Mark Armstrong’s Monthly Letter – 25 August 2015

Monthly letter from Mark Armstrong – 25 August 2015

Traversing the news impacting world headlines in a prophetic light.

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Dear Members and Coworkers,

Some of you may remember a story my Dad told about a formal dinner aboard the Queen Mary in the early 1960’s when casual conversation took a dangerous turn toward religion. Various guests offered opinions on teachings and beliefs before GTA blew up the party by suggesting that, “Christianity is a way of life.”

Those same words would undoubtedly bust up a formal dinner at the White House today. It wouldn’t be the least bit “cool” among those who’ve sold their souls to stand for abortion on demand, ignoring “procedures” on fully developed babies that are too gruesome for discussion. They’ve festooned the U.S. military with officers and commanders flaunting their so-called “orientation.” Stand by. The hunt is on for a transgender general, and it won’t likely take long.

Practicing heathens who neither know nor care to know the history and culture of the descendants of Biblical Israel are flooding into Britain, Western Europe, Canada and the United States. Australia seems to be the only western culture to have a handle on this ruinous problem. Hundreds of thousands per year are being transported, settled and supported in the U.S. alone. Muslims, many of whom, by their own admission, support terrorism to bring about Sharia law are being secretly resettled here. They come from Somalia, Libya, Iraq, Syria, you name the terrorist backwater, here they come. Criminals and illiterates from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, along with some from the Middle East and Africa are flooding over the southern border on a daily basis. The word is out. The current administration seems to be on the side of everybody but “the people” our Constitution says they’re supposed to represent.

At the rate citizenship or “resident status” is being passed around, voter ID laws ruled “racist” or “discriminatory” by federal judges at the same time illegals are being distributed throughout communities everywhere, it won’t be long before a majority are voting themselves government benefits. You’ve probably heard the statistics on the fact that less than half of the American population is earning a living, while nearly 100 million people are out of work or have given up looking for it. There’s no way that the taxes of working people can be stretched to cover the ever-expanding social programs currently overloading the system. So the so-called “generosity” of supporting all who can’t or won’t work is being added to the already incomprehensible national debt, and the spending goes on and on with no end in sight, even though it can’t possibly be supported just 10 or so years down the road.

Modern society puts tremendous emphasis on the happiness and welfare of children. But what kind of society, and what kind of backbreaking debt will they grow up with? On the current trajectory, it will be one teaming with unassimilated foreigners, hateful Muslims who support terrorists, basket case Latinos who don’t speak English, crime ridden cities full of homeless beggars and drunks where rival drug dealers shoot it out for turf. It’s the “complete transformation” we were promised.

Meanwhile, many high profile legal cases make news about some atheist who claims hurt feelings over the mention of God in the Pledge of Allegiance, or an invocation prayer at a graduation ceremony, or the Ten Commandments in front of a courthouse, or the baker who refused to do a wedding cake with two grooms on top! In some ways, the United States is a little late to the party, as some western nations have long since banned God from public discourse, sanctioned homosexual “marriage,” and designated criticism of sinful practices a hate crime.

Are curses coming, or haven’t they already begun? Have you noticed the lack of rain in the formerly productive and fertile paradise of California? That couldn’t be a result of the governing insanity that has overtaken that state in recent years could it? As for the “sanctuary cities,” the get out of jail free policies for illegal felons, those results speak for themselves. Trouble is, these lunatic practices have spread across America thanks to the race-baiting, Muslim apologist ruling the United States by un-Constitutional executive order.

If you believe in the Bible, and understand the warnings that are repeated throughout its pages you might suspect that the reason so many refugees are flooding western societies is because their homelands have already been under the inevitable curses of heathen practices for centuries. Suddenly western societies gone socialist no longer have the heart to control borders, they’ve bought into the communist ideology of “social justice,” so “refugees” are arriving in their hundreds and thousands in oversized dinghies on Europe’s Mediterranean shores, mob-rushing borders of eastern Europe bringing the curses that turned their homelands to a desert junk-yard with them.

Bible prophecy leads us to believe that Europe will undergo profound changes that will catapult the whole world into the last days. It won’t be some “politically correct” version of democracy, but a company of ten nations with tremendous economic and military power. That is certainly not the case right now. Europe, with the exception of Germany, is weak. But many are not taking kindly to the unabated influx of Middle Eastern and African Muslims. As we’ve noted before, there is a movement already underway that has gained a political foothold in central Europe. Several governments that were proclaiming “diversity” as beneficial until recently have realized what a mistake it was.

Now that the U.S. has receded from the world stage, allies everywhere are realizing that they can no longer count on America to protect them when things go horribly wrong. (U.S. citizens paying attention are getting that same realization.) That too may lead Germany to conclude that central Europe will need to muster its own military strength to fend off Russian advances, and to respond to the likes of ISIS or Iran. Particularly since the White House has now lavishly boosted the economic fortunes of Iran, legitimized its nuclear program and done nothing but antagonize American allies.

We barely mentioned Iran, or ISIS, but both are thriving and both represent a grave threat to Israel and to every civilized nation on earth. Obama just made a treaty with the Ayatollah, and he’s barely scratching the surface of ISIS with minimal air strikes. Israel has been warned away from military action against Iran. In the wake of the “deal” with Iran, it might well be treated as a violation of international law or even an act of war against the United States if Israel were to take out Iran’s nuclear sites now.

The way of life promoted by media, entertainment, and current socialist leadership is not one that will bring blessings and protection from on High. Our once-proud nation is being led down a path to the curses that have already taken hold in heathen nations. America’s founders were right. The laws of nature and of nature’s God are immutable and they apply across the board in the affairs of men and of nations. God cannot and will not so much as look upon the sins our society has embraced as “politically correct.” Bible prophecy tells us tribulation is coming upon the House of Israel in the last days. God’s people had better be living the Way of Life that will protect against the worst of it.

Final preparations are under way for the Feast of Tabernacles. At a bare minimum, God’s commanded Feasts and Holy Days must be respected and observed, and that includes the seventh day Sabbath. Return the card for the Way of Life CD by Garner Ted Armstrong



Mark Armstrong
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