Mark Armstrong’s Monthly Letter – June 2020

June 19, 2020

Dear Members and Coworkers,

Media outlets are beside themselves about a “second wave.” They are, along with tyrannical governors and mayors, threatening another “shutdown.” Some states and cities have still not “re-opened.”  Others are insisting that there are “rules,” you know, ORDERS that we must obey if we are to operate among society at all. The local news here in East Texas explained this morning that individuals won’t be fined or jailed for refusing to wear a mask. But businesses will be fined a thousand dollars for each infraction of allowing customers entry who refuse to wear masks or follow “social distancing guidelines.” It’s a little maddening that they’ve invented new sayings and expressions that we’re all supposed to have on the tip of our tongues. The news is replete with the new lingo. You can’t go a full minute without being reminded of the new politically correct language we have to speak. You think they’ll ever give it up?

You have to wonder if they’ll ever get over the powers the “pandemic” has allowed them. It looks like they won’t. Will they extend this nonsense for the rest of our lives? Is this what freedom has come to? The “news” seems to exist in order that every red-blooded American (assuming there are some left) have a guilt trip laid upon them. They tell us we’re all racist, and the fact that we deny it is just further proof of how guilty we are. Hollywood celebrities are crying and begging forgiveness for things they never did or even thought of. That’s how powerful the mob has become. It looks like every formerly venerable institution is ready to take a knee, issue an apology, and let’s face it, just lie down for the mob lest the gangs and anarchists burn everything to the ground.

Is it because they actually think they are guilty of all the accusations being hurled in the faces of every patriotic American? Or is it that they hope to placate the mob in the hopes of returning to normal business some day? From the NFL to NASCAR to the NBA and even the PGA, it looks like submission to the mob is more contagious than the holy virus. It does seem like a godless religious belief. We don’t know when, if ever, there will be any spectator sports. It looks like the “pandemic” is the best thing that ever happened to the protesters, the looters, the raging mob that apparently lurks just below the surface of every city in America.

Maybe the most painful part of watching these lawless episodes play out over recent weeks is the realization that there are thousands, maybe tens of thousands who would rob you blind, hit your elderly mother over the head and burn everything in sight, and feel good about it. The mainstream news is twitterpated with the mob. They spend countless hours lecturing us about the righteousness of their “anger.” It is reminiscent of the endless explanations for the terrorism that grips the Middle East. These people are MAD, and their anger is righteous. They say we have to understand their anger and share in it! The only way to do that is to “accept responsibility” and apologize for things that have nothing to do with us.

What we have here is a full-blown attempt to “transform America.”  You remember, Obama’s calling. What we really need to apologize for is being a citizen of a nation envisioned and brought about with the direct assistance of God Almighty. You want to see them go ballistic? Tell them God had something to do with the formation of our nation. Tell them how He intervened repeatedly in situations that were critical to our foundation!

The mob is now tearing down statues of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Christopher Columbus, of all people. They’re burning them when possible, or just burning a flag draped over their toppled likenesses. We don’t idolize them or worship them. But without a few of those individuals who sought the help of God and received His miraculous interventions on numerous occasions, there would have been no United States of America. It’s our national history, and it’s worth knowing about. But the mob is offended. They’re angry enough to rewrite history and try to besmirch if not destroy the memory of every historical figure who wasn’t “righteous” enough to live up to their modern standards of political correctness. It’s like the French Revolution has broken out all over the United States. They can change their minds on a dime, and everybody should embrace their “new truth” every time they get an idea. Oh, it’s not CHAZ anymore, now its CHOPS and now everybody needs to call the Capitol Hill in Seattle by it’s new radical name. It sounds like when ISIS decided to become ISIL overnight and Obama was on TV the next morning talking about ISIL.

It’s no secret that President Obama appointed and hired radical operatives to head and populate every Federal agency. They colluded to prevent a Trump Presidency, and when that didn’t work, to destroy his Presidency at all costs. They’ve been called the Deep State, and while we might wish it was nothing more than a conspiracy theory, unfortunately it’s not. If Trump is not brought down, if the wheels of justice continue to grind inexorably, President Obama’s inner circle is going to pay a terrible price. That is, if the law still means anything. Meanwhile the mob rules.

This is a fight to the death. It’s President Trump against the world. He appointed people to high office without regard to political leanings, thinking they would act professionally. They didn’t. They undermined his intent at every opportunity. They leaked scurrilous stories to the media regularly. When they were terminated for being useless at their jobs, they wrote scandalous books accusing the President of being a liar, of leaning on foreign leaders for help with re-election. Probably the worst accusation of all is that he occasionally loses his temper when he realizes that he’s been stabbed in the back once again. (Good for him!) The list of names is endless. It’s nearly every big name that he’s had advising him on military matters, national security, you name it. The most recent examples are “Mad Dog” Mattis and John Bolton. Mattis has shown his colors, destroying whatever respect we might have had for his service and reputation.

Now, John Bolton. We had high hopes for him. But he couldn’t wait to cash in on a book deal. His book is now receiving free publicity everywhere around the clock. And it’s an attack piece. What a piece of work he turned out to be. Trump wasn’t the only one fooled, but Bolton is nothing more than one more symbolic arsonist amid the mob. The media, the big corporations, the airlines, the professional sport associations, all the alphabet agencies including the Pentagon, they’re all in.

Why is everyone so quick to cave? Do we not realize we’re being played? If we submit to every new “rule” or order that pops into the mind of some public official, how on earth are we to retain freedom? What else will the mob demand, and then have all the fairies at the anchor desks lecturing us about how we don’t care?! It’s the ultimate witch hunt. We will bow down, we will take a knee, we will express guilt and apologize, and we WILL WEAR A MASK, or they’ll make sure we can’t operate in this society. Get used to it. You’re only being conditioned to submit to their every whim. And they’re just getting warmed up.

Knowing the history of the Church of God, and how it made idiotic predictions about the end of the age and the return of Christ, we’ve been very careful not to jump to conclusions. Never did my Dad ever issue any dire warnings or use fear to try to ratchet money out of people. That doesn’t mean that some of the other splinters and remnants haven’t tried. They have. Having read some of the claims, the “orders” of these goofballs who call themselves prophets or apostles, it’s enough to make you sick. But something may be afoot that will take America down. We’ve already rolled over for all the “gay” claptrap. That may be the heart of the problem. Abortion is being sold as a national value, a Constitutional right. Will God see fit to save America again? You’ll want to listen to our offer this month, Can We Be Perfect? by Garner Ted Armstrong. It’s an interesting and inspiring message in light of so much useless outrage.


Mark Armstrong