Weekly Update from Mr. Armstrong – 27 June 2014

27 June 2014
Greetings from Tyler,

To those who limit themselves to mainstream sources of information, it is just another day at the end of another hum-drum week. You’ll see some of the local crime stories that merit national attention, celebrity stuff, San Francisco proposing a suicide net for the bridge. Virtually the only references to the important news shaping the world’s future, and re-shaping the very essence of the United States come from the president in off-handed speech jabs, or his political appointees, such as Sec. of State John Kerry warning the Syrians not to get involved against the ISIS invasion of Iraq.

Other than Kerry’s haughty finger-wagging at Syria, reporting on the amputations, mass executions, bank looting and territorial gains of ISIS across northern Iraq can only be found by accessing sources other than the “big three” networks and their affiliates.

A perusal of mainstream sources reveals no action or plan to deal with the ongoing invasion across our southern border, mounting now toward one hundred thousand. There are no photos of the overcrowded and squalid “holding centers,” and nothing about the chartered aircraft ferrying these foreigners to far-flung destinations from coast to coast.

To the vast majority, these events are simply not occurring. Or if they are, they must not be important enough to merit the time and space it would take to explain matters to the public.

The same logic applies to the litany of “phony scandals” that threaten our constitutional republic. There are numerous unresolved investigations into “irregularities” among government agencies, apparently tasked with orders to harass and intimidate the administration’s ideological enemies. Now there is little if any argument that is exactly what occurred. But it’s beginning to look like we’ll never know how or why such a thing could happen. The evidence has simply destroyed itself without a trace. The hard drives crashed, and being found useless were recycled. The back-up tapes have all been written over. Isn’t technology amazing? When you consider the amount of information that can be contained on a single little thumb drive… Well never mind all that. The government, you see, is operating under the constraints of budget cuts and therefore apparently even the commissioner of the IRS was using a clunky outdated computer, as were all the other persons of interest in the investigation, who also lost every last bit of evidence of their activities.

But that, along with a myriad of inquiries into federal agency abuses are all “fabrications” and “phony scandals” anyway, according to the commander in chief. Apparently the mass media concurs. No need to trouble the American population with the details of a bunch of trumped-up suspicions by those who are trying to prevent the president from “doing his job.”

We know that “strong delusion” is in the offing, which will cause the vast majority to buy into a destructive ideology that will destroy the pride of our power and render freedom and prosperity a thing of the past. What we’re seeing now is misdirection, disinformation and a conveyance of the notion that everything is “business as usual.”

But it is assuredly not “business as usual.” The United States is in terrible trouble, at home, and in its relations around the world. Furthermore, our whole system of governance, painstakingly designed by men of good will to prevent the kind of fraud and abuse now rampant, is in danger of breaking down completely. The separation of powers between co-equal branches is an outdated constraint to an administration determined to “do its job” to “help the American people.” Meanwhile, unaccountable agencies are standing by to crush opponents, using outdated technology that can crash without a trace at a moment’s notice.

The news in Australia is a little better, and you should read Murray’s update this week to get a feel for some progress back toward sanity. At least they’ve moved successfully to abolish their ruinous carbon tax, they’ve stopped the arrivals of boats loaded with Muslims from Indonesia, and they have a prime minister who isn’t trying to destroy everything their country stands for. Most of you should have the new Twenty-First Century WATCH by now, and we’re standing by to provide additional copies for distribution to individuals or groups who can make effective use of them. The new monthly letter is also complete and on its way. We now have the weekly Sabbath so we can rest and appeal to God to save us out of the gut-wrenching insanity of the world we live in.


Mark Armstrong