Weekly Update from Mark Armstrong – 21 August 2015

Greetings from Tyler,

Every week brings a series of developments and revelations that we scarcely know how to process. A shelling skirmish along the border between North and South Korea broke out this week and is threatening to escalate. No one needs reminding that the U.S. maintains nearly 30,000 troops along the “demilitarized” zone, or that North Korea’s “dear leader” Kim Jong Un is bat guano. North Korea has operational nuclear weapons acquired after years of negotiations with the UN’s IAEA, “six party talks” that included Russia, China, Japan, South Korea and the United States.

North Korea worked underground and behind the scenes in violation of agreements, while convincing the “non-proliferation” partners that they were acting in good faith. Eventually, they resumed full-on nuclear work at facilities they’d pretended to close. You won’t have forgotten their nuclear test detonations in 2006. North Korea is currently on the brink of a war footing with South Korea, and considered a “full-fledged nuclear power” with missiles capable of delivering warheads.

Any of this sound familiar? If anything, North Korea seemed much more cooperative than Iran has been. And after years of talks and interim progress, North Korea pulled the plug on all the “non-proliferation” agreements and began detonating nuclear devices.

Is there any doubt that Iran will follow the same course? Except in Iran’s case, there will be an estimated one hundred fifty billion dollars released to pursue the continuing goal of annihilating Israel and defeating the United States. What a deal!

Much to our national shame and disgrace, more has come to light about the EVIL being perpetrated against live-born babies by the government-funded and protected abortion industry. How can high-profile “leaders” continue to stand behind these atrocities? Apparently, they won’t subject themselves to the interviews, admissions of “doctors” or the grizzly scenes that portray their practices. One Congresswoman, Mia Love of Utah, broke down and sobbed on Live TV this week while discussing the reality of the brutal practices. Who but a calloused “abortion doctor” could countenance such things without an emotional breakdown?

Who are we as a people? Are we to be compared to heartless butchers of Nazi Germany, or to the rapists and murderers of ISIS? The employees of these wretched “clinics” have placed themselves in that category. Yet nothing is being done to prevent these outrageous acts, at least not yet. With Congress at recess, we can only hope they’re getting an earful from their constituents. Texas representatives are at least in the forefront condemning these heinous sins and calling for action to stop public funding. If not, we can expect God to revoke our protections and blessings. Maybe He already has. It wouldn’t be surprising if America were to fall victim to deadly terrorist strikes, perhaps even a zapping of the electric and electronic infrastructure of the entire United States. Is that actually what present leadership wants? Sometimes you can’t help wondering.

Every time we see markets taking a precipitous plunge, we wonder if it is the beginning of something huge. We’ve just seen two consecutive days of bloodbath on the NYSE. Currencies are plunging around the globe, commodities prices are in collapse and hundreds of billions invested are lost. Countries around the world, large and small, have been selling raw materials to China. But China’s economy is suddenly on the skids, the demand for commodities has collapsed and so have prices. With the developed nations, including the United States, heavily indebted, robust economic activity is crucial to service the debts and keep the bubbles inflated.

Is this the “big one?” Many have been warning of a scenario that looks a lot like the one playing out in recent days.

What will it take to get the population of the United States to realize that our nation, our way of life cannot withstand the consequences of evil on a grand scale?

The advent of a vicious, murderous caliphate spreading across the Middle East hasn’t had much effect. The guarantee of Iran getting nuclear weapons with the full knowledge and cooperation of the United States hasn’t done it. The invasion of foreigners bringing crime, disease and terror seems to have little effect. The explosion of murderous crime in America’s cities barely merits mention. The dismemberment of living babies has yet to be addressed. What will it take?

I’m guessing it will take at least a nationwide blackout. No more A/C, HDTV, text messages or e-mails. Should I go on about what would happen at gas stations and grocery stores?

Communism isn’t the answer, regardless of what the pope preaches. Let us hope the nation and the world won’t turn to him, thinking it will put them in God’s good graces. But that’s what prophecy indicates. Let’s not wait for things to get any more dire. The stage has been set for terrible outcomes and consequences across the board. The buffoons in power and media have seen to it. May God protect His people and preserve His Church.


Mark Armstrong

P.S. We just received 5,000 copies of a newly designed and printed Answer to Unanswered Prayer. Design is complete on a new full-size wall calender for 2016 that features each annual Holy Day, to be distributed at each Feast site this year. A new 21st Century WATCH is well along in layout, and it is an updated example of what you’ve seen in recent issues. Our thanks go out to all who have shown such dedication in support of God’s Work. We hope to see you all at the Feast of Tabernacles.