Mark Armstrong Weekly News Commentary – 5 February 2021

Greetings from Tyler,

The purge is under way. If you want to continue using social media, you better not question the legitimacy of the presidential election. You’d be wise not to question any of the official declarations about Covid infections or deaths. Apparently, it’s better to be on board with the “conventional wisdom” of the mainstream, so as to not stand out.

Free speech? Yeah, you can forget it if it’s aimed at the election or Covid 19. You better pipe down about illegal immigration too. All the news tells us that border crossings in areas the wall didn’t get built are up, and caravans are on the way, again. Never mind that travel is banned or highly regulated from friendly nations. It just wouldn’t do to interfere with the immigration plans of people from all over the world, including terrorist havens. They may not be following all the Covid mandates or wearing masks, but as soon as they get here, they’re eligible for lots of assistance, courtesy of U.S. taxpayers. Or more accurately, courtesy of the debt they’re loading onto the little kids at school.

But the little kids aren’t in school over large swaths of the United States. The teacher’s union has declared it too “dangerous” for teachers to be anywhere near a classroom. How long this will go on, nobody knows. They seem to make it up as time moves on. The redhead on your screen, who speaks in valley-girl vernacular, has just let everyone know that having already recovered from the virus, or having had a vaccination is no sign that anybody can go anywhere without wearing the sign of capitulation. And don’t forget social distancing! Some of us were practicing it before it had a name, but now we’re “saving lives.”

Amazing how easy it’s become to save lives! There are signs on interstate highways that say, “Wash your hands, save lives.” Imagine all who catch a glimpse of themselves while dutifully washing their hands several times a day, reassuring themselves in the mirror that they’re busy “saving lives.” Maybe they’ll figure some way to monitor everyone to make sure they’re washing their hands multiple times a day, and therefore “saving lives.”

You’ve no doubt come across it. Stories are (for the moment) coursing across the interned that the good doctor had something to do with experiments at the Wuhan lab, and that it was being done at the expense of taxpayers. Like everything we hear these days, we’re reluctant to believe that or anything else that comes without incontrovertible proof. That line of communication will probably be squelched soon, if it hasn’t been already. If you should think there is already adequate proof, you’re probably an insurrectionist and they’ve got plans for you.

The Bible tells us that another global mandate is coming, sooner or later. Complying with that one will remove any hope of salvation. So what are we going to do? Agree that global warming is an existential crisis, of man’s making? Mandates are coming down the pike like a landslide. Where do we draw the line? Do you think for one minute that fear, and the emphasis on “doing your part” won’t be part of the routine?

And by the way. You better not have supported president number 45. If you did, you better recant. Otherwise, you might be branded as a domestic terrorist. After all, they claim that he instigated violence at the Capitol. Never mind that barricades were being breached, windows broken and struggles with police broke out BEFORE the offending words were uttered. What? You can’t find the offending words in that speech? That’s because they were (the mainstream has already declared) code for insurrection! A dog whistle (that’s become a staple of the mainstream) that no one understood but the rioters. They apparently understood their marching orders even before the coded language was delivered.

Everyone must agree that the election was fair and square, and that Covid 19 has infected or killed whatever the news is saying. You must agree that the former President incited violence at the capitol building, Not only you, but every member of Congress. There are movements to get everyone there to agree that Trump caused the trouble. Don’t read anything about the antifa leaders who were actually doing the incitement. Believing that could get you in a lot of trouble.

Wouldn’t you know it. Several members of the legislative branch that we thought of as stalwarts have come around. Yeah. Trump caused it. If you don’t agree and state that publicly, you just might be banished, expelled and ruined for life. Unbelievably, some of the last men standing are giving in to the mainstream demands, if only to keep their lives intact.

Compliance is the word of the day. You better go with the mainstream narrative on all subjects. You better bow down before all mandates. It’s for your own good, after all. The consequences for non-compliance are just too uncomfortable to bear. It doesn’t take much extrapolation to see where this is leading. We’ve been warned.

Mark Armstrong