Weekly Update from Mark Armstrong – 7 November 2014

Greetings from Tyler,

The mid-terms have been described as a “wave election,” a repudiation of policies that risk the health, safety and financial security of American citizens for the benefit of we know not exactly whom. Initial talk of cooperation between the executive and legislative branches evaporated overnight as the president downplayed the legitimacy of the electoral result, claiming that it wasn’t a true representation of the will of the people.

So who will govern and, to what end? We will have to wait at least a couple of months to find out. As things stand, it appears that a Constitutional crisis will be unavoidable and might even be intentionally precipitated by the ongoing threat to permanently legitimize tens of millions of illegal aliens in contravention of all pertinent laws. Whatever optimism that may have been generated by this week’s evidence that a plurality of Americans may be waking up to the awful reality of the situation may soon be replaced by the realization that the nation is now facing a very dangerous two years where the one with the phone and the pen may well lash out as if he has nothing to lose.

We all have to wonder whether, longer term, so much permanent legal and economic damage hasn’t already been done that no recovery is possible. America’s debt, now in excess of 17,000,000,000,000 is still compounding without pause and may yet cause an economic collapse, as quite a few experts warn.

But Europe is already deep in the throws of economic chaos. Did you happen to see the demonstrations that turned violent in Brussels, Belgium yesterday? A crowd estimated to be well over a hundred thousand ended up in violent confrontations with police over EU economic policies, and the “austerity” demanded primarily by Germany in return for extending the terms of debt. Things are even worse in the nations of Italy and Spain, where deflation has accelerated to the point that some is beginning to refer to the situation as a depression.

Another move is underway in Europe that may allow Germany to command vast military capabilities by co-opting the resources of other EU nations, under German command, calling it a “European army”, to circumvent post WWII laws and treaties that forbade Germany from fielding any military force other than strictly defensive. The European press is abuzz with speculation that Germany is pressing forward with just such a plan. With Putin’s tanks rolling into Ukraine, and fear growing throughout the eastern European countries that Russia may be coming their way, the move may actually be welcomed.

The other widely held sentiment, even by many in the United States, is that Germany has been free-loading all these decades, allowing the U.S. and NATO to pick up the tab for its security. In the current environment of economic duress, many believe it is high time Germany began to take on that responsibility. It apparently seems a safe bet under the current pacifist and low-key leadership of Angela Merckel. Needless to say, it might turn out to be anything but safe if Germany should undergo political upheaval, for instance in the wake of the collapse of the EU and the euro. That very potential is absolutely within the realm of possibility, and something that has been the subject of numerous articles in Britain’s Economist.

Tonight, and over the weekend there will be considerable attention given to Ferguson, Missouri, with everyone wondering whether riots, arson and unbridled racial hatreds will spill across the land. The agitators are ready and waiting, regardless of facts, evidence and truth. They’ve already concluded that the policeman shot down the “gentle giant” in cold blood for no reason other than the color of his skin and will react accordingly.

And it’s really not just the agitators on the scene. Even the current Attorney General and the president himself have done their part to stoke animosity toward law-enforcement in this situation, and with that kind of encouragement the situation might well get out of hand. We can only hope and pray that a majority in this nation are beginning to wake up and realize how and why they’ve been manipulated.

Amid the hope of a course correction for our nation bolstered by the events of this week, we can be cautiously optimistic for our temporal futures, but at the same time realize that there are perilous times already underway all over the world. Short of a real heartfelt course-correction along the lines of turning back to God for guidance and protection, our blessed nation is in for a lot of trouble.

Mark Armstrong