Greetings from Tyler,
ISIS’ capture of Ramadi, just before Memorial Day weekend was no big deal. The White House said so, as did the Pentagon. American vehicles and armaments were gained by ISIS when Iraq’s “elite” troops suddenly fled for Baghdad, adding to the scope of the catastrophe. But mainstream media reports didn’t tell what Colonel Ralph Peters has reported, that several hundred vehicles were lost. They include Humvees, armored trucks, personnel carriers and tanks.
You may have had a whiff of the stories and claims surfacing here and there, claiming that ISIS was created by the U.S. as a militia to depose the Assad regime in Syria. No doubt a circuitous claim can be made, but this one currently resides in the growing stack of conspiracy theories. The fact that a vast cache of American made vehicles and armaments were abandoned to this murderous terrorist army is information that most have never heard, and probably won’t ever know. The loss of Ramadi was a huge deal to those who fought and bled there, and more so to American families whose loved ones came home in a coffin.
The fact that the best American armored vehicles currently protect these vicious killers is sickening. The fact that they will continue to wage battle and commit terror in a fleet of of U.S. rolling armor is a huge deal. As ISIS grows stronger in numbers, expands in territory and exports its heinous ideology there is still no strategy to wipe it out, and no hurry to come up with one.
Refugees fleeing Iraq, Syria, Libya, and several other bombed out sandpits are streaming into Europe, adding to the rich multicultural climate, and many are being relocated into locations around the United States. When you read the reports on this, rare as they are, they admit that they have no way of knowing whether there are terrorists among the hordes. We’ve already seen plenty of proof of terrorists gaining entry into the U.S. and committing or attempting to commit atrocities. But the UN currently has another 12,000 on a list waiting to be screened by U.S. officials according to a report by the New York Times. That’s just the start. The UN expects America to “resettle” another 130,000 Syrians over the next two years. Current leaders will undoubtedly be anxious to oblige.
We hear these reports from time to time, but most may not have an inkling as to what is becoming of the United States. The glowing merits of multiculturalism cannot begin to paint the influx from the Middle East, Mexico, Central and South America as a positive, enriching development for the United States. Vast hordes are already here, already signed up for tens of thousands annually in benefits. These programs were set up as a “safety net” to be accessed temporarily by the poor and distressed. Now the whole third world is trying to get here to take advantage of compassion spun out of control, to prey upon polite society criminally, or worst case, to commit acts of terror. And here they come.
When they’re caught committing criminal acts, the Feds let them go. Recent reports (Judicial Watch, Washington Times, Breitbart) tell of tens of thousands released recently, adding up to nearly two hundred thousand released onto American streets by (who else?) the Department of Homeland Security over recent years.
But we’re not to be concerned about any of that, it’s in the hands of the professionals, and none of our business anyway.
What we need to worry about is how we feel about Bruce Jenner’s transformation! The president himself felt obliged to comment, saying it was “courageous.” If the president or mainstream media believes we’re going to watch Bruce primp like a diva, and see him as legitimately female they must be nearly as sick as he is.
The phenomenon of men in drag is nothing new. You can probably conjure up several instances you’ve encountered in entertainment. It was almost always intended as a comedic device, and sometimes it was pretty funny. But we better not be laughing any more. No, this is dead serious. When Bruce is wearing a gown with pumps we’d better see a real woman! Maybe they’ll invent a new term to describe backward, out-of-touch people who just can’t embrace Bruce’s femininity. Not that it would matter, but word is the transformation is not quite complete.
Why are we talking about this!?! Some commentators have said that Bruce, or whatever the new name, should be left alone and certainly not criticized. That would have been fine if he’d have left us alone. But he and the slop-trough media saw fit to jam this absurdity into all our faces for a week. Has anybody anywhere been able to avoid seeing this sad image, that media and pop culture (and some politicians) will continue to celebrate?
So China just hacked the whole Federal database of employees, and has become increasingly aggressive with expansion of military assets in the South China Sea. Much of the Middle East endures explosions, bombings and assassinations all the time. Israel is starting to see rocket attacks out of Gaza again, with ISIS taking credit. Word is that ISIS now intends to wrest control of Gaza from Hamas.
We’re waiting to see if a nuclear deal can be made with congenital Iranian liars who call for our death and destruction all the time; eagerly awaiting the arrival of countless “refugees” from every third-world sewer; celebrating Bruce’s courage; watching police stand down while U.S. cities set records for shootings and murders; what could go wrong?


Mark Armstrong