Greetings from Tyler,

We’ve seen more gut-wrenching news this week, illustrating what has happened to the United States under
so-called “moderate” leadership in the Congress and the full-on, anti-Americanism onslaught from the White (Rainbow)

Everyone was trying to comprehend what just happened with the so-called “deal” with Iran when news
broke yesterday of a lone wolf Muslim terrorist attack against unarmed Marines in Chattanooga, TN. His name is
Mohammed, whatever. He was a legal immigrant, the all-American boy, as the mainstream news has described him. A
high school athlete with American ideals, the same as they’d like us to think of all the two and a half million Muslims here
in the United States. But he’d taken some trips back to his Middle Eastern homeland, and decided to strike against
military personnel, just as ISIS has been urging its followers in the United States.

But don’t worry, the rest of the two and a half million Muslims here in the homeland are peaceful people, and
if there’s any doubt about some of them, our intelligence and law-enforcement agencies are keeping a close eye on them.
Move along folks, nothing to see here.

Mainstream anchors remain unconvinced of his terrorist intentions, and are searching high and low for
another motive. This incident (like the massacre at Ft. Hood, the marathon bomber in Boston, the beheading in
Oklahoma, the shoot-out in Dallas) is supposedly isolated and according to domestic mainstream propaganda, in no
way attributable to the ballooning Muslim population in the United States. No, the constant influx of legal Muslims,
awarded work permits and a path to citizenship, only contributes to “diversity” and makes the country stronger. Tell that
to the families of the dead Marines!

You probably saw the wild celebrations in Tehran, the enthusiastic approval from the Assad regime in Syria,
and the big grin on the face of Vladimir Putin. Iran is about to have well over one hundred billion dollars at its immediate
disposal. As the foremost financier of terrorism in the Middle East and around the world, some anonymous critic called
the deal America and its negotiation partners agreed to, Stimulus for Jihadists.

As is often the case, explanations have been lame and incomprehensible. Apparently this was supposed to
have been a grand accomplishment for our pro-Muslim, anti-Israel president – one that is supposed to land him in the
history books, which may now never be written. When asked about the four Americans still being held in Tehran on
trumped up charges, he angrily sneered his contempt at the reporter who dared ask.

Though there will be an effort to block what is in essence a treaty with Iran, most think that Congress has
already been out-maneuvered. The Obama White House has planned to get the agreement ratified in the UN security
council prior to Congressional revue, meaning that Congress will basically be in violation of international law if they try
to block the deal.

So Iran gets a hundred fifty billion dollars right away, and the sanctions lifted. It keeps its nuclear program
intact, and continues work. It gains the right to do business with high-tech companies all over the world. There is no
provision to limit their work on, or acquisition of ICBM’s. Within five years they’re allowed to buy and sell conventional
weaponry on the world market. Does that just about cover it? What did the U.S. or Israel get in return? Apparently
nothing, but empty promises, some of which were being broken while the negotiations were still in progress.

John Kerry reportedly wept, overcome with emotion and relief, having realized an agreement that looked
impossible only days before it was announced. Apparently the administration just caved on every obstacle in order to
claim victory.

Israel, always a hotbed of political dissent on every issue, is in a state of near universal shock. The gravity
of the betrayal of that nation by our president has jolted Israelis across the political spectrum. Iran will get the BOMB, in ten
years or less according to terms the U.S. agreed to. The claim by Obama that Iran’s nuclear activities will be inspected and
monitored, has already been disputed by high officials of the Iranian regime. They are celebrating and laughing out loud
at the sheer gullibility of the Obama administration.

Meanwhile, legal Muslims are being ushered in and given green cards reported to be over one hundred
thousand per year. That doesn’t even count the influx of Muslim refugees, and Congress is in on that too. The FBI says
they’re trying to keep tabs on ISIS sympathizers in all fifty states, and the job is already too big to offer any guarantees. Obviously. We now have four dead Marines to bury.

Instead of government carrying out its primary Constitutional duty to guarantee the safety and security of
American citizens, we find that we’re all in a back seat to the illegals from Hispanic countries to our south, and Muslim
immigrants from North Africa and the Middle East. Their wants and needs take priority, and anyone who thinks
otherwise is a hateful bigot.

Europe is also struggling with an unmanageable refugee problem, and that has become a political hot potato
there as well. The EU is behaving much like the Obama administration, with most of the anger and resistance coming
from the grass-roots citizens.

But the pope has adopted the immigration/refugee issue as one of his primary doctrines, right up there with
global warming and the destruction of capitalism. Either he or a successor will ultimately claim to speak for God (or
doesn’t he already do that?), ultimately claiming that he IS God. That ought to shut down the debate! But it won’t be
the first time anyone’s ever done that. The Egyptian pharaohs claimed themselves to be deities, as did the Roman
Emperor Caligula. A recent documentary showed how he humiliated the Roman Senate and ruled as a king, declaring
his word to be law, and ultimately declared himself a living deity. He built idols to himself and demanded “exquisite
sacrifices.” His debauched legacy is one we may see equaled in many ways and finally bested before the unfolding
nightmare gives way to God’s intervention. Look it up, and say some prayers.


Mark Armstrong