Worst Case Scenario

This is the latest Word from News Commentary by Mr. Armstrong.  Posted at the EA site here: http://www.garnertedarmstrong.org/Mark_Wordfroms/manews0150.shtml

Playing out as a celebration of 9-11 across the Middle East

It’s the next chapter in the “Arab Spring,” so romanticized by the current U.S. administration and nearly all, in fact ALL the big media outlets including Fox News. To them, it meant that freedom and democracy were on the march against one authoritarian dictator after another, and the way they saw it, a new and brighter day was dawning for Egypt, Libya, Tunisia… The same revolutionary (Occupy Wall Street) tactic was activated in the United States, most notably in New York and Oakland, but also in Washington D.C. And numerous other cities across America.

In Cairo, they put so many angry demonstrators in Tahrir Square, that it paralyzed the city, the government, the military and led to Hosni Mubarak’s forced resignation. We were confidently assured by the mainstream media that it was not an Islamist revolution, the Muslim Brotherhood was not behind it, and it was simply a case of peaceful but frustrated civilians demanding that “their voices be heard.” The movement that overthrew Hosni Mubarak was justified if not celebrated by the American State Department, and you have to wonder how they feel now that the movement they supported has resulted in the sacking and desecration of our embassy in Cairo as a memorial of September 11, on September 11, 2012! They’ve donned masks identifying themselves as being in league with “Occupy Wall Street” and chanted slogans identifying themselves with Osama bin Laden.

How many times have we been told that Islam is not the enemy, and more recently that the U.S. is not even involved in a “war on terror,” but simply going after al-Qaeda terrorists and trying to keep Afghanistan from becoming a giant Taliban terrorist training camp? And sure enough, that’s the way American policy in the Middle East has been conducted.

But now the Arab Spring revolutionary movement is identifying itself as a civilian army dedicated to the doctrine of Osama bin Laden by storming American embassies, raising the al Qaeda flag over our sovereign embassy grounds in Cairo and murdering our ambassador and his aides in Libya.

The State Department, trying to cover its role in the unfolding disaster is now assuring us that the mob actions are not the fault of the people it propelled into power, even though that directly disputes reports of what took place in Benghazi, Libya. They claim that Libyan “officials” took the American ambassador and his aides to a location where they’d be safe from the rampaging mob. But then the mob was reportedly told of their location, leading to the brutal murders at the hands of these rampaging zealots.

This is not nearly over.

Whose Side is America On?

As reports of these attacks on American diplomatic personnel and facilities come across the airwaves, we’re being reassured that those that the U.S. put in power in Libya are not to blame. No, they tried to save our guys but failed. If that be the case, then the “good” Libyans America put in power are not in control of their own soil. Obviously, if Mohammed Morsi represents a glorious outcome in Egypt, his regime can’t protect even American embassy grounds in Cairo from the same radical forces that brought him to power. And if you believe a word of that, there’s some Arizona beach-front you need to know about.

Our president just rejected a request for a face-to-face meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. It would apparently interfere with campaign priorities. But Israel believes that time may be up on Iran’s nuclear ambitions, and that continuing to play cat and mouse diplomatic games to no avail may well lead to a disastrous nuclear attack on Israel. Obviously there are other priorities in America that supersede all such concerns.

Meanwhile every official response to these attacks on sovereign American grounds and symbols has been to apologize for any insult to Islamic sensibilities that may have been contained in some film that’s found its way onto the Internet. It’s obvious that these events were planned in advance to be held as a 9-11 message, regardless of any unknown offensive film distribution. And what have the continuing string of apologies accomplished? It is apparent that they’ve only emboldened the Islamic attackers, and it’s getting hard to believe that anybody in the State Department or anywhere else in the current administration can’t see that. But that’s the official American response, to sympathize with those who are attacking our people and facilities expressing outrage, not over the attacks, but over the supposed slight to their religion.

Before his death Garner Ted Armstrong said and wrote, “Islam is at war with the United States, but America is not at war with Islam.” If that was clear ten years ago, it’s completely undeniable now. He asked rhetorically, “What could bring about a religious revival in the largely secular State of Israel, leading to the fulfillment of prophecies about the rebuilding of a Temple in Jerusalem?” The two things he speculated about were the discovery of the Ark of the Covenant, or a massive loss of life due to a disastrous attack from an Islamic nation. Iran is, by all intelligence estimates, very near to achieving the ability to carry out its revolving threat of “annihilation,” but right now America doesn’t have time to discuss it with Israel’s Prime Minister.

GTA warned of Bible prophecies concerning a coalition of power in Europe led by Germany that he surmised would be brought about by a great economic calamity. That calamity is under way across Europe, and Germany will be the nucleus around which it will be resolved. As Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal run out of money and credit, the German Constitutional Court is about to decide whether it’s even constitutionally legal for Germany to put its own economic health at risk by continuing to organize one convoluted bail-out scheme after another for the socialist disasters across southern Europe.

All these events coincide with the warnings we’ve been issuing for decades. The Middle East is more radical, and more dangerous to Israel and to American interests than ever before. Are the Islamists just taking advantage of the current posture of American weakness, or is something more sinister afoot? In Germany, we’re hearing expressions of concern about U.S. economic prospects, as if they are on a par with the collapse stalking the EU. Once again, GTA regularly opined that the United States might well lose its influence around the world due to an economic collapse from within. And that’s just what we’re up against in December or January when the U.S. government will have once again exhausted its spending limits.

Maybe we’ll see another lull in developments, but then again every one of the aspects of world events that we believe are pertinent to end time prophecy are moving rapidly.

Watch with us.

Mark Armstrong