Weekly Update from Mark Armstrong 1 May 2015

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Greetings from Tyler,

Those that wear a racial chip on their shoulder have a credo playing out in Baltimore and now other cities just as it did in Ferguson, Missouri. “When in doubt, protest angrily.” A scene eerily reminiscent to Ferguson occurred in Baltimore, where “peaceful” demonstrators occupied the attention of Police while teenagers ransacked and looted businesses in a mall and burned a Target store to the ground, along with fourteen or so other buildings earlier this week. Once again, it’s all about race. The president and his inner circle of advisors must be beaming with pride, as his comments and those of his attorney general have repeatedly hammered the theme of police brutality, racial inequity and income disparity.

If you haven’t listened to the rants of the protesters accosting media reporters as soon as the lights come on, you haven’t missed much. They’ve been positively unintelligible. But the wise city officials of Baltimore have done their best to appease the anger. They’ve charged six policemen with second degree murder and manslaughter, in an apparent move to quell the anger of the mob. The angry protesters apparently knew what “justice” would be even before any facts were released. Information appearing over the last couple of days seems to absolve police of guilt. But now they’ve been charged with high crimes, and all but one has been detained.

The question arises now, what happens if a series of trials fail to convict the officers. Of course it’s a huge stretch, but what if the facts prove that they were in fact, not responsible? Will the angry mob not reassemble to threaten police, riot and loot again? The facts didn’t matter in Ferguson, they won’t matter in Baltimore.

Everybody ought to learn a lesson from what we’ve seen in Baltimore, where 9-11 calls begging for police to intervene while hordes of teenagers attacked businesses, carried off all the goods they could manage, in some cases torched the buildings they’d robbed. The police never showed up. What happens if you call 9-11 because someone’s breaking the windows and kicking the doors down, and nobody comes?

In Baltimore, police were told to stand down. No one will take responsibility for giving that order, but the police didn’t appreciate it. The orders came from the mayor, and there are reports that she was on the phone with the president’s top advisor, Valerie Jarrett. One thought came to mind. The seal on police cars might as well be changed from, To Protect and Serve, to To Stand Back and Watch. It is not their fault, they wanted to intervene. They are embarrassed and humiliated to have had to stand in full view as segments of their city was looted and burned without being able to react. Oh, but they were just teenagers! Yes, little felons with training wheels.

The race-baiters want to make everything about race. But it appears to be more about criminal activity and the police. Dope dealers and gang bangers are sick and tired of police interference on their turf, and the “community” is sympathetic. The mayor, police commissioner, state prosecutor right up to the president of the United States are all on the same wavelength. The United States is racist, promotes “inequality” and deserves to be torn asunder. That is the prevailing mind-set. Apparently, it is what “Hope and Change” represented from the beginning.

Who cares how many policemen were injured when they were slammed with bricks and broken concrete. Does anyone know their names, or care? Is anyone calling for “justice” for them or their assailants? No, this is about the power of the mob. It is a community organizer’s dream come true. It is just what the rabble-rousers want for every city and town in America.

As we’ve learned with “global warming,” and with Islamic terrorism, the truth doesn’t matter any more. Islam has nothing to do with Koran-quoting bombers and head choppers. If you think it does you’re an “Islamaphobe,” even though there’s no such word. If you are aware of the trickery and fraud involved in the promotion of the global warming hoax, you are a “climate-change denier.” The pope, the UN and the president are coming down hard on people who are on to their agenda. The pope is figuring out how to declare you can’t be a Christian unless you’re a believer in climate-change! But that’s okay, nobody understands the Trinity either, so what’s one more unknowable mystery?

Before it’s over, we’ll probably all be required to bake a queer-wedding cake. Maybe they’ll make it mandatory to retain citizenship, if they can just get the other half of the Supreme Court to see the light.

The United States of America is already paying a heavy price for its near universal rejection of God and His Laws, just as He promised. Hardly anyone in a roll of leadership dares acknowledge God in public. Those who do want to change His Word to fit their own political posture. To do so accurately would invite scorn and ridicule from newsrooms to the White House.

We’ve already watched our military stand down in the face of every imaginable provocation in the Middle East. Our president cowers before Iranian mullah’s determined to go nuclear. Police “stand their ground” while rioters loot and burn. Border agents are standing down, releasing criminals into the population on orders from the White House. Has the pride of American power not been broken?

What will this nation look like if the Supreme Court rules queer-matrimony the law of the land next month? Many observers expect that to happen. If it does, our national destruction may well pick up speed. They may try to make it a crime to speak out against it, and most wouldn’t dare anyway. We however, do not have that luxury. There are some things we cannot, and will not accept. Tortured logic that defies the clear Word of God falls into that category. They may gut the Constitution and ban our liberties, but we will not embrace lies or turn against God to appease the lawless. That includes the pope, the president, the head of the UN and whichever anti-American, anti-God tin-dictator who comes along. Eventually we’ll see if they can bully God.

Mark Armstrong


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