Mark Armstrong’s Monthly Letter – May 2017

May 23, 2017

Dear Members and Coworkers,

This letter was almost complete when devastating reports of the terrorist attack in Manchester, UK came in.  Some in media suspect it is Donald Trump’s fault, maybe for the words spoken in Riadh.  The son of Libyan “refugees” has been found to be the concert suicide bomber, who thought it would be a righteous act to deprive infidel children of their lives, and infidel families of their beloved children and grand-children.  The British kids who went to the concert in Manchester had dutifully gone through security, being searched and discarding banned items like water bottles and soft drinks.  A lot of good that did!  So called “security” is always searching all the wrong people, for all the wrong reasons, looking for “things that might be dangerous.”

The reality of this terrorist atrocity is completely beyond imagination.  We can’t even visualize the scene of a bunch of happy-go-lucky teenagers at the end of a pop-star concert being torn to shreds by flying nails and jagged shrapnel on their way out of the venue.  It was hard to watch the Police press conference telling the public they were “doing all they could to help the victims and their families” in this tragedy.  The obvious question might be, what were they doing to prevent the disaster in the first place, besides searching the kids on their way in to the concert?

Why do they still have thousands of identified threats within their midst in England?  Why are there hundreds of thousands of similar threats holed up in Europe and the United States?  Why are “security services” making life miserable for airline passengers and concert audiences while Mohammeds and Abdullahs and Salman Abedis (name of Manchester bomber) roam free at the expense of their victims?  What are the police and security services doing to prevent the next mass murder, besides lecturing us all about the benefits of multiculturalism and the sin of discrimination?

In England, they’re helpless.  They’ve been disarmed by a government that fears “things” rather than murderous monsters, or “losers.”  The Brits and most of the European populations are utterly defenseless and unable to respond against any tactic the terrorists might employ, other than to make an emergency phone call to the “authorities” who’ve rendered them helpless.  ISIS, of course “took credit” for the attack, and promised the next one will be another car ramming of pedestrians.  No citizen will be able to disable that vehicle or its operator, but they’ll have their phones ready to record the event or its aftermath.

Meanwhile the UN refugee resettlement committee and the European Union are trying to shame the Brits into accepting another 10,000 “refugees.”  This morning, the day after twenty some odd were killed and another fifty some odd maimed for life, Brits have to be wondering whether they have greater empathy for the murderous strangers in their land or their own kin, blown to bloody bits by a son of Libyan “refugees.”  Any repercussions that might fall on those heathens, weaned on a steady diet of murderous hatred for westerners and Jews will bring marches of protesters carrying signs decrying “Islamophobia” and hatred.  All recognition of reality has virtually been banned by “politically correct” politicians and their boosters in media.  But whatever happens, regardless of the never ending reign of terror, don’t send the poor darlings home.  That would be cruel, heartless, probably racist and discriminatory too!  And above all, don’t hurt their “feelings” or insult them!

The offer this month, available for the asking, is a message by Garner Ted Armstrong that holds relevance to a great deal of everything that pulls and tugs at our attention and emotions at this volatile point in the annals of American history and world events.  Wrath of Man (CD) is the title, and it uses plenty of scriptural verification and logic to show that the phenomenon rarely if ever results in the fulfillment of God’s will.  It contains a broad array of lessons pertinent to several issues in play right now.  Certainly we’re seeing an abundance of man’s wrath from the Muslim fanatics that want to kill us all.  We see it from the Iranian Mullahs who want to burn Israel to the ground.  We see it from the little dictator in Pyongyang who dreams of vaporizing whole societies.  We see the angry hatred in the mainstream media reaction to the outcome of the presidential election and everything the new administration sets out to do.  Breathless TV presenters eat and breathe impeachment, desperately hoping to decapitate the executive branch before further damage is done to the open borders, multicultural Utopia that would guarantee a government-dependent majority forever.

The nations’ leading media outlets openly gnash their teeth, stoking suspicions of treason and numerous other high crimes, to their own detriment.  Public figures in media, having carefully cultivated reputations of professionalism, just can’t contain themselves.  “He could take a ____ on his desk and you’d defend him,” the “gay” prime-time anchor said to one of the very few on America’s Most Trusted News Network who dares offer alternate explanations to the impeachment hopefuls.

At this writing, the President is in the middle of his first foreign trip since taking office.  It will be his last, if the mainstream media and its allies get their way.  Hopefully, you saw some of the festivities in Saudi Arabia Live or at least the subsequent coverage.  He was received with pomp and ceremony reflecting the enthusiasm of his hosts for the fact that the United States is back, wielding power and influence in this region that has been left to its worst instincts for at least eight years.  Whether the hero’s welcome the president received, his conduct and speech in the Saudi Kingdom will do anything to blunt the accusation that he’s an unrepentant racist and anti-Muslim bigot remains to be seen.  But the Saudis are clearly relieved that new American leadership understands and appreciates the danger Iran poses to them, to Egypt, Jordan and Israel, not to mention Yemen and everywhere they finance terror.

