorist regime of Iran with an unbelievable “deal” which allows Iran to complete its nuclear program, and releases over 100,000,000,000 dollars into their coffers with which, experts universally agree, they will continue to export terror, orchestrate attacks against Israel and work toward domination of the Middle East. Sound unbelievable? Look it up, it’s true. The United States has pulled back and allowed Russia to establish a forward military base in Syria, which is allied with Iran. Russian president Putin is now operating with impunity in the Middle East, while America has lost the respect of allies and enemies alike. The pope is running around preaching “social justice,” global warming and showing no respect for God’s Laws whatsoever. He, together with leaders of the European Union and the president of the United States are on a mission to flood Western civilization with enemies of heathen beliefs in one move after another to move toward One World Government, with One World Religion and ultimately One World Currency. If this sounds like a description of the end-time scenario, it is!

Whether you look at the brutality that’s broken out all over the Middle East, to include the rash of knife and car attacks against Israeli civilians on a daily basis; the beheadings, burnings, kidnappings rape and torture by ISIS; the bloodthirsty demonstrations in Iran as the ayatollah demonstrates his ability to utilize intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear weapons. Whether you look at the evil fascism that has overtaken education, media and government, where you risk becoming a target for retribution if you dare recognize “global warming” or “climate change” to be the hoax that may ultimately curtail nearly all our civil liberties.

Amid all the worldwide insanity, the Christian world (along with practitioners of the dark arts) is primed to celebrate… EVIL. Isn’t it cute and scary? Some of the masks and costumes are as legitimately demonic as they can make them. Even the Dollar Store has a prominent selection of demons someone can emulate for the annual blowout. It’s not about cartoons and candy anymore. And the evil that has this world in its grip is as vicious and brutal as anything in history. It is high time somebody stood firmly for the Faith once delivered, embraced God’s Truth and His blessings for our safety and protection in the times that are upon us. Write or call for your free CD copy of Hallowed Evil, by Garner Ted Armstrong. By the way, in Australia, we omitted the offered sermon CD – “Judgment” – from last months letter. You can request that GTA sermon as well as this months “Hallowed Evil”.



Mark Armstrong