Weekly Update from Mark Armstrong – 21 November 2014

Greetings from Tyler,

It was another major step in the ongoing transformation of America. After six years of presidential arguments insisting an Executive Order suspending deportations and conferring legal status on illegals would be unconstitutional, unlawful, inappropriate and impossible, last night all those declarative statements were swept aside by a flat, “I have the authority”. Our heartstrings were twanged for the anguish, the trauma, the beleaguered plight of foreigners “demanding” that we “racist” Anglo’s pick up the tab and make provision for their every need. Never mind the fact that the people of the United States have been the most generous on earth, sending untold billions of dollars and help of every kind to nearly every corner of the globe in addition to domestic acts of charity unknown anywhere else on earth.

As a diversion from the blatant desecration of the Constitution, we’ve been lectured about all that the illegal executive action will NOT do, and how many hoops the foreigners will have to jump through in order to be eligible for “legal status.” If you believe that, you must have believed you could keep your insurance and your doctor while rates decline and millions get free services; that the Ben Ghazi attack was committed because of a demonstration over a video; that the IRS targeting of conservative groups was a “rogue” agent or two in Cincinnati; all presidents engage in prisoner swaps, like the traitor (Berghdahl) for five terrorists; just let him be clear…

Another shoe dropped today that would have been huge if we all weren’t reeling from what happened yesterday. That is the release of more terrorists from Guantanamo Bay who have been classified as “high risk” for returning to terrorist activity. With so many released terrorists having already returned to the battlefield, it is difficult to grasp how such an act doesn’t qualify as “giving aid and comfort to the enemy”, unless there actually is no war.

America is already in the grip of a “captivity” of sorts, where our laws and traditions are flouted, not to mention “the will of the people.” So “the people” are simply being replaced with other people with other traditions in “long-game strategy” that is slowly but surely changing the demographic makeup of the United States. With branches of government essentially at war with each other, apparently for the next two years, it is difficult to see how our nation continues to fulfill its founding destiny in covenant with the Creator as an example of lawful order and tranquility to the rest of the world, a powerful friend to peace-loving allies and fearsome foe to evil regimes. That’s all been turned on its head to the point that we’re losing our national identity, and the whole reason for our blessed existence.

How have things gone so wrong in a nation that, while far from perfect, did fulfill its purpose as a light and a blessing to all nations? Could it be that its leaders and those who elect them decided at some point that so called “social issues” were popular losers, and that it was no longer expedient to stand in defense of morality against a cultural tide insistent on “legalizing” cardinal sins? You can’t watch any news without the banner at the bottom of your screen announcing the latest Federal Judicial ruling against another State ban on queer matrimony. So common is it now, it no longer even qualifies for discussion or debate. Everybody’s got a “so what” attitude, kind of like infanticide. It has become so common to our culture, and so accepted by most all media, that no one dares stick their head up in opposition. To suggest that our monumental domestic confusion, our insurmountable national debt, our loss of military prowess, our loss of international credibility, or the unceasing invasion by illiterate foreigners has anything to do with violations of Nature’s law is viewed as too silly to warrant discussion.

But the mounting troubles and trials are by no means limited to what is happening in the United States. Slaughter in the Jerusalem synagogue this week, (including three Jewish rabbis with duel U.S. citizenship) is the latest in a growing list of sneak attacks against unsuspecting civilians in the “Holy City”. It is all about control over the Temple Mount. The view that Jews must construct another Temple atop the disputed mount is a growing movement in Israel’s religious community. Not only that, but some prominent Israeli politicians are now supporting the cause. So Palestinian Muslims feel completely justified in lashing out, celebrating murderous mayhem against Jews and calling for their annihilation.

Europeans mostly support the Palestinian view, and there is lots of evidence that much of Europe has turned anti-Semitic. The UN unabashedly supports the cause of a Palestinian state, condemning Israel at every turn. Until recent years, the United States has been a solid and dependable ally to Israel. As of late, that’s all a little murky. In his blasé reaction to the synagogue mayhem, the president earlier this week mistakenly claimed that the Palestinian president (Abbas) had condemned the attack “in the strongest of terms” (he did not) and urged both Israel and the Palestinians to “work together” to lower tensions. Fat chance in the wake of a wave of attacks against civilians! But the Temple Mount, access to it and disputes over its future are at the core of this bloody conflict. It is also at the core of Bible prophecies for the end of days and the great tribulation.

There is so much more we could cover, from the Russian encroachment back into eastern Europe, to the European Union’s coming economic failure, to the Pope’s flirtation with “gay rights” and other doctrinal departures. The list goes on until it all gets a little overwhelming. But the Sabbath is upon us, and thank God for it. Let’s pray for our country, for our leaders, for our enemies in the same way David did, and not wait ’till next week to be thankful.

Mark Armstrong