Weekly Update from Mark Armstrong – 30 January 2015

Greetings from Tyler,

The more attention we pay to developments in the Middle East and in Europe, the more obvious it is that there is no effective effort to defeat terrorist organizations, and there is no credible effort to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

Spokesmen for the White House are stumbling all over themselves as they must invent new ways of contorting the English language to avoid admitting there is any such thing as Islamic terror, or Muslim terrorists. Their mission has taken on new meaning in defense of the president’s release of five top Taliban commanders exchange for the deserter, Bowe Bergdahl. The Taliban, it turns out, is not a terrorist organization (even though it does employ terrorist tactics, as it did in the recent murder of some 145 school children in Pakistan), but rather an “armed insurgency.” There should be little need to reiterate that it was the Taliban that harbored al Qaeda in Afghanistan even as the attacks of 9-11 were planned and carried out in the United States.

Already one of the “Taliban five” recently released from Guantanamo Bay has made contact with his terrorist comrades, even as Washington assures us that it will be able to “mitigate” any future damage that may result from their release. Presumably we’re expected to have our concerns “mitigated” when we hear White House spokesmen remind us that the Taliban is an armed insurgency and not a terrorist outfit.

Last week we learned that Yemen’s cooperative government has fallen to a Shiite militia loyal to Iran. Yemen’s geographical position at the choke point of sea transportation in and out of the Red Sea, makes this a very big deal, particularly if Iran is calling the shots.

Libya has been in a state of anarchy ever since the U.S. assisted “rebels” in the overthrow of Qaddafi. Now we know that ISIS has gained a foothold there too, controlling the northern Libyan city of Derna, flying the black flag, establishing training camps, attacking western symbols and spreading the influence of its Islamic caliphate.

Another big story is the Muslim Brotherhood having just called upon Egyptians to “prepare for a long and uncompromising jihad” within two days of having met with officials at the U.S. State Department. General Sisi, President of Egypt, recently called out Islamic clerics for their promotion of terror against the west, and aside from terrorist attacks attributed to followers of the Brotherhood, has restored Egypt to relative stability. Wouldn’t we like to know what took place at those meetings at the State Department?

Maybe you’ve seen some of the jousting taking place among news journalists over the accuracy of descriptions of “no-go zones” in France, Britain and nearly all the European nations that have allowed large Muslim communities to take root. Close on the heels of the big march for freedom of expression in response to the Paris massacre, the female Mayor of Paris threatened to sue Fox News for committing “libel” against her city by claiming the existence of “no-go zones.” That resulted in a series of apologies and not a little confusion, as the existence of such areas all over Europe has been reported for years.

A report published by Soern Kern published by the Gatestone Institute, European “No-Go” Zones: Fact or Fiction, documents dozens of locations in cities all over France and several suburbs of Paris where violent gangs rule the streets, and where any suspected infidel to enter is in immediate mortal jeopardy. Documentaries are cited and linked as well as numerous videos which clearly illustrate the truth of the matter.

Despite so much clear evidence before our eyes, leaders who obviously know better continue to promote the myth that “multiculturalism” is a great strength, and not a danger. There is a growing backlash in Europe where problems with Muslim ghettos are obvious and reported regularly. Political discontent is growing rapidly in Europe, and we will continue to see it play out.

Every pertinent government agency in the United States is involved in the same deception. It is becoming a continuing outrage even to the reporters who cover the briefings and the press conferences where neither Islam nor Muslims are to blame for the mounting threat to peace and security the world over. It wouldn’t work for a minute if such a broad swath of the population weren’t so completely ignorant of everything to do with history and current events. Under the circumstances, it looks like we can look forward to continued deceptions and misrepresentations as leadership keeps playing to people who don’t know any better or don’t care.

We know that “strong deception” is a major factor in the Biblical description of end-time events. But what we’re seeing here is transparent, weak deception designed to comfort the uninformed and drive the rest of us crazy. No, this isn’t very strong deception, but it may turn out to be adequate to soothe the world’s fears until terrorists have the upper hand and until Iran gets a nuclear bomb. That is where this is all headed.

The Europeans must realize by now that, under current leadership, the United States simply doesn’t have the desire or the will to stop the terrorists or to prevent Iran going nuclear. And that certainly does set up a situation that will spell tribulation for the United States.

Mark Armstrong