Weekly Update from Mark Armstrong – 11 April 2014

Greetings from Tyler

There are enough heartbreaking stories of tragedy and death befalling innocent victims to keep everybody in a state of mourning.  The mudslide disaster in Washington state, the head-on collision between a tractor-trailer and a tour bus, the mass shooting at Ft. Hood.

Add to that the government strangulation of everything to do with life and business under the guise of “protecting the public” or “saving the planet.”  You may well be aware of the militant stand-off between the cattle rancher in Nevada and Federal agents.

Unless totally dependent on mainstream broadcast and print outlets, you are also aware of the brazen political misuse of government agencies to harass and silence detractors of the administration in power.   Everything from Health and Human services to the IRS, the EPA, OSHA, the NSA, and the Federal courts, it looks as though all domestic resources have been commissioned against those who retain some optimism about salvaging American ideals.

We watch in dismay the constant and violent breach of our southern border, lately by the Mexican military and smuggling cartels, while being lectured about “compassion” by liberals and conservatives alike.

We don’t know if this week’s plunge in the stock market is a correction, or the start of something that will shake the foundations of our national economy, as some of the most astute finance moguls have been warning.  While government-subsidy programs like welfare, food-stamps, disability, and health-care are exploding, we learn that the proportion of national debt now accrues to well over $100,000 per worker in the United States.  And yet the party in power has no plans to curtail spending.  And the Federal Reserve continues printing currency like there’s no tomorrow.

The United States is back on its heels with regard to the civil war in Syria, with its inherent danger of enveloping the whole of the Middle East.  Israel is on high alert about the situation in Syria, not to mention the situation with Iran.  The Obama administration is so anxious to appease Iran on the nuclear issue, apparently ignoring the potential military dangers, that Israel is considering an alliance with Saudi Arabia and other gulf states equally alarmed that Iran will be allowed to achieve its goal.

Russia still has a massive military presence close to Ukraine’s eastern border, and neither Europe nor the U.S. has any meaningful response.  The threat of Putin’s reassertion of claims to former Soviet possessions may well be one of the provocations that will bring about a changed Europe.  Already, Germany is being urged to assume more responsibility for its own defense.

The pope continues to make newsworthy pronouncements.  This week he weighed in on the many instances of child molestation by Catholic priests.  He already enjoys a worldwide popularity rating that would be the envy of any public figure.  Maybe he’ll achieve the “forgiveness” he seeks for the organization he heads and win everyone over.

Meanwhile, our administration is worried sick about the methane gas emitted by dairy farms and feedlots.  Maybe they’ll come up with a bovine catalytic converter and save the planet after all.  No, more likely they’ll drive the price of meat and milk out of reach with permits, taxes and penalties.  But the public is too busy walking into street lamps while glued to their hand-held gizmos.

Mark Armstrong

Response to monthly letters and to our recent publications has been gratifying.  Thank you, everybody in the field, for your interest and dedication.  We’re busy preparing for the Lord’s Supper (Sunday evening) the Days of Unleavened Bread and the special weekend planned for next Sabbath through the last Holy Day to be observed on Monday April 21.  Have a great Sabbath!