Weekly Update from Mark Armstrong – 24 April 2015

Greetings from Tyler,

Get ready to update your politically-correct vocabulary. According to a widely circulated report, British schoolchildren as young a kindergarteners already have. They’re being asked to sign a pledge that includes a promise not to use “transphobic” language. Ever heard of that? Neither has my spell-check software. Children are being taught in school, that it is perfectly normal to change from boy to girl, or visa-versa any time at all on a whim. Furthermore, it would be “phobic” for someone to notice or be surprised or confused! Who’s scared anyway? If a small child can’t be afraid of a dude in pumps, pearls, and in need of a shave, what can they be afraid of?

Bruce Jenner, champion Olympic athlete in 1976, is apparently in the process of proving that he can become a woman simply by letting his hair grow and changing into painful shoes. Maybe there’s more to it, but hopefully he’s not stupid enough to become an amputee over this nonsense. With any luck, this is simply a publicity stunt to promote another detestable reality show. It seems sure that he’s going to have to part with his first name if he going to pull this off. Maybe the “trans” thing, which is now all the rage in our news and the subject of protest for “gender neutral” toilets on the UC Berkley campus, is the next queer matrimony controversy. Imagine how muddled up this could all get. What if someone “marries” as one gender, decides they are the other after the fact, what does that make their partner? Just asking.

While the social-engineering media continues to delight audiences everywhere with one biologically impossible premise after another, Iran is playing chicken with a U.S. aircraft carrier in the Gulf of Aden. At issue are the Straits of Bab-el-Mandeb, a choke point between the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean. All this is going on while the U.S. waits on the ayatollah to agree to a deal that ends with Iran getting nuclear weapons!

We’ve been aware that Russia has behaved provocatively with fighter bombers around northern Europe, off shore Alaska, and even the Gulf of Mexico. It’s almost as if it’s a warning that Putin just may be a little off his rocker, and nobody better get in his way in the Crimea, Ukraine or anywhere else the Soviets occupied lest there be world war! So far it’s working like a charm. Besides, some of the worst dictators on earth are being coddled and appeased by present U.S. leadership. Putin can do what he wants.

But the revelations this week that Hillary Clinton, while Secretary of State may have helped arrange for Russian acquisition of American uranium mining companies?

The question posed by a close friend and colleague whose identity must remain shrouded for now must be asked publicly. When is treason not treason? The question has been raised repeatedly, but never in relation to the Russians getting legal access to American uranium mines. We can’t begin to solve this conundrum today, and if recent years are any guide, it never will be solved.

But our upcoming newsletter (just completed) will get to the bottom of several additional subjects, and you should have it before next weekend. Until then, have a great Sabbath and week to follow.


Mark Armstrong