Mark Armstrong’s July 2020 Letter

July 27, 2020

Dear Members and Coworkers,

It may be some weeks before the extent of the economic damage of societal shutdowns are widely known. It will be catastrophic, but neither the media (nor presumably deceived officials) are through with us yet. Every day brings a new report of RECORD CASES in state after state. Unrecognizable orderlies suited up in medical hazmat gear are poking impossibly long swabs, backhanded, up the noses of motorists, and people actually wait in line for the privilege.

Baseball games (without fans, mind you) had to be postponed or canceled because players and coaches have purportedly tested positive. How many people have been quarantined because one of these tests deemed them Covid positive? They never knew they were sick at all, yet the doctors, media and government officials are on the same page. They tell us not to leave home except for critical necessities, and then be sure your mask is securely in place, or somebody might call the cops. Or if you’re lucky you’ll just be verbally accosted, shamed and accused of endangering the public just as if you’d driven drunk!

Fox News had three schoolteachers on the other night. One first-grade, one middle school and one high school teacher. All three said it would be a big mistake to open schools any time soon. The teachers are scared! Maybe the children won’t pass it to each other, but what about the teachers? What if they take the virus home to their families or their elderly parents?

In California, the teachers’ union has come up with a list of demands before they’ll consider going back to work. If you thought we were in the middle of a medical emergency, take a look at what they’re demanding. They claim that police violence “is a leading cause of death for black people and is a serious public health and moral issue.” They demand that the police be defunded, and the money be reallocated to education, housing and public health. Teachers unions also require a moratorium on charter schools, the implementation of Medicare-for-all and increased taxes on the wealthy. Teachers are not going without pay during the shutdown. None of these local officials have lost their income while they’ve told others not to open their businesses or go back to work. Maybe there should be a rule that none of these power-drunk officials, or teachers gets a paycheck unless or until they decide it’s safe for others to go back to work.

Dozens of American cities look like a war zone. It’s open season on police in several locations, even though it barely makes the mainstream news. Local “officials” in places like Portland and Seattle are vocally on the side of the anarchists. The Mayor of Portland even got down in the middle of the “peaceful protesters” in helmets and flack jackets, to let them know he was “with them no matter what.” Not surprisingly they turned on him and started chanting for him to quit his job. Think these people can be appeased? Not for long, if at all. They come up with more “demands,” and it never will stop until the United States is dismantled.

Black lives matter, the organization is openly Marxist. They say so on their website, and one of the female co-founders stated it in an interview. But the media scoffs at the suggestion. They claim the burnt cities and smashed businesses are the result of righteous anger about police brutality. The fact is that more are killed in a single weekend in the nation’s cities than by police officers in an entire year. You’d never know that watching the mainstream media.

As far as the media are concerned, nothing can open without extreme suffering and death. And it’s all the fault of President Trump and his reluctance to issue national mandates on masks and mass closures!

No one dares make reference to inalienable rights, conferred upon us by our Creator. There’s obviously no such thing if local officials deem there’s no such thing. “This is about the public health and safety,” they tell us, and that means there are NO LIMITS to their power. They’ll just hold a press conference or issue a statement and you MUST OBEY or be accused of endangering the public. Is there anything they CAN’T DEMAND if public health and safety is invoked? Apparently not. Freedom may have been little more than a mirage that hung in the air only until local officials realized what they could get away with. The only reason that they are able to get away with the exercise of such power is the fear-mongering role that the media is playing.

Do you still doubt the Biblical warnings about deception so strong that if it were possible, even the very elect would be deceived? We’re living through an example of it right now! Evil has descended upon the United States, Canada, Britain, Australia, and Europe. All have been consumed by the deception we call fake news. Every one of those nations has already fallen victim to an ideology of evil, contrary to the Bible and contrary to the founding principles that allowed for the peace and prosperity foretold and promised to Abraham by God. He made good on His promises, but our societies have long since abandoned our responsibilities that were part of the covenant. In essence, we’ve nationally reneged on respecting His Word and obeying His Laws.

Society has demanded that we acquiesce to some of the most heinous sins ever invented. They are celebrated with parades and debauchery; you must applaud lest “society” destroy your life. Our nation needs the prayers of people God respects. We’re in the middle of a big deal, and it’s starting to look as if there’s no going back. Not only with the communists that want to destroy freedom and capitalism, but with communist China. If we want God to intervene and save Western civilization one more time, it will take repentance for having broken His Laws. No, there is not yet a ten-nation beast power. Jerusalem is not surrounded with armies. We can still buy and sell, sort of. The abomination of desolation has not been set up, and there is yet no temple. But Western civilization is in grave trouble. We suspect that the author of evil is directing the deception and the destruction, and we know where the only hope lies.

Maybe you can remember some of the darkest days of the Obama presidency. The United States was being sold down the river to China, to the Muslim Brotherhood and to the precept that redistribution of wealth was the “right thing to do.” We thought there was no hope. Black lives matter was created during the Trayvon Martin debacle. Destructive riots broke out over a false narrative, and the media acted like “Hands up, don’t shoot” actually happened, when in fact Obama’s own people proved it didn’t.

Many places in America will never recover. Once again, it looks as if there’s little if any hope. The communists of the 60’s are on a roll, and the media and many politicians are on their side. They’ve brainwashed legions of immature minds to believe a whole series of lies, and those young kids are out in the streets, battling police, starting fires and stealing everything they can get their hands on. Yes, things look dark indeed. But it’s not the first time. Help is only a prayer away for those He regards as His people. The question is whether God will move, once again, to save America. Maybe, maybe not.


Mark Armstrong


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