Weekly Update from Mark Armstrong – 14 August 2015

Greetings from Tyler,

There are certainly many events underway that are altering expectations for the future. China has devalued its currency repeatedly in recent days, destabilizing world markets in ways thought to be detrimental to the U.S. dollar. There is now more discussion by financial experts about the potential fall of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency than we’ve ever heard.

ISIS continues its rampage of murder and mayhem under the auspices of an expanding caliphate. Arab Christians have been killed in untold numbers, beheadings and atrocities of every description are carried out on a daily basis. Scores have been killed in terrorist bombings over recent days, in Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, you name the Muslim country. Bombs are blowing unsuspecting bystanders to bits nearly every day.

We won’t begin to chronicle all the ways our own United States is being pulled into a third-world abyss of crime by a massive wave of foreigners from the least desirable places on earth. They are here in their tens of millions, and current policies ensure that more terrorists and criminals will continue to be settled in our midst at our expense. Millions more from the war-torn Middle East have been displaced and are making their way to Europe, with thousands landing on the shores of Greek islands.

All these are of concern to those of us who recognize the seriousness of these matters and where they are heading. One of those who was faithful and alert in watching these developments and sharing his insight with others was Mr. Clyde Crawford. Most have heard by now, Clyde was killed instantly in a terrible accident on Tuesday, August 11. The information has been forwarded via social media, and is on the ICG Facebook page along with a heartfelt message from Clyde’s 19 year old daughter Jamie.

The funeral was held this afternoon, Friday, in Lacey’s Springs, Alabama. No doubt there will be much said about Clyde’s life that many of us don’t even know. But having known Clyde for at least twenty years, we know that he was a very special and unique man. Many have said he was the most humble man they’d ever met, and that’s right. He was also a wonderful servant, always willing to show up and help with whatever was needed.

Not only was he a pillar of the church at Huntsville, AL for many, many years, Clyde travelled often on behalf of the Church, visiting groups far and wide. He was beloved by all of them, and we here at HQ have heard on many occasions how much they appreciated his time and attention.

I spoke with one of Clyde’s close friends the day of his death. Through tears he told me he wasn’t worried about Clyde. “Clyde has it made.” But he did express deep concern for Clyde’s family who now have to figure out how to go on without him. We ask that the whole Church remember Clyde’s family in prayer, and do whatever we can to help them as they mourn his loss. Many members are also in a state of shock with the sudden an unexpected loss of such a fine and faithful brother.

On the bright side, Clyde’s next conscious moment will undoubtedly be the experience of being resurrected into God’s glorious family. That should give us all something to ponder and strive toward as we mourn the death of a great and wonderful friend.


Mark Armstrong