Mark Armstrong’s Monthly Letter – 27 June 2016

Dear Members and Coworkers,

On the prophetic Richter scale, it rates alongside the fall of the Berlin Wall.  They said it wouldn’t happen, couldn’t happen.  The pollsters, and the usually reliable odds-makers, were certain, the British people surely wouldn’t make a “mistake” of this magnitude.  The announcement finally came like an electric shock to the uninformed who had no idea about the “Brexit” referendum, as it’s been named, and the financial and political establishment types were jolted by the sudden reality. Public polls in the UK were wrong all the way to the last minute, until the actual tally showed that in fact a majority of British citizens had voted to get out of the European Union.

Prime Minister David Cameron stepped out of his official residence to announce his resignation, another jolt to England’s political establishment, and another reason for the mainstream media to decry the “racism and xenophobia” that produced the outcome.  How dare the British demand some say in how many “refugees” would be settled in their homeland?  How dare they balk at a flood of socialist EU laws and “green” regulations over which they had no control?  And why would Cameron abruptly announce his resignation?

The answer to that last question is that Cameron won office promising the “exit” referendum and then staked his political career on making sure the measure failed.  For all the grief the London tabloids get for carrying celebrity gossip and scandal, they also publish information the mainstream media won’t touch.  The British public knows the details of the Muslim invasion of Europe by way of German invitation and the subsequent EU insistence that member nations accept their “fair share.”  Not only are the English painfully aware of the unassimilated, blighted Muslim districts within their midst, the “tabloids” like the Daily Mail, UK Express and others have published the stories and photographs illustrating the suddenly common assaults, murders, muggings, and rapes in addition to plenty of detail on the recent murderous terrorist attacks in France and Belgium.

From our standpoint, it is a milestone of fulfilled Bible prophecy.  We made no advance prediction, other than to say that the referendum had the potential to be a watershed moment in modern history with prophetic implications.  Europe is not currently in the “ten kings” arrangement of end-time prophecy, and this didn’t have to happen now.  It could have happened at some later date when things really get dicey with Europe having the power to regulate all financial transactions under the dictates of an all-powerful one-world government that must be worshiped.  But the Brits didn’t wait, they pulled the trigger in what certainly looks like a fulfillment of something the Church of God has said would ultimately happen for at least the past fifty years.

Bible prophecy shows that descendants of Ephraim and Manasseh, blessed with God’s covenant promises to Israel (“Let My Name be named on them,” Gen. 48:16), will not be a part of the “beast” power so prominently featured in the book of Revelation. It is to be an abusive world power in the heart of Europe that will demand worship and exert control of economic activity with that demand. These are things that have been recognized and pointed out constantly throughout our organizational history.  They are prominently featured in The United States and British Commonwealth in Prophecy, by Herbert W. Armstrong, and in my father’s book Europe and America in Prophecy complete with a full bibliography, which remains in print and is currently available from our office upon request.

Might the divorce of Europe’s union by the English actually hasten the advent of the “beast” power of Bible prophecy? It’s starting to look like it might.  Already Germany and France, bitter over British rejection, are announcing the advent of a European SUPERSTATE.  Check out this quote from the UK Express today, under the headline European SUPERSTATE to be unveiled: EU nations ‘to be morphed into one’ post Brexit.  “European political chiefs are to take advantage of Brexit by unveiling their long-held plan to morph the continent’s countries into one GIANT SUPERSTATE.”  The article goes on to state that EU member states will be given an “ultimatum.”  They will have to agree to give up their national armies and all controls over their borders, and “give up the right to national criminal law, taxation system or central bank, with all those powers being transferred to Brussels.”

Now that’s certainly taking on some of the attributes of the “beast” power described in the book of Revelation.  No doubt many of the remaining twenty-two members of today’s European Union will balk, they already are.  The EU may be in tatters as a result of the economic blow and the humiliation of its authority being rejected by the citizens of England.  But their immediate response, being transmitted from Germany and seconded by France, is to lower the boom on the remaining members giving them an “ultimatum” that they must agree to forfeit all political and economic power to the central government in Brussels, or get out and go it alone.

Germany is the undisputed politically and economically dominant European power, and the one that is pulling the strings on behalf of the EU.  Under its dull-eyed Chancellor Angela Merkel, it is the one who invited unlimited numbers of Muslim refugees to swarm the continent, with tens of thousands destined to be forced upon the citizens of the United States courtesy of our own anti-American president and his corrupted government agencies.  It is abundantly clear that the United States is being bankrupted, the “safety net” overwhelmed.  The president may have suffered some set-backs with the recent Supreme Court deadlock that upheld the ruling of Federal Judge Hanen, that his executive orders bestowing residency and work permits upon illegal aliens and giving them eligibility for all manner of government subsidies was un-Constitutional and illegal.  But the reality is that they are here in their millions, spreading diseases and committing crimes way out of proportion to the citizenry, and there’s nothing state Governors or legislatures can do about it.  There’s certainly nothing citizens can do about any of it.  Whoever so much as dares to bring any of it up in public is treated to disparaging howls of “racism, bigotry, Islamophobia” and on and on.

Witness the Democrats determined to make the Orlando “gay-club” massacre a gun control issue, by sitting on the carpeted floor of the House of Representatives last week, chanting like a bunch of Occupy Wall Street protesters.  Our own Tyler, Texas Representative and Judge, Louis Ghomert stood up to them saying that we need to address radical Islamic terrorism, to shouts of, “You’re a RACIST!  You’re a RACIST!” over and over again.  And these were elected Congressmen and women on the House floor, literally.  Any pretense of decorum is gone.

It was just announced this morning that the Supreme Court has ruled against the State of Texas, saying that it doesn’t have the “right” to regulate the safety of abortion clinics, because that might impede a woman’s “right” to abortion.  Texas’ regulations were meant to protect the safety of the mothers in such a procedure.  One thing is absolutely sure, there’s no safety for the developing baby to be aborted!  It is very likely that the callous and hideous “law” guaranteeing the right to abortion, along with the “pro-sodomy” Supreme Court ruling sanctifying “gay marriage” are primary reasons God has turned his back on our once blessed land.  Presumably, there is no need to reiterate all the ways in which our nation is being destroyed, culturally and economically.  Everyone with eyes can see how nearly every institution now demands deference and respect for the most perverse sins against God and His Laws.  They seem to have no respect for His existence or His power.  But they will.  Return the enclosed card for your CD copy of The Power of God, by Garner Ted Armstrong.



Mark Armstrong