Former president Obama supported Iran’s Ayatollah-led regime by ignoring those threats, curtailing sanctions and sending them a planeload of currency giving them over a billion dollars for signing a “deal” he wanted desperately.  During Donald Trump’s Riadh speech in the massive rotunda of huge chandeliers, he said that the U. S. wasn’t lecturing the Muslim Middle East about what to do or how to live, then went on to tell them to drive out those who support, preach or endeavor to practice terror in the name of the Islamic religion.  “Drive them out.  Drive them out of your holy land.  Drive them out of this earth.”  Call it a new tone on the subject.

He called on the assembled leaders of fifty Muslim nations to deny sanctuary to terrorists and to participate with the United States in a “joint effort” to eliminate the worldwide scourge of terror.  You may have seen some disinterested expressions on the faces of the delegates, as well as the Saudi Crown Prince.  That’s because they know they’ve been funding mosques and other entities whose mission is to spread Sharia globally, including incidents of violent terrorist attacks.

But the networks hated having their Road to Impeachment coverage interrupted.  “Unfit for office.”  “Unhinged.”  “Lying liar.”  “A complete moron!”  “The White House is in Crisis.” Anonymous sources have been starring in the headlines of America’s leading newspapers telling of an administration in crisis and total chaos.  They claim that the illegitimate braggart blurted out Top Secret information in his meeting with the two Russian diplomats in the Oval Office, and he did it on the very day after he fired F. B. I. Director Comey who was in charge of the “Russian Collusion” investigation!  The papers, which feed all the mainstream outlets on the internet and cable news, have another anonymous source “close to Comey” who claims that a “memo” was written by the Director claiming Trump said, “I hope you can let this go…he’s a good man,” in regard to the investigative pursuit of Mike Flynn, Trump’s original choice to be National Security Advisor.

“Obstruction of justice.  An impeachable offense!”  Trump tried to shut down the investigation into Mike Flynn and the “Russian Collusion” story just before he was implicated, according to breathless reporting around the clock.  Networks couldn’t wait to cut away from live feeds from the overseas trip so they could remind their audience that all the diplomacy being witnessed was taking place under the dark shadow of troubles potentially fatal to the Trump administration.

            One Voice, is the answer that should be given to every huffing, puffing anchor, reporter and politician who cries about “foreign interference in America’s democratic process.”  One Voice is the international activist outfit, reportedly funded by the Obama administration with taxpayer monies forwarded through the U. S. State Department to defeat Benjamin Netanyahu in the last round of Israeli elections.  There was no mainstream media outrage that Israel’s “sacred electoral process” had been infiltrated by a foreign power.  But that was Obama.  Things are mighty different when it comes to the coverage of President Trump.

By the time you read this letter, the president and his delegation will have met the pope at the Vatican and gone to Europe to check in with the European Union.  Hopefully the globalist, socialist pontiff will get his face rubbed into what just happened at the hand of his beloved “refugees” in Manchester.  What are the chances that the elite masters of the EU or at the Vatican will have their views altered even one whit by the unfolding terrorist carnage?

We believe these represent the crucial players in the prophetic roundup, though they don’t yet fit the full description.  Other presidents have tiptoed across the border to Canada or to Mexico.  This one saw fit to barge in to the heart of the world’s three monotheistic religions.  Mecca, the holy of holies to Muslims, is in Saudi Arabia, Trump’s first stop.  From there he made the world’s first direct flight from Riyadh to Israel, where he became the first president to pray at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.  What might he have prayed?

From there he’s proceeding to the Vatican to meet with a pope who speaks and behaves more like an advocate for homosexuality, open borders and global socialism than the leader of the world’s largest “Christian” church.  What Trump has in common with Jorge Mario Bergoglio (the pope’s real name) is not clear.  Maybe it will just be a call for peace, something virtually unknown wherever the pope’s beloved refugees have been located.  Hopefully, the President will carry the conversation and show the most humble one an appropriate level of …respect.  But Trump is usually gracious, even toward his critics, and he’ll no doubt follow protocol.

It is interesting that the President has chosen to dive headlong into the most fractious tangle on earth, right to the heart of Islam, Judaism and (catholic) Christianity.  Add in the European Union in Brussels, where refugees have become as sacrosanct as say, abortion and trans-bathrooms are to the left in the United States.  It’s all about “empathy” and who “cares the most” for the “poor and down-trodden.”  At the rate things are proceeding, even under the leadership of a president who wants the purveyors of terror driven “out of this earth,” our kids and grandkids have a world of terror to look forward to.  They need the lessons of history, of pragmatic reality, of God’s Laws and their consequences if there is to be any hope of a peaceful future.  But sooner or later, the world will once again reverberate with a war where there are no “good guys” or righteous causes, and all life on earth is threatened.  The players are not yet aligned, but it’s hard to imagine that’s not where all this is headed, toward the fulfillment of Bible prophecy.


Mark Armstrong