Weekly Update from Mark Armstrong – 7 February 2014

7 February 2014

Greetings from Tyler,

Last week we had a little fun at the expense of the “rain dancers” in California, acknowledged the seriousness of the water shortage and suggested that a prayer for our brethren out there might be a good idea.  Now there is good news for the state, as a large storm is finally moving in and expected to drop two or three inches of rain over the weekend, in addition to piling up snow in the high elevations.

Here in East Texas it has been hovering around freezing temperature for several days, with a smattering of snow just today.  We’re having a hard time staying worked up about global warming being a major man-made crisis.  If something could be done to warm us up thirty or forty degrees, it would be an improvement.  But we know that man’s tinkering is not about to alter the temperature, the weather or the climate.  As we look to the north and east of us, we realize what mild conditions we’ve experienced relative to the rest of the nation.

A note from Jim Josephsen this morning referenced the -10 to -20 degree mornings they’ve had this week in Chicago, and mentioned that they’ve seen a total of some 55 inches of snow since December, with two or three inches more in the immediate forecast.  The news this morning told of snow and ice in Pennsylvania having knocked out power in hundreds of thousands of homes, and they don’t expect to have it all restored for about a week.  That means some tremendous suffering for millions of people, and some may not survive.

This winter has recorded some four thousand record cold temperatures in the United States.  But the politicians, the UN and the green types want us to spend the shivering days and nights feeling guilty about our “carbon footprint.”  It has been bitterly cold in Europe as well, and its no wonder that Germany has decided to put the brakes on its bankrupt “energy revolution,” and the EU’s climate- change targets for decades into the future have fallen out of vogue.

But even if Al Gore becomes an ice statue and every last citizen is too cold to talk about global warming, the president is poised to act.  He has so far refused to approve the new pipeline from the Canada border all the way to Houston, even though its nearly complete.  Robert Redford is way out front of the expensive “environmental studies,” and has declared that the pipeline will cause increased “carbon pollution” and represent a threat to our health.

The obvious solution to “global warming,” is to give complete power over everything and everyone over to government.  If it means that individual freedoms are lost, too bad.  If it means economic devastation, too bad.  We’ve just included an article in the upcoming TCW on how “climate-change” regulations have virtually destroyed manufacturing in Australia.

Ultimately though, all the climate-change nonsense has nothing to do with temperature, weather or climate.  It has to do with deception and control.  Radical socialist types would like to control every aspect of our lives with our full cooperation, which is why they try so hard to deceive us with the help of the left-leaning news and entertainment industries.  If the deception fails to convince enough of us, as it may well already have, look out!   The president has a pen and a phone, and no telling who he’ll call!

But that is only one of the vast array of deceptions.  There are so many, on so many subjects that its hard to find even a kernel of truth or honesty at all.

On the subject of Israel, they’d like to convince us that the so-called Palestinians are in danger of genocide at the hands of the Israelis.  Therefore we must do something, anything to save them.  This administration has been trying to deceive the American public about nearly everything to do with the Middle East situation since 2008.  And you can see how adept they’ve been in handling all the complicated relationships.  They’ve ticked off all parties over there, including Israel and Egypt the only two to have made peace!  Israel is terribly miffed about Egypt about Iran and Syria, and can’t believe that Kerry is threatening again, this time with an international boycott if Israel doesn’t get on the ball and help him achieve a peace agreement with the Palestinians.  That is not possible and the Israelis know it.

Jordan is extremely suspicious of Kerry’s “peace plan” because for one thing it calls for the IDF to vacate the Jordan valley.  Jordanians know if that happens they’ll end up with a bunch of terrorists there instead, and they’ll be flooded with refugees by the tens if not hundreds of thousands.  Jordan was fortunate to have escaped the (communist radical instigated) Arab spring, and certainly doesn’t want to see an influx of angry malcontents destabilize their country too.

Meanwhile, Iran is trying to ramp up hatred toward Israel by tweaking statements by Israeli officials that indicate that Israel is officially planning to build a “third temple” where the Dome of the Rock currently resides.  Israel denies that is their intent.  They know that nothing would inspire more rage throughout the Islamic Middle East than that.  But it certainly is the fervent hope of religious Jews, and Bible prophecy indicates that something along those lines may well happen before the end of the age.  Have a great Sabbath, and don’t freeze to death.

Mark Armstrong

You may want to check out an article we just posted about the “blood moons,” by Mr. Jim Josephsen.  It is a subject that is receiving significant attention throughout the media, and one or two preachers are looking to make a fortune on book sales before they will have to backtrack and look for cover.  Enjoy  [Note:  This article will be posted tomorrow]