Greetings from Tyler,

How many tin pot dictators will have nuclear-tipped ICBM’s before something blows?  The baby face leader of starving masses in North Korea is going to huff and puff and nuke American cities, he says, from one coast to the other.  And for some reason Austin, Texas is in his sights too.  Buffoon though young Kimsun youngun may be, the U.S. is moving bombers and anti-missile batteries around while assuring us the American homeland is in no danger.  That same confident claim is not being made in regard to South Korea, Japan or some island military bases in the region.  Like a game of Risk, assets are being positioned and re-positioned.  The South Koreans are so numb to the constant threats and occasional provocations, reports claim they’ve hardly noticed. You may or may not have heard that China is beefing up its forces along its border with North Korea too, to what end we’ll hopefully never know.

Isn’t it curious how these un-won wars never end?  We’re destined to learn similar lessons with Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and others.  Unless vanquished to the point of total surrender if not total destruction, virulent enemies must be tiptoed around indefinitely.

The war on terror, radical Islamists or whatever, hasn’t been won either.  Not by a long shot.  In fact it has been coddled, and in the case of Egypt’s Muslim brotherhood, armed and financed by the United States.  Consequently, radical Islam will be a constant threat to Israel and the United States, and ultimately a threat to Europe as well.  To say Islam is just another religion, denies the reality that it is in fact a mode of governance that seeks to conquer all of civilisation at any cost.  We worry about innocent civilians while their religion allows them to attack unsuspecting civilian targets.  This will hound us to the end of time, and play a role in bringing it about.

But right now Americans, particularly those that adhere to the founding principals and wish to remain under the liberty and protection afforded by obedience to God, are finding that they are under attack.  Many have already been convinced that resistance is futile.  We’re the worst kind of close-minded bigots if we can’t get on the “gay-marriage” bandwagon; support amnesty and government programs for illegal aliens; support “a woman’s right to choose” to terminate the life of her unborn child; and support the devastation of our currency in the name of compassion, and saving the environment from the hoax of global warming.  That’s what the media pounds into us day and night.  That’s what little children are taught by the educational system.  That’s what college kids must agree to if they want a passing grade.  And it’s working.

There is hardly any resistance left.  The left had its “gay-marriage” conversion over the last couple of years.  Now even the conservatives in government have determined that its not politically feasible to hold out any longer.  They fall like dominoes every time push comes to shove on every issue, so fearful are they of the backlash of media and the personal attacks that will come their way.  They obviously fear the consequences of society’s reaction, but not God.

But there are some of us that aren’t about to fold, are not about to compromise with the truth.  We don’t thump the Bible, we believe it.  I’m not sure if we’re Old Testament heretics, as the head of the Republican party described those who oppose “gay-marriage”, but probably fit his intent.  It is becoming obvious that the road ahead is going to get mighty lonely.

The politicians, left, right and centre, are going to bring this country down around our ears.  They’re not just destroying our currency, our role as the world’s leading power, and our Divinely inspired rights.  They’re starting fires that will burn to the end of the age.  And they are confronting God openly, to His face. It is a shame they don’t fear it.

It’s enough to destroy a great power, as history has shown.  And that’s if nature just takes its course over a period of time.  But these arrogant forces are apparently in a hurry to incur Divine punishment.

Mark Armstrong

PS. The Days of Unleavened Bread seemed to go by in a flash this year, but we enjoyed each and every occasion.  We’ve also had good reports from our groups in the field, and hope all of you were able to share in the happiness that comes with the unique observances God has ordained for our good.