Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – 18 September 2020

Greetings from Tyler,

“No, no, no,” said former Secretary of State (under Obama) John Kerry.  If some one thought it would be possible to make peace between Israel and other Arab nations without first satisfying the demands of the Palestinians, they had another thing coming.  It simply wasn’t possible, so why even try?  But John wasn’t the only one haughtily talking sing-song.  The media said it constantly.  Most believed it and parroted it.  Nothing could move past the stalemate between Israel and the Palestinians, it was impossible.  There was nothing to do but satisfy the demands of the “Palestinians,” and no leader of the Palestinians dared move toward peace with Israel without risking the very real possibility of assassination.  It wouldn’t be the first time.

But as we saw this week at the White House signing ceremony, it wasn’t impossible after all.  The President sat between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Foreign Ministers of both the United Arab Emerates and Bahrain and signed a comprehensive pact of cooperation dubbed the Abraham Accords that includes the exchange of embassies, direct flights between capitals and phone system links.  According to statements by the President and his aides, we’re going to see a whole raft of Arab countries make peace with Israel including eventually even Iran and the Palestinians.  “Iran can’t wait to make a deal,” said the President at last night’s rally (he called it a friendly protest).

Is it OK to mention the strides toward Middle East peace, or is that too “political” for an organization like ours?  On the surface, it sounds like a wonderful development.  Too bad we know some of the warnings contained in the Bible.  When do we get to start worrying about “peace and safety” in the Western world?  How about American cities?  What we’ve seen developing, which is anger and violence on a whole new level, doesn’t inspire much confidence.  We’re being led to believe that ALL the demands of the riotous protesters must be satisfied, or we can just get used to “peaceful protests” burning down businesses, ambushing police officers and trashing city centers.

Global warming is on the march too!  For nearly four decades those who want to see Western civilization under the thumb of a dictatorial system ranted and raved that “global warming” was an “existential threat,” and that we needed to start driving battery cars and using windmills and solar panels for electricity before it’s too late!  We wanted to print an article that appeared in Forbes’ publication in the upcoming 21st Century WATCH.  Since it’s not going to appear, we’ll tell you what it says.  An electric car has already used half the “carbon footprint” of the life of an internal combustion vehicle before it ever leaves the showroom floor.  If the battery has to be replaced before the vehicle is worn out, then the pollution involved surpasses anything produced by your standard piston engine, to say nothing of the constant charging of the electric vehicle.  That’s not to say that electric vehicles don’t have their place (quiet golf carts are nice), but they’re definitely not going to “save the planet.”

They’re blaming the West coast fires on “global warming.”  If somebody says otherwise, the media labels them a right-wing kook.  But arsonists keep getting caught setting fires, particularly in and around places like Portland where the rioting has been the worst.  Despite mainstream denials, you can watch videos of firebugs being caught in the act.

The F.I.B. investigated and zuckerbook has been removing posts that claim activists are responsible for some of the western wildfires.  The information was on the (9-14-20) Yahoo page.  To the right of that page it said, “What to Read Next” above a photo of a fire fighter and his dog rummaging through the rubble of a building or house surrounded by charred forest.  The headline read, “Oregon Man Arrested Twice in 12 Hours for starting Fires Near Portland Freeway.”  Maybe no one noticed that the second story on tap disputed what was just said in the first.  Maybe you saw the Oregon video of a man being made to lie face down on the pavement as a female landowner holds him for the police.  He’s in all black, of course, and the landowner asks, “What are those matches doing in your hand?” He replies, “I’m a smoker.”  “Then where are your (expletive deleted) cigarettes?!?”  The whole scene is choked with smoke.

To get a feel for the extent of the smoke, take a look at the satellite images.  You can see the whole thing from space, and it shows that the smoke gets blown out to sea and then comes back with the weather.  Having talked to John Mitchell in Sacramento (9-15-20), he said that the smoke in that area has been “hazardous” for the past 10 days straight, and there is no letup in sight.  There have been stories, most times accompanied by video, of firebugs running around lighting fires in Washington state and Oregon.  But that disputes the media narrative that seeks to convince us that the fires are nothing more than PROOF of global warming.  It’s more like PROOF that black lives matter and antifa thugs are willing to burn the country down to get their way.  Getting their way demands the destruction of freedom.  Or is that too political to talk about?

California is ordering Jewish congregations NOT to gather in observance of Rosh Hashanah, or the Feast of Trumpets, in Los Angeles.  We’ll see what legal ramifications are involved, but it kind of looks like both the governor and the mayor of Los Angeles are pitting their “authority” against God’s instructions for the good of the collective. But we don’t believe in “the collective” or any of their other communist ideals.  Good luck to the preening politicians.  They’ve picked the wrong fight.  We’ll be here for the Feast of Trumpets as commanded by God.  The Texas governor has screwed up big time, perhaps having destroyed Texas’ reputation permanently.  But at least we haven’t been “ordered” not to assemble for the annual Holy Day.  We’d have defied him anyway.

Mark Armstrong


P.S.  We hope that all of you will be able to observe the Feast of Trumpets without incident.  It begins at sundown this evening.  We’ll be live-streaming our service on the Intercontinental Church of God youtube channel at 1:00 pm Central time.