Mark Armstrong Commentary – May 24, 2024

May 24, 2024

Greetings from Tyler,

Their only hope is to get the news media to call Trump a convicted felon, and chances of them being able to do that are slimmer by the day. I’ve been following the court cases, and the only one that has a chance is the New York, Stormy Daniels, Michael Cohen episode. That hasn’t gone so well either, with Cohen having to admit to things on the stand, like lying under oath. In an East Texas courtroom that means you’re done. They’re not going to put any faith in anything else you might say if you’ve shown a willingness to lie under oath. You’re dismissed.

But the media certainly hasn’t given up. They want so badly to be able to call Trump a convicted felon in the headlines that they’re hoping against hope.

To his credit, Trump is surprisingly good-natured about all that transpired. When you compare how things were going before the pretender’s term, we didn’t have the debacle in Afghanistan, the Middle East hadn’t erupted into a protracted war, gas cost half what it does now, and we best not mention interest rates.

The pretender’s angry. Trump is rubbing their face in it by going to their reliable districts and drawing big crowds. Rappers I never heard of are endorsing Trump. It’s bad for everybody when the economy tanks. Even the rappers. They don’t need everybody broke either.

News came out today that they found three of the “hostages” dead. They were killed on October 7. The pretender’s administration has taken a threatening tone, warning Israel not to go into Rafah, refugee camp that it is. “Innocent civilians,” they cry. This is the 4th or 5th generation of the “Palestinians.” They’re still saying the same things I heard all those years ago. Do you think they’d survive in that environment if they weren’t parroting the line? No, they’re all saying the same things they were saying 40 years (and longer) ago.

Now we’re concerned that the “humanitarian efforts” may include bringing the refugees to the United States. Better not. That’s just what this country needs! We’ve got brain damaged “protests” going on claiming Israel crimes. We were paying attention, this was an unprovoked attack by these idiots, and apparently they enjoyed themselves. Now they’re going to pay.

They’ve tried the “law-fare” against Netanyahu. It didn’t work. Not that they’re through trying, anymore than they’re through trying against Trump. But (much to the chagrin of Obama and Biden) he’s Prime Minister of Israel. You’ll remember, relations between the U. S. and Israel weren’t the best during the Obama administration. Maybe Israel is trying to wait it out.

China has extended its war games all the way around Taiwan. They’re banging the war drums about as loud as they possibly can. Who wants to bet they move between now and election time?

The United States has become a non-entity around the world. Our enemies see what we see, and they know it’s time to move. Nobody dared do anything when Trump was President, but now?

The mainstream media is hardly worth consulting anymore. They’re in the tank and hoping for another Biden term. They better hope they lose. People are getting tired of this geriatric display, and everything going Obama’s way.